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A New Kind of Terror: From The Sky

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posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 04:05 AM
The simple fact is that the majority of people in this day and age are un-educated. Thus, they do not have a lot of information, or experience to draw upon to formulate conclusions to information and solutions to problems.
This, quite succinctly, means that when faced with a potentially cataclysmic event, most people have no idea of what to do, because that sort of scenario has never been discussed or imagined by them at any point in life. Hence - freak out!
If we taught our children that the universe is a wonderful but dangerous place, that it is a vast empty place, where there are OCCASIONAL events that cause death and destruction; we might just stimulate a few brains into action and come up with a way to survive these sorts of events. Not to mention, a young mind that can comprehend this sort of event happening, is more likely to survive it than someone who has never even thought about such an event - unless they watch poorly made hollywood cinematography... Further, when the dinosaurs were made extinct 64million years ago, life still survived that event. Thus there was no need to panic then, and there is no need to panic now. Even if humanity is brought to an end in one moment, life will go on, and it is that single fact that is the important one.
The world is a dangerous place, but it is less dangerous than wonderful. Sit and think of it like this. You have more good days than bad in life (FACT), but presently we all seem to be conditioned to concentrate on the bad days.
Concentrate on the good. Think of the bad events that can happen, and come up with solutions BEFORE they do... research, read, learn!!! That is the key, and the goal we should all reach for. Not to mention it is the goal we should encourage others to attain too.
Here's a thought for you... if you have pondered and cogetated a potential event that could be negative to your life (or loved ones), then if you come up with solutions to the problem, IF it were to ever occur, you would be PREPARED. If the event happened, you would likely have thought of several solutions, and bingo, there is no bad event, or it has been kept to a minimum.
It is a tried and tested solution to problems - I have put it into practice throught my adult life.

READ, LEARN, THINK = No fear, because you are prepared.

posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 04:06 AM
Another thing to think about is this:

Perhaps "they" want you to be scared.

If you are scared about a particular problem, your attention is focused on it, and away from anything "they" might not want you to see.

Human nature is beautifully complex, yet obviously simple.

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posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 04:35 AM
I don't think the terror will come from the skies at all anymore. Nope. I was incorrect 100%.It comes from people and their activitiwes 100% of the time. I was incorrect to ever think the sky had anything to do with the unique brand of terror that'd be real.

Rather it comes from over-hyped under-substantiated hear-say stories for profit and the current currency of the storytellers of the sleaze-media that make non-truth a profit center. They are not residents of the sky but rather the slime of the human snake-pit and geniunely hold back greater public awareness and peace of mind.

Some may make money on terrorism... by promoting fear across the Nets as a commodity for mass consumption. Not by this Canadian, ever.

Truth doesn't count as much as the "story" these days. The "story" is the fanning and incitement to feelings terror of humans by humans, quite often under false or misleading or incomplete human-induced artificial conditions that are agenda driven and global network enabled. No more, no less and does not seem to pertain to any one issue or any specific groups... it's endemic and the new status quo. It's fear globally networked.

Some people may find truth with proof terrifying especially if it upsets their mental schema, expectations, psycho-pathological idiosyncracies and the status quo or costs them money or perceived prestige. It's just the truth right? I'd think that might be a refreshing change from the standard fare for some. I could be mistaken. I am often wrong.

I will attempt to share these "truths" at strategically optimal moments when it will do the most geniune good within this community in attempting to Deny Ignorance.

Could be anything topically speaking. I mean there's no shortage of BS to clarify. It's a growth industry. In between I will choose the "truths" I wish to challenge with fact, verifiable proof and critical thinking skills with the disspassionate ruthlessness of a forensic-pathologist and stockpile the data set for "just the right time" in the pursuit of greater public accuracy in awareness.

Too many stories, too many times, with too few truths not to be positively and productively enabled and pleasantly entertained by providing the needed data for folks to make a real and informed choice for themselves as responsible and informed human beings. I'm really partial to informed.

This will be a sky-blue true pleasure. I'm excited to assist in Denying Ignorance no matter what it hides behind or chooses to have itself named.



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posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 11:19 AM
reply to post by dampnickers

It could be that they're using fear to distract us from another thing. Yet, there are some things that aren't worth fearing about but I suppose only a few will look past the "gloom & doom" facade.

Some science just doesn't add up -when trying to cause fear- but if their tactic is also to cause confusion, then IT is doing a swell job out of that!

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