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What is your most amazing contact/phenomenon?

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posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 05:19 PM
You are so wise. So understanding. I want you to know how much I appreciate you responding to a waifs tale as mine.
Thank you, so much
I am honored to be advised by a member of such intelligence.
And so brave to relate his own experiences, it is an honor to be in the midst of greatness.
This might be just some dream manifestation. I WISH I could agree.
The coffee was hot as it cascaded on my pajamas. The critter nearly ran over my foot as Bruno sent it packing. I took my shower, walked the dogs....and went to work.
My point entirely. Personal delusion for any reason. That's why I said if if hadn't been for bruo chasing that devil to hell I'd be really messed up. More than I am lol.

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posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 06:20 PM
Hey all well this is my story

Had a reoccurring dream from as far as i could remember till i was 13
Usually this would occur when I was awake and would be accompanied by a shortness of breath and time would seem to go very slow or very fast:

I was being dragged down a hallway by two, what I always thought were the dwarves from sleeping beauty, put in an alcove and then proceeded to feel an incredibly painful burning sensation all over my body (no flames) while they stood watching me
Then the dream cuts to I'm standing on a sidewalk with someone that I would consider an authority figure and we are both looking into the sky at thousands of telephone pole shaped craft that fills the sky to the horizon
Dream reoccurred till I was 13 and I could never get different details but feels like yesterday to think about it

8 yrs old - Xmas Eve red basketball sized light bobbing outside my window, I think it's Rudolph, huge gust of wind comes through my room and mattress lifts up sideways almost vertical, felt like I was going to get blown out the window towards the light
held on for dear life till it stopped, my Dad woke up to put rags around the chimney
I told him about it but was told to shut up or I wouldn't see Xmas

15 yrs old - Started to wake up at 4:15 am almost every night for a three weeks
by the second week I began to hear voices that would just say "hey" over and over again and the covers of my bed would get slowly pulled off me
Third week I was tying my sheets to my wrists and ankles and squished myself in the corner against the wall
end of third week a I heard two loud chimes of a church bell (sounded like) and a noise like the air was getting sucked out of my room followed by the appearance of a child sized silhouette that kept it's left hand about an inch and a half above my eyes
I couldn't scream or breath or move, except for my eyes
This happened twice that night all things in the same order when it left and returned

18 yrs old
was sleeping at friends when I awoke and seen a green light slowly come on as if on a dimmer, it was coming from behind me and I could see it filling the room
The covers that were hanging over my back started flapping very fast against my back and I heard the sound of laughter... I was too afraid to turn around or couldn't
Eventually the light dimmed the flapping stopped and I was alone again

More recent this year sometime in Sep/Oct i was camping by myself in LA National Forest, when I awoke sometime in the early morn, still very dark (maybe 4:15am, wish i had checked)
Opened the tent, looked around in the dark, listened for bears ha ha
Looked up at the stars which were brilliant out there and as I was admiring, one star that was previously stationary, left where it was sitting and very quickly made a sort of "S" as it traveled across the sky till it was out of sight

I'm glossing over a lot, just hitting the finer points, we had many UFO and Haunting type of things all throughout my life and in different places
Most happened in the mountains in VT and Long Island NY
There is much more I've written it all down to try to make sense of it, gone to hypno therapy once and left feeling like i got swindled, now I just accept and appreciate it when these things happen because frankly nothing else excites me these days...And that's it so far... hate it when it happens but wish it would when it doesn't

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posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 09:47 PM
reply to post by jpm1602


Hi John

No ... I wasn't suggesting it was a dream !

Far from it !

I was just musing that what we SEE (and we KNOW when we've seen these things) may be the *manifestation* of someone's dream.

Don't think there's much doubt that like it or not .. we're all 'connected'.

I could liken it to a shoal of fish, like those seen on tv.
There could be hundreds .. thousands of them, all swimming together in a cloud of silver.

They turn in a split second ... and they ALL turn in unison.
It looks gorgeous to see.
Then they'll turn in the opposite direction .. again, all at once.

It's instantaneous. They're not 'talking' to each other like a pack of fighter jets.

