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weather wars always around election time?

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posted on Jan, 30 2008 @ 11:29 AM
This is my first thread in awhile but my goal is that I would like to get some assistance in tracking meterological events in the US and abroad that surround political events

As some of you are aware there was some Wicked Weather as Fox News network likes to label it that took place in Hillary Clintons and Barak Obamas districts yesterday or rather from the states they represent.

BUFFALO, N.Y. - Wicked wind and blowing snow blinded commuters during the morning rush and Lake Erie surged over its eastern shore Wednesday as severe weather that sliced through the nation's midsection took aim at the Northeast

This triggered a memory back to the Presidential Elections of 2004 with the Hurricanes in Florida.

Some of you might be familiar with George W Bushs re- election in 2004 when there were some pretty large Hurricanes that came through Florida and somehow missed destroying the districts that voted for Kerry (democrat) I cant find the link that shows the path the hurricanes took in Florida so if someone finds a picture of it please post.

I realize you can make a connection with just about anything but once I learned a little about symbology and this New World Order thing it opened a new reality to be able to look at things differently than I had before

True or false, right or wrong polarizations isnt the objective here eventhough we must deny ignorance.

I would like to approach this with possibilities and not being so scientific about it all.. get off the dominant analytical side of the brain and open up the creative side...the side that some call intuition, hunch etc. I believe or have a hunch when it becomes a constant repetitive "coincidence" its time to start analyzing it from both hemispheres of the brain.

Your reports of any kind of unusual weather and your take on it will drive this thread if it even gets off the ground for that matter.

Thank you for your time.

posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 03:35 AM
reply to post by fastwalker23

We need more evidence than this...say a statistical analysis covering elections in strategic locations over a long period of time.

Tampering with elections is not unusual, but com e on's January in North America, and not uncommon to get blowing snow around up state and lake Erie...or to get hurricanes in Florida. I think (actually I would bet the farm on this) you will find more correlational data with increases in Co2 in the atmosphere, than you will with guiding a blizzard during the January primaries around the down wind side of the Great Lakes...

For a great read though on election fraud pick up the paper back edition of "Armed Madhouse" by famed undercover BBC journalist Greg Palast...he has documented quite a few of the shenanigans in that election.

But getting back to weather manipulation...some of the things we see kind of makes one wonder about it all though, and we know that weather manipulation at least by the US has been going on since the 50's and then there's the legislation passed regarding weather war activities plus the quote of that one AF guy saying we would own the weather by 2025 or something...but as far as elections go, do we know what party or ideological association they might have?

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