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What is your most amazing contact/phenomenon?

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posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 06:13 PM
reply to post by jpm1602

Thanks for the reply. Your idea of a webcam is good. I may look into that. I could set it up for a few days in one direction and then another direction for a few more. I'm not sure how I could record this for review, I'm not that familiar with webcams and software for that purpose. I'll check into it.

As far as ball lightning is concerned, I don't think so. I have seen ball lightning years ago when lightning hit a pole behind my parents house and ball lightning came into the house through the kitchen window (closed) and traversed the kitchen and living room and went out the closed front door. Everyone was petrified and moved as far away from it as we could. It did no damage except that the small B/W tv in the kitchen got fried.


posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 01:38 AM
the most recent bit of weirdness i experienced was a really subtle kind of thing, but it freaked me the hell out later on. in providence, ri, theres an old transport tunnel running for a bout a mile or so underground. theres two entrances, one kinda downtownish with a bunch of buildings around, and one in some woods at the other end. i found that second entrance after being told about it by another friend. it was sealed off by a big iron wall with a door in it that was also sealed shut by an inch thick square iron rod, welded to the wall on either side. it was rusty as hell and been there for years, but you werent getting in there without a saw of some kind.

anyway, a few days later i brought some friends to see it, because it was kind of a cool spot. there was lots of graffiti, and other points of interest. this time, though, there was no bar on the door. i assume it was cut off somehow, but i dont remember seeing any marks where it had been welded. the way i remember it, it looked like it had never been there. the door was heavy (iron), but opened pretty easily. so we went and got some flashlights and went exploring. the tunnel was nothing remarkable. very cool, mind you, just nothing earth shattering - its a tunnel. there was lots of graffiti, trash, tiny stalagtites and, oddly, the skeleton of an old car. we didnt actually see anything weird, though i did have that this-place-doesnt-want-us-here feeling. but i always get that feeling, and am rubbish at figuring out when its real and when its just me being daft.

at one point i looked back and the doorway was just a tiny speck of light, like a star. we walked most of the way to the other end until we ran into some deepish water blocking us. we could see the light from the other entrance from around the bend. so we turned back. or at least, i assume we did. because i dont remember turning around at all, or even deciding to. one second were standing there, looking at the water and the light, the next were about a couple hundred feet from the entrance we came in, the light clearly framed by the doorway.

i didnt really notice it at the time. or maybe i did, but i thought nothing of it. nobody mentioned it. i didnt even think about that trip for a couple months after. then it came up in conversation, and i was telling somebody about the time i went exploring an abandoned tunnel, and i think i actually said, "hey, wait a minute." i asked around, asking the friends i went there with what we did that day. each of them told me pretty much the same story i just told you all. nobody remembers turning around and heading back. nobody remembers anything weird or anything, just a blank spot at that point.

so, i have no idea what happened. it may have all just been a combination of me being stupid and coincidence. i havent been back there, and dont really plan on going. somehow it just doesnt really interest me. i feel like i should be interested, but i dont know... its like it only interests me when im reminded of it and am thinking about it, but then its just gone from my head.

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 02:28 AM
The most amazing contact I ever had was when Morgan Fairchild shook my hand in Cali during a promom stop during the 80's. Ever have your heart stop? Time stand still? Feeling like you were floating? That you may have left earth? Light-headed? That was me! vertigo had nothing on what I experienced.

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 04:44 AM
Oh my dang. Morgan touching a cell on my body. In the 80's. I could die a happy man.

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 04:30 PM
That's a fascinating tale FW. I wouldn't suggest you go back. I am highly aware of the major willies feeling, and 9x's out of 10 I'm right. By the same token, I'd be really interested to see what a nite time video recorder could make out in there. Obviously some odd joo joo going on it there. Thank you for sharing.

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 07:05 PM
For myself was the time I was on the ship and they allowed to me see and remember my Grey parents.

This is something I believe no one would/could understand because it seems that all Grey's have been marked by this race as bad and they are not.

