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NASA - Venus and Jupiter Converge

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posted on Jan, 30 2008 @ 12:39 PM

NASA - Venus and Jupiter Converge

The two brightest planets in the Solar System, Venus and Jupiter, are converging for a spectacular close encounter. The best time to look: Friday morning, February 1st.

When two planets appear so close together, they grab an extra share of your brain's attention. Consider the following:

Near the center of the retina lies the fovea, a patch of tissue 1.5 millimeters wide where cones are extra-densely packed. Whatever you see with the fovea, you see in high-definition. The fovea has the brain's attention.

The field of view of the fovea is only about five degrees wide. On Friday morning, Venus and Jupiter will fit together inside that narrow angle, signaling to the brain, "this is worth watching!"
(visit the link for the full news article)

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What if all meaning is interpreted?

posted on Jan, 30 2008 @ 12:39 PM
This is an interesting article from NASA. I know this is not an uncommon phenomenon, but the article provides an interesting slant on this (bringing in human physiology of all things!)

My question: what does this mean, astrologically speaking?

What I know is that Venus is love and Jupiter is luck (given my very superficial knowledge.) What else might this moment in time imply? Is this a good day to meet someone new?

Astrologers, in particular, are invited to comment.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Jan, 30 2008 @ 01:28 PM
I just spent fifteen minutes looking for some indication of this Jupiter and Venus convergence on the web. I find NOT ONE SINGLE astrology blog or astrology site that even mentions this! So I'm losing faith (what little there is of it) in generic astrology. Or -- perhaps there is some sort of conspiracy of silence? How could this convergence, worthy of a NASA article, not have any astrological significance?

Okay -- I'm no astrologer. But I will take a shot at what this might mean.

According to this table, this convergence takes place in Capricorn. Since Capricorn is the cardinal earth sign, I would expect that we would see some sort of auspicious regrouping of relationships involved with old and mundane matters. I would see a restart of luck, an abandoning of past misfortunes, a serious new appreciation with things that have been previously discounted.

Say, for example, a new beginning in the USA presidential election. Also, the start of some romantic fling that will work out well for everyone involved. Perhaps a new work assignment that is both mundane, but enjoyable.

The last time this convergence occurred in Capricorn was in 1996.

All of the above is strictly a guess. (I really have no idea about how astrological forecasting can work, so this is just purely babble, believe me!)

I'm done with this thread now. You can bury it in the archives with no regrets or objections.

posted on Jan, 30 2008 @ 02:33 PM

The most spectacular celestial sights over the next couple of weeks are reserved for the early morning sky. Two bright planets will converge, then be joined by the moon.

Such an eloquent description certainly fits our current morning sky, for these final days of January and the first days of February will be an exceptional time for predawn sky watchers with a beautiful pairing of the two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter. They will appear closest together in the dawn sky of Friday, Feb. 1, and a few mornings later, the waning crescent moon will later drop by to join them.

Unfortunately, Astrology has as much to do with any meaningful description of events as reading Tarot cards. Some believe in what's 'told' to them by such methods. Others read too deeply into irrelevant babble.

It's all down to what you want to believe.
If you're reading something from web site or a media source, you can pretty much bet that that source has been copied and very slightly modified by umpteen other 'fortune tellers'.

face to face personal readings are usually quite accurate, but only because the reader is not so much reading the stars or the cards, but rather is reading the person who wants the reading. Body language and says a lot and being aware of your gut instincts as a fortune teller is what earns the bread.

posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 05:20 PM

Originally posted by Extralien
Face to face personal readings are usually quite accurate, but only because the reader is not so much reading the stars or the cards, but rather is reading the person who wants the reading.

I think you are right on target.

It bothers me that there is so much quackery (if that is the right word) in astrology, that any intelligent person is forced to dismiss it. If there were that many medical quacks out there, nobody would go for a doctor for anything.

But in dismissing astrology, are we really throwing the baby out with the bath water? After all, we are talking about a philosophical system that is 4000 years old, at least!

If an ATS astrologer would just come by here and tell me what the significance of this convergence is, I would appreciate it. Or at least explain why this convergence is mentioned in various astronomy blogs, but not a single astrology blog that I could find. I have a feeling that this should be indicating something quite significant


Thanks for the analysis and comment, Extralian. Always good!

posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 05:58 PM
A few pointers..

Tarot cards, crystal balls, and palmistry.

A fortune teller may use any of the above items to tell fortunes. It usually requires the physical contact of these objects by the inquirer for the reader to 'pick up' on what the objects may show (palms, normally the reader will hold your hand and read the lines, physical contact)

You don't have to use Tarot cards, you can use ordinary playing cards, but it's the meanings the reader gives to each card and the order they appear after the inquirer has shuffled them that helps the reader form a pattern of things.

