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The Ultimate Mockery of our Nation

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posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 12:56 AM
As if we did not already painfully understand this Administration's disdain and utter contempt for Congress, our Courts, and even the American people, now comes this:

Lawmakers to be charged $200 for previously free paper copies

In a move it says is aimed at saving money and trees, the Bush administration plans to charge lawmakers $200 for copies of this year's federal budget.


While lawmakers will be able to pay the $200 fee from their office budgets, many complain they are barely able to pay their staffs a living wage as it is. And plenty of entry level Hill staffers would say they already don't get paid what they're worth.

Rep. John Spratt (D-SC), chairman of the House Budget Committee...plans to spend $2,000 for 10 copies of the budget. That's about as much as he paid an office intern for three months of work, according to the Hill staff salary database Legistorm.


George W. Bush-- my environmental, budget saving hero!


I'm sure you will remember to turn out the lights at the Oval Office when your sorry excuse for a 'Presidency' comes to a close at the end of the year.

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