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Holloman HSTT Attempting Mach 10 land speed record today

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posted on Jan, 30 2008 @ 11:28 AM
One of my old coworkers comes into the place I work at now, and he pointed out that today (weds) they we're trying to break the Land Speed Record (once again), but this time aiming for Mach 10 (Approx 6800-7000 MPH)
Anyone in Alamogordo? Did anyone feel that 'earthquake'? I wonder if they did it.

a thread pertaining to their last land speed record:

The following press release is from Holloman AFB:

Officials at the Holloman High Speed Test Track have announced they will attempt a world record test run on Jan. 31.

The test is part of a project for the Navy, which will blast the rail-mounted rocket sled to a speed of Mach 8.9. The sled will carry a Sandia National Laboratories-designed payload and will reach a predicted velocity of 6,494 miles per hour and detonate at the north end of the track. The current record is 9,456 feet per second (6,453 miles per hour) or Mach 8.6.The sled train will consist of three pusher sleds and forebody sled. The motors will deliver a total thrust of 814,000 pounds. The payload will travel a distance of 3.61 miles in about 6 seconds. A helium tent will enclose 2.77 miles of the track in order to reduce the aerodynamic heating and drag on the payload.
(from note it says Jan 31, but my coworker said Today)
which is stranger, they're sayin the run is for Mach 8.9, but my old coworker claims its Mach 10... what the hey?! (Wonder if this is my dad's test. Yah right. lol)

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