The reader will watch and read the inquirer all the time. What hand do they use to hold the pack? any bodily oddities (moles, freckles, scars, depth of wrinkles, colour and texture of skin). The reader will pick up more feelings from all that than from the cards. Understanding Human nature and recognition of peoples habits are the key to a good reading.

Ever heard the expression 'first instincts are normally right'?
You know when someone is lying, you know when you're being stared at from across a room. These are the types of things a reader trains up on.

When it comes to the stars, the same principle applies. Your date and time of birth marks the exact location of the planet in correlation to the 'houses' of the Zodiac and the other planets.

Normally a convergence or a comet or other stellar event is suggested to be a turning point of some description. Be it the end of something or a major decision needs to be made.

You'd think if it had any real factual influence then we would all experience a new idea, emotion, event that effects us all at the same time. If you had a reading today and the topic of this convergence came up, you'd think it was important. It's not. It's only relevant to the reader as it is a mergod of further tapping into the 'sense' of the inquirer.

For example, if I said here that I could tell what sort of person you are just from reading your posts, you'd probably laugh. But if I said I could use your date of birth along with the current star settings, you might be more inclined to accept my reading.

The same with a pack of Tarot. The inquirer has got to have some kind of faith or belief or interest in the methods for them to actually get a reading done. The reader can see this interest on the inquirers face and immediately gets impressions. It's the idea of the power in the cards, crystal ball or stars that is the trick up the readers sleeves.

It all comes down to a self taught respect of Human nature and behaviour. Pure psychology rather than astrology.

Couples get together for various reasons. It may be the same sports they do, the same bars they drink in, the same types of film they enjoy, or the same set of emotions that give them the buzz of love. These are principles of a persons physical make-up and are all easily slotted into sub groups.

Next time you're in town, choose one person. Examine their body type, then look around and find others that very closely match that type. When you find another, you'll notice a lo of similarities. That is DNA you''re seeing but it does not mean they will have the same lifestyles. It can be used as a guide for a reader. The establishment of the pattern of all things.

I used to do readings and had quite an interest in this subject, if you couldn't tell

posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by Extralien

Great stuff, Extralien. I really like your comments regarding couples and similarities.

I took time to do your test, and it is really amazing! You can definitely see uncanny similarities between people -- so obvious if you spend a few minutes. (Note -- dark sunglasses help with this experiment.)

It makes you wonder about the nature of life in a way that usually isn't percieved or addressed.


posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 02:15 PM
Great fun can be had 'people watching'. You might find you'll be doing that a lot more next time you're out. It's amazing what you see.

Here's a small observation regarding your avatar.

You didn't pick it because it looks good. Your subconscious chose it as it expresses how you operate and think.

So, going just on your avatar, your methodical and theory based approach to things shows you like the puzzle of the maze.

getting lost doesn't bother you as you manage to find a way out no matter. You study things with an almost 'clockwork' attitude, one step at a time making sure you understand each moment. The spiraling dizziness of situations are brain food for you. It makes you wonder where and when it will all end and how.

Once answers are revealed, you float on the buzz of your new knowledge and contemplation goes on for quite a while, digesting each morsel over time.

That's just a surface insight i get from your avatar, how close it is only you can say.

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 09:57 AM
Today, Sunday, I finally dragged myself out of bed early enough to see this convergence, in the cold, predawn morning, and I am glad I did.

Although it is now two days past the prime viewing time, the convergence is still very striking; two bright celestial objects, separated by only a few millimeters of distance, above the eastern horizon.

For years, Jupiter and Venus have been wandering the night sky. Now they converge in a preordained manner, for a brief time, and then begin to separate again.

I have some concluding comments, as follows:


First, it seems obvious to me that the planets could have no possible direct influence over our lives, such as through gravitational fields. The planets were set in motion by forces that are extremely distant and removed from anything we know or can experience here on earth. How could they affect or guide us?

But consider this thought experiment: You thoroughly shuffle a deck of cards. Then, the first five cards you draw from the top of that shuffled deck is an ordered royal flush! That would seem to be quite significant and magical also. Could you experience that, without thinking that forces might be at work that we are unaware of? It would be a startling coincidence!

But then consider: Any five cards you draw from the deck are equally unlikely. Getting a royal flush, or just any specific sequence of cards – both have equal mathematical possibilities. Any series of cards you draw are equally significant. It is just we don’t immediately recognize the significance. We have no way of mapping that sequence to a meaning.

Another thought experiment: You see both hands of a clock, pointing straight up. This is another significant moment we understand. We even have a name for this moment of time. We call this moment “midnight” or “noon” And we use it as an indicator for when we officially start a new day, or are halfway through the current day. It is no more significant than any other moment of time, but we have a special meaning associated with that moment, derived from human thought and life experience. We gauge our entire existence by the occurrence of this event periodic – this convergence of clock hands.