These are fish ! But they possess the ability to sense or know or communicate *instantaneously*.
They move as one.
They share one mind.
Although there may be thousands of them, they operate as 'one' thing.

Other animals, birds, insects, etc. do the same thing.
Wilderbeast or bison thundering along .. a pack of hundreds of individual animal forms, all moving as one .. all connected .. seemingly 'one unit'.

Well, I suspect we're the same. One unit.
But from where we *each* stand on the ground .. we can't SEE that we're one unit.

So we believe we are each of us a separate entity .. we believe we are all 'individual'. We have developed a 'me and them' mentality. Our individual egos have created the illusion in most of us that we are independent, separated, unique, 'apart from all others'.

However, ESP, telepathy, empathy, precognition, 'sixth sense' etc. are all telling us that our seeming 'separateness' is just an illusion.

You might 'know' or sense that your old schoolfriend, Jimbo (whom you haven't seen or heard from in over five years) is going to call or write you. Or maybe it's not that specific. Maybe out of nowhere, you'll suddenly think of Jimbo. Might even ask yourself, ' Gee, wonder what Jimbo's doing these days?'.

Then, a day or week later (or sometimes within half an hour) ... you'll hear from Jimbo. Maybe he just turns up on your doorstep. Or maybe you'll receive an invitation to his forthcoming wedding, out of the blue. Maybe he phones you and says he's tracked you down via your sister .. says he'll be in town and would like to catch up. Or ... maybe you get a phone call from Jimbo's family to say he's very ill, or that he'll be buried a week from tomorrow and would you like to attend.

Whatever the case, the first words out of your mouth when you hear from Jimbo may well be: ' Gee .. I was just thinking about you ! '

Now just about everyone has experienced the above at some point. For some people (I'm one) it's a regular occurrence.

Others dream about things and people ( I do) and within a day or several, what they've dreamed comes to pass. Many people have dreamt of accidents, disasters, etc. prior to the fact.

Or, you may be sitting at dinner with a group of old friends, and you suddenly get the feeling all is not well with one of them. Or you may be struck by the seemingly 'wild' idea that Jack and Sarah are splitting up. Soon afterwards, you learn that your 'hunch' was correct. And you might say to someone: ' I had a feeling Bill was having problems', or ' I had a feeling Jack and Sarah wouldn't be together much longer'. Again, people experience this sort of thing all the time.

We could cite dozens of examples of the 'connectedness' between us, but you get the idea.

So, basically, we (human race) are like a shoal of those silvery fish .. who've been separated. Separated by ego, most probably. So now we all go our separate ways and we each think we're 'apart' from everyone else.

But I don't believe we are. I see us as a huge shoal of silvery fish who APPEAR to be separated .. but who are as connected as they ever were, at mind-level (or whatever you'd like to call it).

If you're still with me .. I'm getting to it, lol.

Ok. You're in tune with everything and everyone, but a lot of the time, your awareness of this is probably buried beneath superficial layers concerned with surviving, hobbies, relationships, etc.

Now, some people have very powerful visualisation abilities. Graphic artists, writers, painters, photographers, poets, musicians, idiot-savants, for example.

And SOME people are more intense-obsessive than others. Some are more *imaginative* than others. Luck of the toss. Cards they're dealt. God gives, and takes away. Others are great at sport, or cooking, or healing, etc.

So it might be a case of Fate 'pairing up' or 'matchmaking'. One one side we have you: in this instance, your unique mind-set may play the role of 'receiver'.

On the other side, we may have someone who designs avatars for a hobby or living. They have strong/intense powers of visualisation and imagination and they tend towards the obsessive ... they repeatedly return to a specific theme.

Let's say the hypothetical avatar-designer is obsessing over a design or comic-strip character. He hones his idea relentlessly, long into the night. Invests enormous amounts of energy into the creature he's invented. He's given it form, colour, character. His mind has made it 'alive' .. to him, this creature 'exists'. Which is the root of all good art, good ideas .. it 'comes alive' to its creator.

What is it they say: ' Energy goes where attention flows' ? Something like that. Energy equals 'mass', doesn't it ? (obviously science isn't my strength, but I know what I mean, even if I can't explain it very well).