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 08:11 PM
I've had a few experiences, nothing major though

Many ufo sightings, mostly triangular shaped flying fast and no sound

Driving home one night late with my parents, sudden flood of bright white light filled the van, and the 20 minute drive somehow took 2 hours. We don't know how we lost the time.

driving on the highway alone one after work one afternoon to see my girlfriend and I fell asleep at the wheel. Somebody (remember I was driving alone) screamed my name from the passenger seat, I woke up to find myself veered through the oncoming traffic lane, about to go off the road into the ditch.

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 08:22 PM
reply to post by jpm1602

Hhmmm... OK, I'll bite.

Close encounter (within 60 ft or so) with large circular, metallic, rotating, silent flying craft in daylight. Thousands of witnesses.

Possible night sightings of UFO's actually 'stretching' from point A to point B in remote area while camping. Several witnesses.

Close sighting of a strange sea serpent/dinosaur in ocean. Again daylight sighting that lasted for about 12 mins. Viewed thru binochulars as well as normally. Several witnesses.

That's about it for me at the moment....


posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 11:55 PM
reply to post by jimbo999

Jimbo: Could you expand on that: "Close encounter (within 60 ft or so) with large circular, metallic, rotating, silent flying craft in daylight. Thousands of witnesses." I would like know if you observed any physical effect on the atmosphere around the object and if it had an effect on trees, plants, etc like causing them to bend, sway or break. Also, if it was close to the ground, was there any dust evident as in a rotor wash?


posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 05:29 PM

Originally posted by Hopup Dave
reply to post by jimbo999

Jimbo: Could you expand on that: "Close encounter (within 60 ft or so) with large circular, metallic, rotating, silent flying craft in daylight. Thousands of witnesses." I would like know if you observed any physical effect on the atmosphere around the object and if it had an effect on trees, plants, etc like causing them to bend, sway or break. Also, if it was close to the ground, was there any dust evident as in a rotor wash?


Interestingly, and sadly from your perspective, I was standing pretty well on the roof of my three storey house as it slowly floated over the place. The UFO was probably around 100ft above the ground. I however was close enough to have hit it with a well placed rock had I been inclined...


posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 06:24 PM

Originally posted by jimbo999
Close sighting of a strange sea serpent/dinosaur in ocean. Again daylight sighting that lasted for about 12 mins. Viewed thru binochulars as well as normally. Several witnesses.

I checked your threads and can't find mention of this sighting.

You should write it down with detail in the cryptozoo forum! Share it here as well.

I once sat through a lecture of a man who had gone to the Congo to look for the 'Behemoth' which was the biblical monster recorded since ancient times, described by the local Pygmies as being exactly identical to a prehistoric brontosaur.

Their is a supposed picture of this animal which has been debated by skeptics as inconclusive. But this man had seen the Behemoths head rise out of the water and stare at him and his boatmen. The man also had an audio recording of the monster stomping through the forest and bellowing in the night... no video could be obtained in the darkness.

The audio is frighteningly authentic, has been studied and verified by experts and universities, and sounds like the foghorn of a boat with twice the bass and resonance. Each roar ended with the sound of a massive jaw snapping closed. I haven't been able to find any information about this person online, forgot his name, and can't find any place that mentions his audio recording. If it had been made available on the internet it would be in the higher cryptozoo popular knowledge.

His story has not been well received because people don't want to believe that a Dinsoaur can exist undiscovered, even though that is the raw truth of the matter in the professors case.

Just having the privelege to hear cases of 'real monsters' living in the world from accredited people was an amazing 'contact' for me

posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 04:31 AM
Ok. I'll open myself for riddicule here.

A few years back, at a time when I wasn't in the least bit interrested in Space, Aliens, Conspiricy, whatever, I was dozing on my bed when I had this sense of seeing a piece of space in the sky filled with the most beautiful planets you could imagine (the colours were amazing) it filled me with such a sense of joy, something you get when you hear a song or see in a child's eyes, they were in perfect harmony with each other and I had a feeling of rightfulness about it.
Then my sense of seeing this was pulled ( yes, pulled) to a black planet (sorry, there were a few of these things that suddenlycame into being) in this blackness (contadict itself, I know) which emmited a force of evil which I couldn't stop looking at, tho I wanted not to, it was black with lightning bolts of red, or if you will, flashes of red, but the thing that really hit me hard was the force of evil intension that made this thing.

