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Fight Club vs NWO

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posted on Jan, 30 2008 @ 09:31 PM
If the NWO is "impure" violence then is "pure" violence its only possible cure? Will a real-life Project Mayhem occur spontaneously? Is Al-Qaeda an example of an arab Project Mayhem? Does UBL exist? Or is he a real-life Tyle Durden created partly out of necessity by emasculated savages within Islam and partly by the NWO to produce another round of Hegelian violence?

Fight Club as cure for American masculine failings

Fight Club as nerd diversion - the NWO is safe

"I know I'll never go back because there is nothing more to prove," he says. "I'm not a fighter. I went to learn how my training would match up in the real world. To me Jujitsu is a sport. Like any sport, it's a game -- a high stakes game -- and just once, I wanted to play with no rules."

As retarded as this is in a peaceful society, for people with no outlet for aggression it may well serve a NWO purpose by diverting aggression from focusing on real causes and instead just providing yet another in the endless round of bread and circuses for the Hidden Persuaders.

The Hidden Persuaders by Vance Packard

And of course for all the cultists reading this who already KNOW and therefore don't need to UNDERSTAND:

Hidden Persuaders 2003

ANd yes I know I broke the first two rules of Fight Club etc.etc.

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