Alexandra Neel travelled to Tibet and spent several years with the monks. She observed the 'tulpas'. Tulpas are 'creatures' created from the mind and will of the monks. Usually, they are used to undertake tasks for the monks .. gathering wood, for example. They are entirely a creation of the mind. Alexandra Neel was fascinated and convinced a monk to teach her how to create a Tulpa. And she did. At first it was obedient to her will. But then she noticed it was becoming sly and more willful. The monks strongly advised her to 'un-create' her Tulpa. She wrote that it was a long and difficult task .. because the Tulpa had become progressively stronger .. and it did not want to be reduced to nothingness. So she had a battle of wills with her Tulpa, but finally succeeded in 'un-doing' it.

So yes, 3D-seeming creatures (and humans) can be 'made out of thin air'. Except it's NOT 'thin air', is it ? We should be researching this a heck of a lot more.

Anyway, you are obviously a sensitive 'receiver'. Maybe on that occasion, your wide-ranging bandwidth honed in for an instant on something travelling down the line from, say .. our hypothetical avatar-designer.

At the same time he was creating (Tulpa style) his black-hole, racoon sized creature ..... YOUR mind, refreshed from mysterious sleep .. picked-up (received) what the avatar-designer was intensely visualising (broadcasting or 'sending'). SNAP ! The broadcaster connected with the receiver. The Tulpa or black-hole racoon was manifest .. became 'real' ... was stuck half way between its sender and a receiver ! And for that brief moment in time, the creature *appeared* in your 3d reality !

Maybe .. maybe .. the avatar designer was called to the phone and his attention was diverted. Maybe, he'd 'released' his hold on his imaginary creature. BUT .. because he'd invested so much *energy* into that creature .. it was able to survive independently of him now. (?) It was OUT there.

And you ... well, you saw it. And so did your dog. You received the shock of your life and your dog in a way lost its trust in the world it thought it knew ... and hasn't been the same since.

Cont next post ...

posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 10:46 PM
(cont. from previous ... )

We are fortunate that the hypothetical avatar-designer created a relatively benign 'racoon-sized, black-hole with red eyes' .. instead of something more menacing.

Now .. the hypothetical avatar-designer most *probably* had NO idea that he'd created from his own imagination, something that could or would 'appear' to a complete stranger.

You'll never meet him. He'll never know. So let's hope any further creatures he 'creates' are equally benign. Scary to view, but harmless.

But the avatar-designer is just one person. And this world holds 6 billion plus. Stands to reason that a percentage of these will be powerful visualizers, whilst others are powerful receivers. With the majority lying somewhere in the middle, maybe.

Children have very powerful imaginations and visualisation abilities. They *believe* in things that older folks dismiss. For example, children *believe* in fairy-story characters .. and monsters. They believe their toys are 'alive' ... have 'feelings'. Etc.

Add to this all those millions of people out there who live what is basically a fantasy life. They fantasise about being rich .. handsome .. powerful .. sexy .. pop and movies and sports stars .. kings and queens .. famous, etc. etc. And some of them invest HUGE amounts of energy into their fantasies. Those fantasies are 'alive' to them.

And what about dangerous criminals and psychotics. What do they fantasise about ? Revenge? Murder? Rape? Torture? Escape?

And they don't fantasise about just the word 'Murder', for example. No, they fantasise about every minute *detail* of committing that murder (or revenge, or rape, or torture ). They think about it obsessively. Often, it's the only thing keeping them going.

Then there are those who obsess over guilt and regret, or grief. Same thing .. it is 'alive' to them .. it is their main thought-stream. They return to those thoughts many times each day.

We could visualise the globe as surrounded, enclosed, with thick bands of 'stuff' that's FILLED and teeming with people's thoughts, fantasies, obsessions.

*Energy* .. huge amounts .. is invested in those obsessions and fantasies.

Then add to this the very powerful dreams we all have from time to time.
Then the 'daydreams' into which people pour so much energy .. daydreams about lying on a beach in the sun, relaxed and happy .. when in fact the daydreamer is jammed between other commuters on a smelly, unpleasant train or bus. Those daydreams have the *power* to take the daydreamer OUT of that train and ONTO a sunny beach. We shouldn't underestimate the power of the minds that create all these dreams, daydreams, nightmares, fantasies, obsessive thoughts and other visualisations. It's powerful. It can create Tulpa's and Golems and other creatures, remember.