For me at that moment it wiped out all the beauty I had seen for that short while, as if it was reminding me that evil do's exist in between beauty and peacefulness.

Sceptics beware: I was not on drugs or any form of, I had not seen Star Wars before this happend, I don't really like the films, nor was I in any way in a bad personal relationship with someone.

It was a terrifing sight to see, something that I do not like to dwell on, even in plain sunlight, I hope that what I have seen was not in anyway of, corny as it might sound, a shape of things to come for this Earth.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 09:14 AM
Don't feel like posting the 'most amazing' right now. Feeling a bit nervy and writing about them (several) requires thinking about and remembering them. And it's one of those nights I'd rather not do that.

Instead, just a weird little incident .. only instance of 'lost time' I'm aware of. Aware of.

He was super-strong, mercurial of temper, extremely violent.

I was four inches shorter, slender and several stone lighter than he.

He was male, I female.

He knew how to fight and was comfortable with physical violence. I was more the 'rabbit frozen in the spotlight' variety -- the type to cover my eyes with my hands, whimpering and waiting for someone to come and 'save me'. I was very timid .. often walked well out of my way in order to avoid a building site and even seeing two men together on a street corner was sufficient to cause me to backtrack rather than pass by them. Didn't smoke or drink or swear. Had only ever had one boyfriend .. this one.

He was flexing .. muscles bulging .. eyes bulging too. I'd seen tough, grown men turn to water when confronted by him. Mr. Bully and he was in a bad mood. Any moment, I knew, a hand would fly out of nowhere and I'd have a sore face or arm or leg. There never seemed any way to avoid it when he was in a bad mood, no matter how I tried to calm him.

But this particular night .. don't know why .. I snapped.

I leapt up onto the bed. Don't know why. Instinctively gave myself a height advantage, maybe. Tore out my earrings .. pulled off my bracelet and necklace and flung them away. Kicked off my shoes. Didn't think about it. Just did it. I was wearing my best dress, too.

Then I must have leapt onto him like a tiger or something.

Next I knew, I was standing quite calmly on the floor and he was cowering in a corner. His arms were drawn up tight across his chest .. an instinctive gesture to protect vital organs I suppose.

His legs were drawn up tight to his body. His head was tucked down to his chest. His eyes were terrified, peeking up at me. He looked scared stiff and tucked himself tighter when I moved slightly.

I was puzzled. His dazzling white T-shirt .. worn to best display his tanned muscles ... wasn't there any longer. All that remained really were the neck and arm bands with a bit of fabric between them. Don't know where the rest was. Scattered around the room in shreds, I suppose.

I must have taken him apart. I'd seen this same man stand up to four at once and laugh in their faces. He was said to be fearless and phenomenally strong and quick. So it wasn't a weakling I'd thrashed. lol.
Yet here he was, cowering like a frightened little kid in the corner with his arms held up, ready to protect his face or whatever. Except it was usually me who was frozen in that pose.

How embarrassing. For both of us. I didn't know what had happened, other than the evidence of the state he was in. He shot out of there like a rabbit, ducking past me with head down. Can't remember what I did afterwards. Put my nightgown on and went to sleep, I think.

We didn't ever really discuss it afterwards. Must have been one of those mutual, unspoken agreements you hear about.

I have no memory of laying a finger on him. Last I remember is tearing off my jewellery. Next thing I knew, he was crouching in the corner before me. Don't know the extent of the missing time. Could have been one minute or five.

But .. I know this sounds creepy .. I have a suspicion that I 'became' someone else. Or perhaps something became me during those missing minutes.