This is what I believe the convergence of these planets signifies. It is an arbitrary starting point for a new period of time accounting. It affects our lives the same way that the idea of midnight or noon has influence. It has significance because we assign meaning to it. And we can assign significantly to it because it occurs infrequently, and because we don’t have any real understanding of life, destiny, and time.

I submit: the convergence of two planets has actual and real meaning. This meaning originates from something metaphysical, tied to human destiny, marking our existence. Perhaps I personally can’t accurately decode this meaning, through astrology or other mechanisms, but we can all recognize that the meaning exists! Similarly, we recognize that time exists, but have no way of understanding why. It is a permanent mystery.


There is still time to see this convergence, but the best time to view it has now passed. That moment is gone, and will not come again for years.

When the next convergence occurs, where will we all be?

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 10:59 AM
Very nicely put Buck.

You've also answered your own threads question.
See how this convergence has made you think and look at its affect.

Its moment in time now has meaning. Just as everything else does.

If you've not seen this before, 'What the bleep do we know', then I suggest you take a look at it.
It's on youtube in 10 parts and it's a look at quantum physics. You'll be surprised how it ties in with this thread.

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 11:26 AM

Originally posted by Extralien

Here's a small observation regarding your avatar.

You didn't pick it because it looks good. Your subconscious chose it as it expresses how you operate and think.

Now that sounds intresting indeed!

If this is true then im sure you can tell me why i chose mine?

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 11:50 AM
Opened new thread for it Fett.
Otherwise this will go off topic here.

I've been looking at Jupiter and Venus every morning for the last few days. This mornings was he best. had a nice clear view and both were very bright.

Real nice to see

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 08:47 PM

Originally posted by Extralien
Opened new thread for it Fett.

Wow Extralien. Just -- Wow.

Your new thread on Avatar Symbolisms is amazing. It really belongs here on ATS, rather than BTS, because I think you have legitimately demonstrated a psychic ability to read people, backing up some of the earlier discussions on this thread.

In particular, I note that you are actually reading a person based upon something that person consciously select (as you describe above.) It is a type of "superperception", which is much more rational than following detached physical phenomenon, such as star gazing.

(For anyone stumbling on this thread, log into BTS and check it out at the following URL, same as in the quote above.)

EDIT: Extralian's Avatar Symbolisms...

A real deal. Yet another star.

[edit on 4-2-2008 by Buck Division]

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 08:59 PM
reply to post by Buck Division

Thank you so very kindly Buck.

If you feel that thread belongs somewhere else then forward your suggestion to the mods. It does seem to have attracted some attention and the mods were on it like flies when I did the first post and Fett replied.

Thank you for your kind words and I like the 'superperception' one on me.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 09:12 PM
I saw these two planets Friday morning. They were beautiful! I tried to get a pic of them but my digital's batteries were down
. They were brilliant, big and beautiful and very close together.

Neat stuff.

posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 09:55 PM
Astrology & Tarot are pure MUMBO JUMBO! Mostly used to give false hope to the hopeless hordes prepared to believe in anything because their lifes have reached rock bottom.

The Universe is pure Chaos. There is no secret meaning imparted to the individual apart from "you are here - make the most of your short life".

There are no magical allignments.. but judging by some peoples comments on "The Stars", the universe was created to be viewed from earth alone. If I was on another planet, I wouldn't see that allignment in the same way (if at all).

I could throw a handful of match sticks into the air and devine that if they land a certain way, this means that the world will end or that Capricorns should invest in Microsoft Stock. We devine our own meanings and this has NOTHING to do with reality. This is how all superstitions begin.. from IMAGINATION.

Stop looking for patterns and meaning where there is none. What a futile pursuit and please, don't try to back it up with even more Mumbo Jumbo that cannot be proven beyond superstition.

Oh, and as far as 'personal readings' go - being able to read anothers body language combined with some leading questions is not mystical ESP. It's pure charlatanism though I expect none of those whos paychecks depend on this to agree.. LOL

Hmmm, I might stay and watch the cauldrons bubble... LOL

InfraRedMan Out

[edit on 4/2/08 by InfaRedMan]

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 08:41 AM

Originally posted by InfaRedMan
Astrology & Tarot are pure MUMBO JUMBO! Mostly used to give false hope to the hopeless hordes prepared to believe in anything because their lifes have reached rock bottom.

Thanks for the comment, InfaRed. Your point was made earlier in this thread, and I agreed with it at the time. There is definitely a danger associated with trusting astrologers, especially “generic” newspaper astrology.

Find someone who reads the daily horoscope and takes it seriously. That person is very easily manipulated. All you have to do is read the person’s horoscope and then modify your behavior to take advantage of them. This would be a way to leverage a business situation to your favor, for example.