So .. it MAY be ... *in part * ... that what we experience are sometimes the 3D manifestations of dreams and nightmares and visualised creatures of other humans.

All possible, if we remember that we (our minds) are all connected.

It doesn't explain all of it however. Ghosts for example. I have no doubt that people quite often see the ghosts of those known (and unknown) to them.

And while some may say: " Yes, but having read what you've written above, it looks as if people's minds create the ghosts of those they've known, because they miss that person. So based on this, it appears ghosts aren't real at all. Instead, they're just a product of the mind of the observer."

And that would make sense .. except.

Exception one: I saw a ghost. Full colour. Didn't know him. Had never known he existed. Very soon afterwards I saw a photo of the ghost, when that man had been alive. I'd never known him in life. BUT .. unknown to me was the fact that in my house were some items which HAD belonged to that man when he was alive. After he died, his ghost turned up in my house. Only explanation .. he had been drawn-attracted by his possessions. I later learned he'd died suddenly and unexpectedly at relatively young age. Unknown causes. Must have been confused. Maybe didn't even realise he was dead. Tried to make sense of things. Attracted to my house by his possessions. Wondered to himself: 'What's going on ? Why's my stuff here? How did it get here? What is this house .. where is it .. who does it belong to .. why do they have my things ? ' etc.

SO .. I didn't 'create' that ghost with my mind, based on the fact I 'missed' the person. I didn't even KNOW the person .. OR know I had stuff in my house that belonged to a recently deceased man. I just saw the ghost. And I was able to prove it .. because I was able to pick that ghost out of a photo I'd never seen before, belonging to a family with whom I had no meaningful connection.

So a ghost is a ghost. Some see ghosts they know. Others see 'stranger ghosts'. But that people DO SEE ghosts is beyond dispute, imo.

Another example: old woman dying. In the house her friends and family (and the local vicar) have gathered. To be there in the woman's last hours. The people gathered heard 'heavenly music'. So did the vicar. So did people passing in the road outside. No source for the music. It was emanating from the dying woman's room .. in the air around her. The vicar actually wrote about it in a book, later on.

The dying woman was heard to be holding conversations with invisible people. Some there recognised the names of these invisible people. They were the deceased family and friends of the dying woman. No-one else could see these people, but the old lady obviously could. Although close to death, she was very cheerful and happy. She recounted her conversations with the deceased as they were happening. For example, she'd point at the air at the end of her bed and tell those in the room things such as: ' Annie (actually a ghost) says I should not be afraid of dying for it's a beautiful experience and nothing to fear. Annie looks wonderful doesn't she .. no sign of the scars she got when that bolting horse killed her. She's been reminding me of all the fun we used to have at the old swimming hole when we were young.'

The old lady laughed often during her discussion with the invisible ghosts around her. She seemed very happy. Then she said something that stunned the living people in the room. ' Oh, look .. here's Sarah ! Sarah, dear .. what a surprise to see you ! ' Then the old woman turned to the living people in the room and described the pretty dress she could see Sarah wearing. Then said that Sarah had just told her that passing from life to death took only an instant and in that instant .. all pain vanished.

The living people in the room (and the vicar) were stunned to silence. For Sarah was the dying old woman's favourite sister .. who had died two weeks before. And had been buried in the 'pretty dress' the dying old woman had just described.

The dying old woman's family and friends had not TOLD her that Sarah had died and been buried two weeks earlier. They hadn't wanted to upset the old woman when she was so close to death herself.

So here now was proof positive that the ghosts the old woman was seeing and talking to ... were REAL. Sarah was amongst them ! Yet the old woman had no way of knowing that Sarah was dead. Instead, she believed she was simply chatting with people she loved. And in her feeble state of mind hadn't analysed it. The ghosts looked so real to her that she believed they were literally in the room, just like the living people surrounding her.

Again, what the old lady saw were ghosts, spirits .. and not the creation of her own or other's imagination.