Maybe we all have a powerful personality deep inside us ... a warrior. Or maybe every now and then, warrior-angels take pity on the timid and temporarily take possession of them and in this way, defend them. I find that reassuring. Surprising when it happens and who knows .. it may only happen once in a lifetime, maybe never. But it feels pretty good. I impressed myself that night. Or at least, whoever I became impressed me.

posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 10:29 AM
It was mid June 1973, about 8:30pm (still daylight with the sun below the treeline), when we saw a bright "cigar" shaped object. The object stayed stationary just to the north, with an altitude of about 1200-1500 ft. There must have been 50-60 other people in the neighborhood who came out to witness this event. The object, after about 30-35 minutes began to change colors going from white to blue, when four smaller "craft", these being round and silver looking, came out of the bottom of the larger one. The main object appeared to be at least 100 yards in length. The four smaller objects stayed right under the larger one for about five minutes when all four suddenly took off in different directions, disappearing in the blink of an eye. The larger object, still sationary, stayed another 5-6 minutes and then shot straight up at incredible speed and disappeared.
During all of this the local radio and tv stations were swamped with calls. The local airport control tower reported no contacts in the area. The next day the local tv stations reported that according to the Air National Guard, the object(s) seen were (YOU GUESSED IT) weather balloons that had been released earlier the prior day.
I, nor anyone else who saw this will ever believe that weather balloons could have acted or looked like the objects that were seen. I do not have any idea what they were, but I sure would like to someday know.

posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 03:32 AM
All I can say is wow. Wow. I've had my share of weirdness but holy smokes. Thanks all for sharing. I have much to ponder. For me the bow buster was two weeks after Noory in Cali was professing to see 'shadow critters all over'. He's host of c2c. I laughed, I thought it was one of the most outrageous things I'd ever heard.
Woke up, programmed coffee machine cup in hand, shorts and socks in the other, headed for basement for shower before work. I see this black as black hole with red eyes entity at back door, correct side for exit, pleading with me telepathically to let it out. (Yep, major meds, asylum, I know) My lab bruno who always sacks out until after my shower, knowing he is going for the short walk, trots over, and looks at me tail wagging. I'm frozen, and spilt half my coffee on myself. My eyes go to him to it several times, I am on a landing, he shuffles down the three steps and sees 'it', and it f'n freaks, running down stairs emitting in my mind what sounded like curses disappearing in doorway.
I must say...I would never expect anyone to believe this, never. Know history of mental problems or psyche meds.
It was what it was.
Lastly, I for days tried to rationalize the experience. Lived in this house for 15 yrs, never any rodents. Which is what it looked like, a racoon sized shadow critter, I ripped basement apart searching for anything, came up empty. I can't even begin to tell you the effect that had on me.

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posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 06:28 AM
reply to post by jpm1602


There's some weird stuff out there. You saw a 'racoon size shadow creature'. In another forum I sometimes visit, an eminently sane individual recounted 'grass men'. He said he and a close friend, back in their school days, had been walking down a track on their way home from school, when they'd seen what could only be described as animate creatures 'assembled' from the grass that lined the track. The creatures kept pace with them .. made some sort of chattering noises. Had a profound effect on them, not surprisingly.

To my understanding, the grass creatures were similar to a Mexican Wave ... they 'flowed' through the grass at the same pace as the guy. So, to me, it sounds as if the creatures were disembodied and able to utilize anything to hand to provide themselves form. But when do you hear of 'grass creatures' ? That thread was the first and last time I've ever encountered them, anywhere.

Then we take someone who is as close to the original Mr.Sobersides as you're ever likely to meet. He's low-key, dislikes drama, emotion, sensationalism .. all of it. But even he recounted one literally unbelievable experience once .. much to everyone's surprise. Not much of a story, on the face of it. He and another boy were playing in a long hallway. Sunny hallway, actually. A brand new extension on an already large and twisty-shaped house.

Anyway, he and the other boy were playing. I'm not sure of the sequence. They went into a bedroom that opened off the hall. Came back out (I think) and there, only a few metres away from them, and for a few seconds .. they both saw what was described as a small, green, box-y shaped little creature with very thin arms and legs. It looked at them, apparently. They looked at it. Then it 'went strange' and its arms and legs began moving around weirdly and fast. It was making a noise. That made *them* 'feel weird'. They looked at each other in disbelief with a 'Did YOU see that -- what's happening ? ' expression. Both turned and the thing had disappeared.