What I would like you to consider is this: there is a great mystery to our existence, and how things are connected. We don’t understand why the future or past exists, and we don’t understand duality of the human mind. (This has been the subject of philosophical discussions for a thousand years.) We don’t even understand something as basic as causality, which we take for granted and use every day in our lives.

I can see why you would dismiss this as mumbo-jumbo. You are not wrong. But it is also a bit of a failure to face something squarely. It is like saying, “everything is pointless”, or “my vote doesn’t count”, or “math is stupid”. All these are true on some level, but also obviously wrong on other, more important levels. I contend that there are huge issues to our existence that cannot be explained, and which baffle us sorely. Patterns exist all over the place! Things work together in odd and obscure ways. There are meanings associated with those patterns, but we don’t know fully what those meanings are.

If you could answer the seemingly simple question as to why complex things exist the way they do, then you would achieve something incredible. Good luck on that! Nobody has made much progress with that riddle so far.

Good post, InfaRed. I'd be interested in any further discussion.

posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 01:29 AM
reply to post by Buck Division

Such Deep Questions...

I agree Buck Division,

'Existence', the universe etc - It's certainly a great mystery. I think duality is uniform throughout the universe - the atom for example... or binaries 1/0… light and shade. Each defines the other and consciousness sits squarely on the fence between both - thus allowing us to make choices - along with the universe. If something could only ever follow one path, then its purpose is null - it becomes pointless. There is only the answer without the need for question. Therefore I believe that Duality fuels entropy. I hope I expressed that in a way that makes sense

I've often wondered where 'consciousness' began. I started to see consciousness as an 'element' or a higher expression of the universe. But then I also think that the universe had to cook things just right over billions of years until we ended up with atoms and elements complex enough to build 'bodies' that can harbor or contain something as complex as consciousness.

Is everything connected? Possibly! But as far as heavenly bodies go, I think the only planets that can have any appreciable day-to-day effect on us are the ones in our Solar System, primarily the Moon, the Sun, Venus & Mars. It's my guess that the effects depend on how much water, iron, minerals etc we have in our bodies at the time. It may alter our moods and health to a small degree but that's about it. I honestly can't see distant alignments of this and that star having any affects on us other that what looks aesthetically pleasing and what doesn't. The only exception being distant catastrophic events such as super nova's etc.

Well, that's enough from me for today!

InfraRedMan Out!

posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 02:19 AM
Great post
I detect a certain tongue in cheek undertone but...bubble,bubble

Astrology & Tarot are pure MUMBO JUMBO!

OK.....first check this link

So you admit you find it confusing and in line with the original usage of Mumbo Jumbo as containing "mysterious and puzzling rituals"...

I think, maybe you have trouble discerning between The study of Astrology and the act of dowsing.

The study of any subject involves collecting empirical data in order to understand the patterns and underlying principles that effect that empirical reality.while....

Dowsing is an attempt to read or discern future possibilities by reading subtle changes in abstract happenings, symbols or portents. The methods used are more like tuning apparatti than empirical measuring devices.

Most people are unaware that the orbit of venus enscribes a five pointed star in its 40year cycle.
If any planet has an effect venus does. When it appears it is the brightest
star of all! (even visible in late afternoon)
The position it occupies at the moment has not been seen for forty years. The affects of venus on our weather at present were last seen forty years ago.
Those aged under forty have never seen it before and will remember it for forty years at least!

Admittedly the fun generalisations of newspaper and internet astrologists
should never be taken seriously!.
Solar and lunar based astrological systems provide seemingly conflicting views but each only considers the movements of planets relative to the sun or the moon.

The full charts of the correspondences of the planets at any specific time is the most accurate time/space map for understanding the energies at work within our astronomical system at that moment.

The Universe is pure Chaos. There is no secret meaning imparted to the individual apart from "you are here - make the most of your short life".

You're kind of right is pure Chaos! Hail Eris! But at the same time it is pure order!

neither state can exist individually.

If your chaos had no order you would cease to exist and fall into a cloud of non-dust!
(non-dust because dust requires order and there is none in pure chaos ....oh!oh!.... chaos just became non-chaos!)

You've done the Melbourne thing again

If I was on another planet, I wouldn't see that allignment in the same way (if at all).

well, that is the whole point, mate ...the moon stays here on a permanent deal
(the smiley face of the moon can only be seen by us)

Maybe you could contact venus's sponsors and arrange to have it every year in Melbourne. (now you know where I live)

The secret meaning in all of this is that you should keep an open mind to all possibilities. Don't invest too heavily in belief systems and divest your energies in many ways with your inner resonance as your guide.

Study resonance (the formalizing energy of love) and its antithesis (dissonance aka fear)) Study the vibration of ALL matter (music) Study the natural aesthetics of life(art)

In the midst of chaos anything is possible! Even you!

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