So it's a soup out there ... or 'in there' if you consider we are primarily our Minds.

Sorting through and making sense of this soup is no easy task. But it makes for some interesting threads

And you, John, had a unique experience

posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 10:54 PM
my most amazing contact is a materials science professor. he feeds me TONS of really good articles, and thanks to him i now know two or three different ways to cloak items.

I also know the basis for stealth technology, as used by the USAF on the F22. Different contact for that one, though.

Much of this has been shared here by myself. There is so much disinterest, i am convinced that if i don't create a thread about "Was Jesus Satan" or "Help!!! I am an indigo child and have my head stuck in a toilet seat", then it stokes very little interest.

The other day i posted a thread about a material that can turn heat difference directly into electric current (thermoelectric material). This alone would increase the efficiency of just about every single piece of equipment used at every single stage of the power grid. Heat loss is the biggest drain on energy efficiency. Not a single response. Go figure. Not even the skeptics came by to pay respects.

posted on Feb, 9 2008 @ 01:25 AM
reply to post by bigfatfurrytexan

I would actually be very interested in thermoelectric material
I've just begun researching about living off the grid and I'm amazed at how many different ways we could choose to live but everyone kind of follows the leader
Anything that may help down the line would be greatly appreciated and of great interest to me

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posted on Feb, 9 2008 @ 01:42 PM

I have a ton of other stuff, most of it relating to nano's. There are three pieces of nanotechnology that, if used together, could likely create "free energy" I have little doubt that is a fact, but even if i am wrong, the energy efficiency gained would be enough to push our fuel needs into a marginalized category. Fuel would be less valuable than water at this point.

posted on Feb, 9 2008 @ 02:47 PM
I have had some weird occurances when I was really little. I remember being dragged by an invisible force down my hallway in the middle of the night.. I remember waking up standing up in the living room once. I have never slept walked in my life by the way. I don't know what it was and I haven't thought about it in years but I am slowly coming to the realization that I may have had contact with something when i was a child.. I would like to do hypnotic regression to see if there are regressed memories i do not know about.

posted on Feb, 9 2008 @ 02:51 PM
reply to post by bigfatfurrytexan

Thanks Bigfatfurrytexan!!!

Always interested in FREE anything lol!!
I will check it out!

posted on Feb, 9 2008 @ 02:56 PM

Originally posted by Incognito C
I have had some weird occurances when I was really little. I remember being dragged by an invisible force down my hallway in the middle of the night.. I remember waking up standing up in the living room once. I have never slept walked in my life by the way. I don't know what it was and I haven't thought about it in years but I am slowly coming to the realization that I may have had contact with something when i was a child.. I would like to do hypnotic regression to see if there are regressed memories i do not know about.

Caution, just be careful who you go to for regression
I went to someone who was pretty well established in the field and commonly deals with UFO/Abduction Experiencers
I spent 3 hrs with her trying to hypnotize me and nothing occurred... she gave me the "well maybe it's a very deeply repressed memory" or "maybe your not a good candidate for hypnosis"...
that didn't stop her from relieving me of my $300 dollars

posted on Feb, 9 2008 @ 04:26 PM
I've been on SSD for a few years now and have remembered a few things. Many of them appear to be related to UFOs, abductions, implant surgeries and visits by greys, reptilains, various visitng forms of the government, including the NSA and NASA.

But since it would also appear that some of the technology involved some type of out of body and time traveling experiences, it's hard to tell if many of these events were ever real or alternate realities such as fabricated in sets created by greys or people etc.

Much of these events seemed to more recently culminate a few years ago just before and after 9/11 with what seemed to be the actual aliens, "overlords" or whomever, which I'm assuming didn't show up until a few years ago, or got personally involved. Their ships also appear to be those that are seen as golden or copper colored.

The apparently mentioned stolen tapes and film from the Moon missions was supposedly exchanged for something else sometime around 2002.

There was, from what I recall, a government panel truck in one of the medical park parking lots and next to it was another panel truck with NASA on the side of it. When the NASA truck left, it was then raised up into a UFO or similar looking spacecraft.