You'd imagine that two young boys would yell or run downstairs to tell an adult .. or something. But they didn't. They decided, without discussing it much at all, that it was too weird and no-one would believe them. But most of all, they 'felt weird' .. as if they knew they'd seen something they shouldn't .. had seen something that shouldn't exist. And decided it would be 'safer' to say nothing. They didn't want a repeat of the visitation.

Several years later, when Mr. Sobersides was an adult, we asked him to tell us again about the creature. He'd told us once, so we didn't think he'd mind. But he closed right up and said ' Don't '. So of course, we tried to wheedle it out of him, saying he'd already told us, so what was the harm in recounting it once more, from his now adult perspective. He's an extremely polite person .. didn't want to be rude, obviously, but he rose from where he was sitting, shaking his head in a sort of 'Don't put me in this position, please.' Then said he didn't want to discuss it. Just didn't.

So, we have racoon sized black holes .. grass creatures .. small, green box-shaped thing.

Quite a menagerie. And to it, I can add someone else's experience which is along the same lines. Recounted by the Rocky-type individual I 'beat up' in my above post, in fact. Happened to him during a long drive of several hundreds kilometres. It was night. He was making good time. Stopped at roadside places for a quick coffee every few hours. He was no stranger to long, lonely journeys by night and he'd travelled this particular road before. He wasn't a substance user and big and tough enough not to worry about travelling alone on near deserted roads.

I was at the other end of his trip, staying with family. When he arrived, he looked haunted, I think would be the appropriate term. Which was surprising because usually he arrived in a jokey frame of mind, happy to be out of the vehicle .. needful of a shower and a sleep, usually bearing gifts for various family members and happy to be there. But not this time. He was jumpy as a cat, hollow eyed and .. haunted looking. Basically, he was like someone many years older .. almost had to be taken by the hand, led inside, handed a hot drink and handled with care. What on earth was wrong with him? We were giving each other quizzical looks over his head.

Later, when he and I were alone, he seemed to have reverted to childhood, in a way. He asked me if I knew about 'creatures' which were 'on the side of the road' ? Had I ever heard of them ? Had I ever seen them or been told about them by others ?

Asked him, ' What kind of creatures ? '. He was staring hard at the floor, trying to make sense of his thoughts perhaps, or trying to deal with his experience. In any event, he confided that while he was driving, he'd seen 'little creatures'. He kept lapsing into silence, staring, not looking at me very often. It was clear he could still see them, in his mind's eye.

The 'creatures' hadn't all looked the same, he said. But they were all strange, like nothing he'd ever seen before. He kept saying '... little creatures ... ', as if by repeating it, I'd come to see what he'd seen. He was unable to describe them very well at all. It was obviously frustrating him. I got the impression that he could 'see' them, but they were beyond his powers of description, despite my prompts, such as, ' You mean like lambs or rabbits ? '. ' No ! No ! Smaller .. little creatures .. '

I never did manage to get a real description out of him. But he said they were on the side of the road, within the bordering grass-line. ' They were looking at me .. looking at me ' he said several times. ' Did they look bad ? ' I asked. ' No, sometimes they changed and then they looked a bit like cartoon characters ' he said. Then added that description wasn't accurate either, because they didn't look 'nice or kind' the way cartoon characters do. ' So they looked mean ? ' I asked. He replied they didn't look exactly mean .. that they 'kept changing'. Most of all, he was insistent they looked 'scary'.

You can imagine how bizarre the conversation was. Here was this big, tough guy, mumbling on about 'cartoon characters' and 'changing' and 'scary' and 'their eyes '.

I decided he must have hallucinated during the drive due to lack of sleep. And this may be the correct assumption. But he said not. Became irritated that I would trivialise what to him had been entirely real. He was able to pinpoint the location when he first saw the 'creatures' and the point where they'd ceased appearing as well as having clear recollection of the towns he'd passed through, places he'd stopped for refreshments, etc.

For the remainer of his visit he did his best to behave like his usual self. But I could see he was still troubled by his experience. The upshot of it all was, he paid for a close friend to fly up and then drive back home with him. He was obviously unprepared to risk seeing the 'little creatures' again while alone. It's the only time in the years I knew him that I can remember him recounting anything of this nature.

