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Conspiracy? Maybe. But malevolent? Dont know.

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posted on Jan, 30 2008 @ 07:04 AM
I have been thinking about the whole scenario that has been discussed on these forums frequently. You know... big underground cities, large secret US military space-program, black budget into trillions etc.

I would like to leave aside for a while the facts we think we know about these stories. As it is, I, personally, have not seen anything substantial that would make me believe them. Instead I would like to ask this...

Even IF there is such a conspiracy, why should we automatically assume it is malevolent? Call me naive, but I just cannot accept that all the thousands and thousands of people who would be involved in these programs, want to harm other people. Doubtlessly, should there be such a program, the people involved would have above average intelligence... They know what they know and can estimate to an acceptable degree of certainty that disclosure would be harmful for the big picture.

You may be able to handle it. I may also. Yes, a person is smart and usually rational. But PEOPLE are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and there is no denying that. If you leave aside NASA, then the technological progress during the past decades has been breathtaking. I find myself lagging behind and having a hard time keeping myself up to date as it is.

Unleashing technology and knowledge of the universe upon us that is centuries ahead of what we have evolved to so far, can very easily draw the entire world apart. Destroy society. Society.. the actual world we interact with and live in also evolves and needs to evolve at a reasonable pace and in a logical way. You cannot go back 10000 years, visit some tribe and make them vegetarian... Or fight against cruelty to animals. Everything must come in its own time.

So I guess what I am saying here is: 'cut back a bit on the melodrama'. It might be that the panicky ideas that many of the people here are throwing around, are the exact reason for the 'powers' to delay disclosure even longer... I for one cannot see much on this forum suggesting that people are balanced instead of paranoid scaremongerers.


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