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Is a world government really such a bad thing?

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posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 10:57 PM
Maybe our populations have to be controlled. At the rate we are expanding there wont be any room for us on this planet in a few decades. We either need to have a massive migration to the stars or a global conflict that drastically reduces our populations. Believe me i really do hate to say that but it is only logical that this happens. Our population is going to crash in the next 50 or so years at least if something big doesn't happen soon.

Imagine if we cured everything right now, diseases, killing, war. There would literally be nothing to reduce our population and we would grow so fast there would literally be no resources left in probably just under a decade to support our society. Old age and acciidental death would be our only way to reduce the population. We die so that the newer generations can use the resources no longer being used by the previous occupants. There has to be a tipping point though. Unless things are put back into nature at a rate that is proportional to our society's growth, things will eventually run out.

The problem is if we keep fighting each other eventually the resources will run out anyways and this will become a dead planet which will no longer be able to support life on a grand scale. So either way we are going to lose. We can't keep killing each other and we can't be perfect. Our only option is to expand into the universe. The only way that we are going to pull that one off is if we unite as a whole otherwise we will just keep pointing a gun at each other.

So you see we DO need world government eventually to be able to reach the next step. And we will be forced to do this to avoid destruction anyways. So i think the question is not whether or not it is going to happen or when, but rather how can we make it work for us, all of us and how can we keep it from corrupting. World government will not be a bad thing if used for a good purpose.

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 06:22 PM
Yes, world government is a BAD thing. Living for the rest of our lives as slaves or being killed without the ability to resist is HORRIBLE. Do you really think the elite will gladly integrate the common population into respectable members of society? Of course not! They will use us for whatever purposes they deem desirable. Under the world government, we are nothing but animals to them. They can torture, rape, kill, beat, do anything to us whenever they want. If such a government becomes reality, the only way that we will ever retain freedom is not through our own efforts, but through the ELITES OWN MISTAKES in their insatiable struggle for power. When that day comes, perhaps centuries later, there may be a slim chance of humanity arising once again...if there are any people still alive without being modified too much. They will sure as hell use the remaining population for their genetic experiments to 'maximize' our effectiveness or dumb us down even more than they have already done. Heck, the future humans might even be alien/animal/human hybrids (maybe worse) for all I know. The elite will be relentless because there are literally no consequences for them. The time to change things is now...or never. Humanity will never be the same again after total world control.

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 06:55 PM

Originally posted by wolfwood290
Yes, world government is a BAD thing. Living for the rest of our lives as slaves or being killed without the ability to resist is HORRIBLE.

Where on Earth did you ever get such an over the top idea about what a world government would be like? Slavery, torture, human experiments? You've been watching too many scary sci-fi movies, and too much History Channel about the Nazis. You do realize that people working toward a world government (the NWO, if you will) went to war and defeated the Nazis to stop just the kind of thing you're afraid of, don't you?

You realize you're living under a government now, don't you? A city government, state government, up to the national government. Are you currently being enslaved and tortured? What makes you think that adding another administrative layer on top of that will suddenly result in you being hooked up to electrodes and bred with chimpanzees by Dr. Evil?

I mean, calm down. Really.

posted on Feb, 12 2008 @ 10:25 PM
reply to post by Nohup

That is basically the point i am trying to make.

Alot of people are shaking in their boots over the NWO. If you ask me the whole motive behind the elite is to war with other elite. Corporations against corporations. That is the new battlefield like it or not. Everything from the internet to walmart, from ufos to global warming. Everything is just a scheme to make money. Companies trying to outdo eachother.

Billions are spent everyday in private feuds between a small handfull of people who use the rest of the world as pawns in their game. There is no need to fight shooting wars when one company can crush another. They will flex their muscle with new products and still hold back tons of secret tech which they will slowly release to us. Honestly the only things shooting wars do these days is to serve as a manipulation tool in world economies. Wars are created by one side to destroy the other.

You don't have to take my word for it though. Just look at what is going on right now with the afghan/iraq war. The oil and arms indutries are booming. Tons of other sectors and companies are profiteering off the fears of the public. Meanwhile other industries in the US are about to collapse completely, the credit industry and the real estate racket.

Do you really believe a country as big and as powerful as the US is going to allow itself to collapse? Hell no its just going to take things to a new level. The countries are run by the companies bottom line. If any major economic downturn is to take place, or some sort of major war, either way you can bet that your friendly neighborhood elites are going to profit from it.

DO the elite want you dead? No! They need you to generate their wealth. Do they want to enslave you? No! You are already a slave to your paycheck and your cookie cutter lifestyle.

So basically fear not the NWO, it already runs your life, and probably always will. But hey if this is the worst that it gets then oh well i guess its the best we got. As long as society continues to progress and we advance as a species then its not so bad. Another form of govt? At least you dont gotta fear nukes and terrorists.