Even though this happened during the day, many people who were stuck in traffic, supposedly because of the power outage, were then apparently "shut off" during that time, probably similar to the movie: Darkman.
There hasn't been any confirmation to this ever happening, so it also appears to be an illusion or false memory........or a very thorough cover up.(whatever)

posted on Feb, 10 2008 @ 08:56 AM
Thanks for that Dock6. I see your point now. I too, have always been fascinated by the 'school/flock' synchronisity thing. Agree that thank God it only manifested as a black hole racoon then the Jersey devil. I probably wouldn't have made it in to work that day had that been the case.

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 03:00 AM
An infinitine portals of reality, perhaps one brushed against us for a short time.

posted on Feb, 11 2008 @ 03:38 PM
Thank you all kindly for your time in responding to this thread. We are who we are, we live as we live. Sometimes very strange ethereal thing 'happen'.
Mostly not intended or expected, or welcome.

posted on Feb, 13 2008 @ 02:05 PM
Any more pearls of ats? Many of us have stepped up to the plate. Can you as well step up?

posted on Feb, 14 2008 @ 08:08 AM
I've had quite a few things happen my life and an interest in the paranormal/UFOs/mysteries for as long as I can remember. I find that in itself quite interesting - where did that interest come from? I've always dug deeper, looked beyond the norm - even as a 5 year old I remember questioning things. Do other members of ATS wonder the same thing? Where our interest comes from? I'll add a few things to the thread.

- when I was a kid I used to lie on the trampoline at night and watch for satellites. Saw some interesting things, one that made me run inside in fright. I saw what I thought were 2 satellites passing one another in the night sky, but then the suddenly stopped, circled around one another - then darted off in opposite directions so fast they were a blur.

- we had a 'ghost' in our house during the 1980s. Myself, sister and my mum all saw this entity on and off - both separately and all at the same time. Our suburb was built on what used to be dairy pastures so we assumed this guy had lived and died in the area way back. My sister saw him sitting by the pool, dressed in a striped coat and boater straw hat - I would say he died in the 1920's. All three of us were watching TV one night and I could see a dark shape out of the corner of my eye standing in the hall. Without turning I said, 'can you 2 see what I can see?' they both said yes. The shape was dark so we couldn't see detail...but it sent chills down my spine.

- We also used to have things go missing around the house. BIG things too, like bags of fertilizer or potting mix. These things would dissapear from the indoor store room then weeks later reappear. No one had moved them or used them. Things in my room would also go missing for months, then I'd find them on my bed or in some other weird place. Same used to happen to my mum and sister. We figured the guy was playing around with us. Mum had a friend come over and do some sort of cleansing of the house and he was gone - never saw him again. But years later the neighbours across the road told us about a ghost they had - and they described OUR old visitor! He had merely gone across the street, difference was he used to call their names

- One night I woke up from a dream where my step-father's nana had passed away. As soon as I woke the phone rang. It was his mum calling to say his nan died. My mum also dreamed that his nana had died. We both woke up at the same time too

- I was lying in bed one day in a really depressed mood. A relationship I was in had turned sour and i was really upset, unsure of what to do. All of a sudden this voice YELLED into my ear, "Leave, he's not right!" It was so loud I literally sat bolt upright and thought someone was sitting next to me. I searched the house - nothing. I often used to to ask my pop (who died when I was 5) for advice, so maybe he talked to me. Anyway, I did leave the relationship - best thing I ever did as the guy became violent.

- My nana died last year and the day after we were sitting in the kitchen of her house. My dads friend and I both saw a whispy, cloudy light in the lounge room appear. We weren't scared, just knew it was her, sating goodbye. The kitchen clock stopped at 11pm, the hour and day she died. Dad has never been able to make it work again

- lastly, one year to the hour she passed away, a cell-phone that I no longer use, but was still charged, turned it's self on in a drawer rather noisily. It's impossible to turn the phone on without opening it up and holding down a button for a least 5 seconds. So I'm guessing it was nan, just letting me know she was looking out for me

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posted on Feb, 15 2008 @ 02:51 AM
No one else has anything to offer???

posted on Mar, 7 2008 @ 07:11 AM
I wan't to hear other peoples experiences. Been a while since anyone wrote here.

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