So, all odd experiences that sound quite charming in a way .. cute .. harmless .. like your racoon creature. 'Big deal', people might say. But I suspect those of who weren't there cannot hope to grasp the underlying sense of horror and disorientation suffered (then and later, maybe lifelong) by those who experienced them.

Clever, aren't they, these entities, in choosing to appear in such unbelievable form ?

posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 03:57 PM
Being driven nearly mad seeing...what should not be there...that should not be 'talking' to my mind is not a position I would place even my worst enemy in, if I had any. I truly believe I'd be playing etchasketch for the rest of my life in some safe, warm, supervised environment if it hadn't been for Bruno chasing that bloody thing into oblivion. He chased that thing down the stairs like he was after the devil itself. He hasn't been quite the same after that either. I'll never forget the look on his face at the bottom of the stairs to basement. Never forget. We seem to have a connection we never had before. Not to get son of sam here, but he knows my thoughts now, and I know his.
I am sincerely grateful to everyone for not getting raked over coals on this, I know I would be extremely incredulous and perhaps want to get a few 'you are one totally mad mother digs in'. Peace.

posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 11:25 PM
Thanks Dock6, relating the experience to me was somehow freeing in a way. I appreciate it.

posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 07:28 AM
reply to post by jpm1602


Don't mention it, jpm1602 .. you're more than welcome

When these things happen, they don't make a lot of sense. You tend to ask: ' Why me? '. Because they occur spontaneously. You don't ask for them. Just minding your own business. Then .. 'invasion'. Invasion of your space and mind. Now, whatever sense of security you may have managed to create for yourself ... has been violated. And you know (and it's not a nice feeling) that if it can happen once, then it can happen again.

You can live in a place for years and know every squeak and creak. You know it so well you can walk around at night with the lights off and it's fine .. you don't think twice about doing it. And then you have an experience similar to yours and it's as if the walls of that house have just fallen clear away .. or as if the roof's been lifted off .. or as if your brain-case has been opened wide to the winds. These things could just turn up while you're in bed or taking a bath or driving in your car, you realise. No blankets can wrap you tight enough and no lock can keep them out. So to continue functioning .. and you must .. you're forced to look at life differently to before. You realise boogey-men don't end with your childhood. BUT you're restricted in who you can tell. Tell workmates and some day, one of them (because it will get around like wildfire) will toss it in your face. Same with family, lovers, neighbours. So you tell a trusted few, perhaps. Try as they might, though, it's difficult for them to accept. Even your best friend may suspect you've begun using drugs, or aren't as stable or truthful as they believed you to be. Which is irritating, let's face it.

So what it does is isolate you to varying degrees. Depends on the general acceptance of the experience you had. Saw a UFO or ghost .. no problem, they're mainstream now, basically. But the one-offs, like yours .. well, put it this way: I kept a one-off experience to myself for twenty years. Close to the most terrifying experience I've had (it has some tough competition, too) and I dared not tell anyone. In fact ... I couldn't even discuss it with myself, because 'myself' said: 'Oh no. This is just off the scale. Couldn't have happened. Must be some explanation. Don't speak a word. I don't want to hear or think about it because if I do, I'll unravel and if I do that, other people's worlds will come tumbling down'.

Then .. and you might find this reassuring ... I wrote down my experience and sent it to a research group I discovered online. There are several levels of weirdness involved.

(1) I sent it to a group located approx. 1,000 kilometres away. It was a UFO research group. There was an address provided for each State. I didn't choose the one in my State. No reason. Instead, I sent it to a group in another State. No reason.

(2) My experience didn't involve UFOs or 'aliens'. But as there existed no organised group dedicated to the sort of experience I'd had .. I figured a UFO group might be the best choice, seeing they're contacted by people about all manner of strange occurrences

(3) Sent it off before I could change my mind about doing so. Hell, I could die tomorrow, I thought, and this will die with me. Which is wrong. Because someday, somewhere, someone might have a similar experience. And like me, they may struggle alone with it for years .. like me, they may doubt their own sanity .. like me, they might blame themselves that it happened simply because it's easier to blame and doubt yourself sometimes, than it is to acknowledge that these things can occur. So I'll send this off to people I don't know. Maybe they'll shred it or laugh about it. But at least I will have tried to leave a record and someday --- chance in a million --- but someday, someone else might gain some kind of comfort from learning they are not entirely alone with this .. they'll know that it happened to someone else. And that will help them SO much. The way it would have helped me, if I'd known I wasn't the only person this had happened to.