You probably have more to fear from killer asteriods or alien invasion than you do from the government. Think about it this way. If humanity faced a common, outside threat that could possibly result in the destrution of our race, it would probably work alot better in our favour if we are ALL WORKING toward a common goal already. How stupid would we look if we were wiped out because we couldnt decide on whos god was going to come in and save the day or something along the lines of that.

posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 01:10 PM
I guess it depends on how much you trust your government. Do you really want them having that much power? Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 08:54 PM

Originally posted by Nohup
I mean, calm down. Really.

Your laughing now but just wait and see. I might be banned over this- Stop being naive. The government has no right to spy on us, listen to our phone calls. You didn't bother looking at the debt did you, it topping over 9 trillion dollars of US money. We didn't call for this Iraq war- and now look at the mess!! Now McCain wants to extend it? What right do we have of telling a Middle East country what to do?

Do you know what the NAU is? Or National ID? No? Oh btw its supposed to take affect May 2008. (Luckily I read that its held back to 2018. But that can change anytime.) Still think its funny now? Don't be crying to me when the elite come knocking on your door. Wake up and pay attention.

This ID will be your ticket to drive your car, have a bank account, job, traveling. Without it you stuck like chuck.

But as you said calm down really

posted on Feb, 16 2008 @ 12:46 AM
reply to post by Leyla

There are countries on this planet that dont have these kinds of problems. The US and china are probably the biggest examples of what the wrong way of going about it is. There are peaceful countries on this planet that would probably be the perfect example of what world government would be like.

posted on Feb, 16 2008 @ 05:32 AM
this is very complex situation, and on the whole i believe that the next logical step in humanity is a world government. now i'm going to go on a bit here, but bear with me.
by law i'm a british citizen, but i'm scottish and many of my friends tell me that that is more important. but how do i view myself? well, we talk of race, whenever we fill out application forms, we are asked to identify our race, be it white, black, asian, etc... but even through all that, i dont really consider myself as an individual race, my existence includes me in the HUMAN race, which is all encompassing. if any kind of global unity is to be achieved then i believe that we all must reach a similar state of mind. this, however is very difficult as many groups still isolate themselves on religious grounds. religion is both a constructive and destructive force. constructive in that many religions encourage its followers to show peace and love to othrs, and destructive in that there followers cant agree with the followers of other religions, and if they believe in the same god, then their method of worship is right. and as we have seen, this can cause major conflicts. what we must remember is that religions have fallen and disappeared in the past, so why is our right? again we all must GET OVER IT if unity is going to happen.

once all this is achieved, we can seriously begin to move forward. at the moment i am of the opinion that the human race is beginning to stagnate. sure, tech advances are going well, HD, 3G,wifi yadayadayada. but with religious conflict, random violence and the rest, we are being held back.
so assume we resolve this, how do we move forward? will a world goverment have a world president, can we really entrust our world in the hands of one man or woman? depends really on the individual concerned, they would have to be ellected of course, and that may mean different political parties on a global scale, how would you chose? well thats your perogative!
but consider this, the illuminati have long been considerd athreat to our freedoms, but i dont think it is necessarily the case. remember these are supposed to be the 'enlightened ones', people of intelligence in many avenues. i say hear them out (if they still exist), let them put their case forward. they will be people of many nations, so in a position to speak for a wide variety of differnt societies and cultures, which is exactly what we need if a global government is to suceed.

once we have a viable choice leading the way, perhaps we can then get the best minds accross the globe working towards a common HUMAN goal, like exploration of the stars, colonisation of other worlds, eradication of disease and so on

i hope that it will happen in my childrens life, i dont want to leave them a world of war, dirty air, no air and everything else that is currently wrong with the world today

i want to leave them a world of properity, hope and probably most importantly, a positive direction that EVERYONE is helping to achieve

posted on Feb, 16 2008 @ 01:04 PM
This is such a complex topic. Like anything else there are positives and negatives. This IS going to happen, the signs are everywhere that this where we are heading. I don't think it will happen in our lifetime or even our childrens lifetime. It will be so gradual it wont even be noticed. It will take a few generations to come to fruition and the people of the future will think we were crazy for even questioning its benefits.

I am not convinced its good or bad yet. I'm keeping an open mind about it.

It would take an unprecedented event to bring the planet together. The only one i can think of would be discovering intelligent life in the universe. I think if that happened we would experience a evolution of conscinsness (sp) and realize that as a species we have an obligation to explore the universe and try to make contact. Which we ony can do if we combine our resources and determination.

It seems like if we don't team together well just evntually just kill each other off to extinction.

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posted on Feb, 16 2008 @ 07:14 PM
The closer we inch towards a borderless world, the worse things become.

America was at it's peak when it was isolationist, and it has degraded over the decades as it tries to become more globalist.

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