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Larry King attempting to steer UFO subject as conventional aircraft

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posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 04:37 PM
Interesting article about the recent Larry king show. It talks about how the skeptic and Mr King appear to be using the recent UFO sightings as a means to convince people that these are conventional craft. Its a way to continue the coverup of alien life.

Still I have to wonder how they will keep the public from screaming over suppressing technology that can end our dependance on oil. The skeptic on the show did state that we should accept suppression of technology to prevent our enemies from having it

A portion of the above link...

"Excluding the extraterrestrial hypothesis and focusing exclusively on the UFO sightings themselves may ultimately serve to perpetuate non-disclosure of extraterrestrial life for several more years. I can easily see how the TR-3B can one day be unveiled to the world media, and U.S. Government authorities claim that it has been around for decades, was highly classified, and was what people were mistaking for UFOs for decades. The Air Force or CIA could claim that they actually cultivated the UFO issue to hide the truth of these very classified projects. Hence, it would be claimed that the UFO problem has been solved, and the idea of extraterrestrial life is still just the conjecture of conspiracy theorists. James Fox and Leslie Kean current strategy may be opening the door to such a scenario. In short, it's a very dangerous strategy to exclude discussion of the extraterrestrial hypothesis given the likelihood that classified antigravity vehicles have been developed and will be eventually unveiled to the public and used to explain away decades of UFO reports. Then skeptics like Michael Shermer will claim that they were correct all along and that 'unidentifieds' were highly classified government aircraft not disclosed to the public for several decades. "

"We might need to accept that we are probably in the midst of a well developed disclosure plan with a clear sequence of orchestrated events, and that the Larry King Live show is part of the process. The plan likely will take advantage of the recent Stephenville UFO sightings and other UFO sightings so as to promote a disclosure scenario where UFOs are explained away as highly advanced classified antigravity technology. Indeed, we might consider such a scenario as inevitable, coming before a more genuine disclosure of extraterrestrial life, since it will do much to allay public concerns over extraterrestrial motivations and technology."

"After all, the government can say that we have our own fleet of advanced antigravity craft that can replicate the performance of UFOs, so no cause for concern if extraterrestrial life is found to exist. I believe it inevitable that genuine disclosure will be preceded by a limited disclosure based on the idea that UFOs are classified antigravity projects. The secret planners may want to sow this idea into the mass consciousness for a few years or more before going ahead with genuine disclosure of extraterrestrial life. So eliminating the extraterrestrial hypothesis while discussing unexplained sightings plays into the hands of the shadow government planners. "

posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 11:06 PM
possibility most UFO sightings is of our craft, but the technology came from Aliens, I think one thing I like to bring up that Lear and Hoagland were talking about in a radio show last year was that these alien craft always end up near a Airport or Military Base, which they do, they all seem to pop up near military bases 90% of the time.

posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 11:23 PM
King ala CNN ala Fox ala mainstream press have been using disinformation since as far back as they go. Maybe at 1st they didn't know it and were just accepting "official" versions of news, but thesedays I have no doubt MSM is a tool of the powers that be. Don't trust it.

It's about time someone with integrity starts to call the news the way it should be called. Im thinking a guy like from the movie "Network" (brilliant movie eveyone should watch) or even Phil Donahue should be reporting in todays media.


posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 12:42 AM
The Air Force or CIA could claim that they actually cultivated the UFO issue to hide the truth of these very classified projects.

An official CIA historian (and I mean, at the time employed by the US government) gave some of us a lecture on various historical events, and said essentially the same thing. OK, not "cultivated the UFO issue", but a refusal to acknowledge.

More specifically, regarding now unclassified data, that a fair number of early U-2, and other equipment, test flights generated some number of UFO reports to which the official USAF admitted no knowledge or interest. Since at the time the official USAF channels did not run the U-2 program the denial was in many instances entirely authentic, as most of the USAF would specifically not know about these things.

Other details were not discussed as he could only talk about now unclassified subjects. Another subject was the earliest photo reconaissance satellites (very secret for quite a while---these were literally physical film drops from orbit!) and how these induced a huge change in intelligence capability and knowledge of the USSR.

This is my memory from an event 8 years ago so I'm not confident about the details, but the jist is true: U-2 flights were sometimes seen by public as "UFO" (literally which is what they were, unidentified) and official government agencies did not identify them as a known aircraft.

There is no reason whatsoever to suspect deception, this was not a public lecture but at a closed conference to certain scientists.

[edit on 1-2-2008 by mbkennel]

posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 12:46 AM
Then skeptics like Michael Shermer will claim that they were correct all along and that 'unidentifieds' were highly classified government aircraft not disclosed to the public for several decades. "

And what if it all is, in fact, true? That these sightings were all classified government aircraft?

That is an important hypothesis to entertain. Real life ET's are free to prove themselves definitely otherwise, but so far if any are here they seem to have no interest in doing so. (And if they are here, it is polite to knock and ask us for permission.)

posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 02:30 AM
I didn't interpret the Larry King program as entirely trying to say the craft were conventional or government experiments. He does have the creator of "Out of the Blue" on, who, while he doesn't come out and say "they are aliens," implies that we can't rule that out.
The resident skeptic that Larry has on all the programs he's done on UFO's is a moron IMO. Obviously he's knowledgable in the subject he's speaking about, but in an attempt to prove himself right all the time, he flat out has to tell people they're lying about what they saw, or they "misinterpreted" what they saw because they weren't "experts" on the subject of viewing aireal objects. This is a weak argument in my opinion. Sure, if my girlfriend saw a quickly moving satellite across the sky, she may get startled, and jump to the conclusion that she saw something extra-ordinary, but I'm no expert and I'm no fool. If I see a freaking UFO, I'm going to know it's a UFO, not a freaking plane, or satellite, or weather balloon, and I'm tired of these "expert" skeptics saying otherwise (oh you don't know because you're not an "expert" on it). Cram it! If it fly's 2000mph, stops and hovers for a while, then shoots another direction at 1000mph, it's not a damn weather balloon. Also, if its a mile across solid triangle in the sky and blocking out the stars behind it, and not making any noise, well then it's probably not a bunch of F18's flying in pattern.

/end rant

posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 07:41 AM
Larry King attempting to steer UFO subject as conventional aircraft

Whatever Larry King's thoughts may be on the reality of reported UFOs, I look at him as media with little time invested in investigation of reports he airs. Larry's position is invalid yeah or nay but his airing the subject is.

I could be wrong, but after watching several LKL UFO headlined shows since about /94, I have NOT come away as yet feeling Larry's a skeptic. That doesn't mean he's not been contacted by the Sec Gov and pressured to give the impression recent sightings are prosaic.


posted on Feb, 1 2008 @ 08:04 AM
Way I have viewed Larry King over the years is he likes to stir the pot as much as he can, I dont truly think anything he does or says he actually believes in.

Thats just what I see him as after watching him for years. But then again I can the say the same about most of CNN to.

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