(4) Didn't expect to hear from the group I'd sent my account to. Life is busy. I didn't think about it, once it was done. Then, to my surprise, I received an email from one of the group's researchers. Very friendly. Not judgemental or patronising. In answer to my enquiry, she said no, she'd never heard of an experience like mine and nor had anyone else associated with the organisation. In fact, she'd looked and there was no similar account in their records or archives. Would I mind if the group published my account, as it stood, within their magazine ? I agreed, on the condition I remain anonymous, for the sake of my family. Fine. She'd be in touch when the magazine was published she said, and if I liked, she'd send a copy to me.

(5) So far, pretty clear cut and normal. And then ...
I received another email out of the blue from this person. She'd just had to get in touch to tell me, she said. She still couldn't believe it. The magazine had just been sent to the printer's, she said, when the group had received an hysterical phone call from a middle-aged woman 2,000 kilometres away. The woman was almost out of her mind, apparently, for she and her adult daughter had been seeing the same creatures as I had seen 20 years earlier ... and as I'd described in my written account. The creatures were darting through the house and had been doing so for a couple of hours by this stage.

(6) The group to whom I'd sent my account were incredulous. Two people (the middle-aged woman and myself) both reporting the same weird phenomenon, independently of each other, with the experiences taking place 20 years apart, and both being the ONLY reports of the phenomenon ever received by the organisation, who'd never heard of it before, despite their dealing with weirdness on hourly basis.

Not only that .. the middle-aged woman and I were separated by 1,000 kilometres. Yet we'd *both* contacted the offices of the *same* organisation in a far distant State, rather than report it to people closer to each of us. If the other woman and I *had* each reported it locally of course, it's doubtful anyone would have connected the dots. *And* it's probable that had we reported it to separate organisations within our own separate States, both accounts would have been dismissed as 'crank call'.

The woman to whom I'd sent my account was at pains to tell me that the magazine had not been printed yet .. so there was no way the middle-aged woman could have read it and decided to report a 'copy-cat' incident.

(7) Finally, via the other woman's experience of creatures identical to those I'd seen ... I'd finally received confirmation of my experience of 20 years earlier. I know you'll understand the relief I felt .. just as you would, were you to learn that someone else had shared your experience of the black-hole creature. It feels as if you've been validated. You've been given your mind back. It's not you. You're not crazy. You didn't imagine it. You can fully trust yourself again. You don't need to feel somewhat 'ashamed' or 'wrong' for having an experience that even you have a difficult time accepting as 'real'. You're not alone. You didn't cause it .. the bloody *entities* did !

(8) I asked only to be provided the other experiencer's contact details, if she was willing. Because I wanted to discuss the entities with her .. again, if she was willing. I felt it could help both of us.

But received an email several days later, advising that when the group phoned the woman, she said they were not to contact her again. She'd decided against taking it further and just wanted to forget it.

Continued next post ...

posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 08:25 AM
(cont. from previous post)

The UFO group told me that it often happened that people would call them in a panic, seeking help and reassurance. Afterwards, when they'd calmed down (I was told) many were frightened their experience would get into the media, after which people they knew would regard them as 'crazy', 'unstable', 'attention seekers', etc. They were afraid their reputations would be ruined .. their husband might lose his job and their children become ridiculed .. their extended family-members humiliated, etc. So they refused to discuss it with the people *they* had contacted for help and often warned that they were not to be contacted about it again. As if they believed they could make it all 'just go away' by shutting the door firmly on it. This was the route the middle-aged woman had taken, apparently. I was disappointed not to be able to discuss the phenomenon, but understood.

My account was published in the UFO magazine. I accessed it online. That was it. It was out there now. In the event someone had a similar experience, there was a slim chance they might see my account, but if so, they may gain some comfort from learning they weren't alone, weren't crazy, hadn't imagined it.

