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memory lap's/see in the future

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posted on Jan, 30 2008 @ 12:39 PM
Ok let me start off

I never had any of these trouble's i call it dajavu...
Like i saw or did it before...

But the day after i meet my wife /girlfreind at the time it all started to go haywire.

Ok one day we was driving down the road ....she was tellign me something.
we just started dateing......
i knew every word she was goign to say and it freaked me out HARD...

the next day she said i want you to meet my aunt.
i said ok we was goign to her house and started down this street .
i said GODDA** IT she what lol
i said that right there is yoru aunt's hosue isnt it... way before she slowed down...
she said yeah do u know them?
i said no but i know her husband work's for the schoola nd they got a fat son lol..
she said wtf and i still do...

Well it's been 7 year's since we got married numerouse time's ive dome this.. never did dajavue before i meet her.

now it's got to the point i can't play a video game watch a movie.
even my kid's askign me a question soemtime's that i haven't heard or seen it before...
a chill run's down my spine and i shake like a wet dog.. almost fall over it's uncontrollable shake...

And ever time it does this knowing ive done this before.
and heard it before..

every time i feel as if it's all leading to my DEATH.
it's unexplainable.....but everything in my mind say's it's event's i set in motion second i found my wife...

like maybe i already died perhap's reliving the exact same life again....
like im stuck in a loop of memorie's

ok today i was playign a video game online a mmo....

all the sudden i told guy next to me to wait a second lol
let me me loot that chest... i knwoo it's a iron bow..wich is 1in 4000 odd's of getting..
and sure enough it was..
i quit playign and started posting...
and a feelign of dread come's over me everytime ..
that's why i think it's leadign to my death.. the DREAD i get everytime it happens.

any idea's on this?

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 03:29 AM
Yes I have an idea.
I saw the same episode of "the twilight zone" that you think is now your life.

Please email U2U me the next post that I have made in my notepad program.
I have the file with date and time stamp to prove that you may be correct.

If you can get it 80% correct I will believe you.


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