Received from the UFO organisation a scanned copy of a letter written to me care-of the organisation, asking me to get in touch with the writer, who had something to tell me and adding that the entities described in my account were prevalent in a particular area. For some reason, based primarily on the tone of the letter, I decided not to respond. Never have.

For twenty years, ever since the experience, I'd searched high and low for some reference to the entities I'd seen, but without success. Admittedly, it was before internet, so I was compelled to conduct my small research via books.

After submitting my account to the UFO organisation however, it was as if a door opened ... for bit by bit, I encountered other's accounts of related and sometimes very similar experiences, online. Then I discovered the world of forums (fora?). Time after time, in at-times obscure threads, I discovered that others, world-wide, had encountered the same entities as myself. Many people wrote that they'd never told a soul about their experience/s, because they 'knew' they wouldn't be believed. Many had been terrorised by these particular entities during childhood.

Oh .. and I should have mentioned, I received additional confirmation of my experience from the most unexpected source .. a member of my own family had seen the same entities in childhood, but hadn't told me because they believed I wouldn't have believed them. They only told me when they were of adult age.

Internet has been a boon .. so much information .. so many people relating experiences anonymously (things they rarely tell even those closest to them, for all the usual reasons).

People online told me about an organisation which actually studies, in formal sense apparently, the very entities I saw all those years ago. I contacted the organisation in question and was informed that up to 60 families, mainly in the US and Canada, share their homes with these particular entities ( !!). Was told that the entities form attachments to locations, as opposed to 'ghosts', which (I was advised) tend to form attachments to individuals. So, if you move houses, 'my' entities are not likely to follow you. All interesting. I'd moved anyway. Don't expect to encounter similar entities again. I was told I should regard myself as 'fortunate' for having the experience. I'm not ready to go that far.

To top it off, I learned a few years ago that the tendency to see the entities in question has a formal name .. it's recognised. And those who commonly see the entities in question are often sight-impaired. Of course, people with normal vision also see them .. people ranging from young children all the way through to old age, of both sexes .. people of perfectly sound mind. The entities exist. But it seems they're visible, quite often to people who're sight-impaired (I'm not, incidentally) .. which suggests the entities/creatures inhabit a dimension or energetic-level or whatever that the average eye is not generally 'programmed' to see (it's claimed we are able to view only a very tiny percentage of what's actually 'there' .. just as we can't hear anywhere near as much as can animals, for example). So it appears that those who're considered 'sight impaired' may in some instances become capable of 'seeing' what is mostly denied the rest of us. Interesting, isn't it ?

All a roundabout way of suggesting that at some time in the future, you too may learn that the creature you saw exists within a spectrum not commonly seen by most. But it became visible to you on that occasion. Who's to say why ? It may be that the light-levels were condusive at that moment in time. The creature you saw may be 'there' (many of them .. who knows?) all the time. But only became visible for that moment. Might have given it a shock to realise you could see it ?

And it may be that next week or ten years from now, you'll read online or elsewhere of someone else's experience of the same entity you saw.

People from all over the world, I've been informed, have reported seeing the same creatures as I saw .. places as diverse as Hawaii, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, UK, Sweden, etc. Even remote Pacific Islands .. where a suprising number of accounts have apparently been received. Oh, and Patagonia. Universal. There are accounts going back several hundred years .. but these have come down to us as 'myths and legends'. I can tell you personally .. these creatures are not a 'myth'. I've seen them up close. Yet if anyone had suggested to me that they are real or that I would see them, I would not .. definitely would not .. have believed it. Even now, I don't really 'believe' in them.

So I understand the 'split mind' way in which you have to deal with your experience. Seeing what you don't believe in, is highly disturbing .. quite apart from what anyone else thinks of your experience, should you relate it.

We just don't know much about any of it. It may be that these creatures are manifestations of people's dreams, imaginings, nightmares, private fears, daydreams, etc. ( That thought just occurred to me as I was typing this ) They *seem* real enough when they're in front of you. But then .. we don't even know if *we're* 'real', do we ? I mean, it's possible that *we* are simply the dreams, imaginings of other creatures.

Might be best to end this at that point

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