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Paranoid Delusions: The future *will* be bright.

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posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 10:28 AM
We've all heard people say:

"It's all about control!"
"The chip will control your mind!"
"I'll have one last bullet ready for when they try to chip me!"
"No way! I'll be off the grid before then!"
"I'm stocking up on supplies!"
"I will never submit!"
"They are taking away our freedom!"

And much more....

RealID is a step forward in identification technology. It is a predecessor for things to come. Being scared of it, and the "chip", for the above reasons is paranoid delusions - unless you believe in Dr. Gene Ray and his view that you are taught evil stupid, or whatever he goes on about!
If you don't know what I'm talking about, go Google "Timecube"

In another thread, a certain user wrote this:

To me that means, CONTROL!!!
As far as ID's go, we already have means of ID:

Social Security Card
Driver's License
Insurance Card
Credit Card
Debit card
Library Card
Movie Club Membership Card

I'm sick to death of cards ......

He is so sick of IDs, that he can't see the implications of the RealID except for it's existence as another ID. It is not simply another ID, it is the real-world implimentation and testing of a new technology. The RealID is the predecessor for the consolodation of our wallets and purses full of countless cards that we see people bumbling around for in front of us in line. Our current modelis an outdated model. It is inefficient. When a system becomes outdated and inefficient, we have always changed it. We will always change it... unless it involves NASA, John Lear, and the Space Shuttle!

The RealID/CAC cards have been tested in the government/military as a whole for around 8 years or more.

The technology was proven successful in that "more secure field" so to speak. RealID is the next step of that testing - to test it in the "untamed field" of the civilian population, complete with all of it's uncertainty, immoral behavior, crime, and people who can't keep track of their belongings for one reason or another, be it pick pocketed, lost, or stolen. It is not a perfect system. Neither are credit cards or ATM cards - they can both be used by virtually anyone at the Gas Pump or grocery store. If you have the appropriate equipment, you can retrieve and decrypt pin numbers from the debit cards. Many places don't even ask for IDs, and these cards don't even have pictures on them. It is not efficient.

Technology is progressing, not as a means of control, but as a means to allow people to get that little extra bit of time out of their day. There is a bit of tracking involved, but I'll get to that practically benign feature later on.

We used to have to wait in line at the bank to withdraw and deposit money, sometimes for a very long time. It's now an option for the most part. Checks have all but disappeared, to be placed with the faster and more efficient credit card - which you have to pay back, and that takes away more of your valuable time paying bills. Then came direct deposit: Not about someone controlling your paycheck, but about convenience. Soon after, ATMS. ATMS only control your money as much as they give you access 24 hours a day.

Yet, The ATM didn't get rid of the line. Due to this, there was a small technological evolution that introduced the debit card and then the one card that could act as ATM/Credit/Debit card all at once. Consolidation of function is what it amounted to. Once this happened, we no longer even had to wait in line at the ATM to withdrawal money unless we absolutely needed to, we could pay at the pump, pay in the store, etc...

Using the principals and (logic?
) used when identifying the RealId as a means of control is not hard to place on any one of those small advances in banking that gives us just that little bit of extra personal time.

... and the question of Control:

Aren't all of those cards a form of control?

Your ATM card tracks your time and location every time you use it; so does your debit card, and moreover your credit card and what you spend. Having a library card means you're on a computer and have your library activities recorded. A Passport tracks you where ever you last traveled out of country, and it is all stored in a database. If you some type of store discount card, they use that to track and record your purchases when you use cash. Movie club, not sure - but if you have it, your name is probably in a Database along with your movie viewing habits. If you rent movies from a video store, your porn selection and faces of death rentals are input into a database. Your insurance company has details about your health and life. You have a big plate on the back of your car that can be looked up at anytime. Much of your criminal record is publicly available (sometimes free, and through the internet) at the county clerks office where you committed your crime, or violated a statute. Your telephone calls are monitored and screened, and your e-mail is saved in giant databases.

The Local law enforcement can get that information, and the Federal government will get that information whenever they request it. It just takes more tax money and more man hours to get it. Of course, they're not going to do it unless you are a criminal or a suspect.

If it was on a centralized, government system, how much money and man hours would be saved when trying to access this information on a wanted criminal, terror suspect, child molester, rapist, murderer, serial killer, etc.. It wouldn't take days of coordination between local/state/federal agencies. It would take minutes.

Many people here seem to have paranoid fantasies that the government is on the verge of gaining the power to track them and control, when they've had the power for a very long time. You can be put in jail on a whim, just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The government can take your house from you; they can take your car. You can be taken out by a police officer who just had a bad day, and we can see in the news that it happens all the time.

Stop signs, speed limit, traffic lights, permission to drive, permission to buy alcohol, permission to buy cigs, permission to own land, taxes for this, taxes for that, permission to buy a car, etc.. that's just the small stuff. It's all control. You are living in it already.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 10:29 AM
You don't have much freedom at all. Don't delude yourself into thinking you do, and that it is being taken from you. You have government citizen privileges. This is the stage we are in right now. You live within the control of the law, and you accept it. You live within the control of the constitution. Within the control of society. Within the control of your mind (try opening it once and a while). You have been conditioned to it. It is normal, and what you have leftover is what you call "freedom"

RealID, or the other name for the technology slips through the senate, will contain pertinent data, such as blood type, address, important medical information and other misc info. This is great, in that it will be encrypted on the card. Say an attractive woman loses her driver's license and the common rapist picks it up: He knows exactly where she lives. With a RealID he won't. It will be encysted and only readable by technophiles or the proper authorities.

When you wind up in the hospital, they will no right away how to treat you - or throw you out if your RealID doesn't have insurance
Maybe in the future when it contains you're credit card info, you won't need the insurance.. or maybe healthcare will be nationalized after saving all those man hours because of the central database for tracking criminals and the deviant members of society. Those that seek to corrupt it, and those that seek to undermine it.

After successful real world testing for a few years, noticing the vulnerabilities, and monitoring the efficiency, then we will have a consolidation happen just like the all-in-one "ATM/Check/Debit/Credit" card.

Most of us can think logically. We could see that the chip was coming as far as 20 years ago. We can also see that AI, spaceships, robots, invisibility technology, and everything that science offers is coming. We can see medical technology that will have the ability of extending our life spans, Perhaps to 200 years. It is technology, and it is coming upon as at an exponential rate.

For the chip, it is the evolution of technology, and any fool can see it. It is abundantly clear. Complete consolidation of all personal information onto an implanted chip. Nothing to lose, nothing to get stolen in the conventional manner, much time to be saved.

Like cars passing through an electronic toll, we will pass into the doctor's office for our appointment, and the secretary will know that we have arrived. In fact, walking into any government funded building will have sensors that track us as we enter. Wanted criminals, deviants, rapists, murderers - the scum of society - shall not enter at risk of being pick up. We, who are moral, intelligent citizens will have no problem with this system of increased security. Our criminals must seek unconventional means of medicine, or else trade proper treatment for jail time.

Don't fool yourselves either - the chip is not the end of that evolution, but merely a stage. There will come a time when we remove the chip. It will no longer be needed as your DNA itself will be associated to your profile on the planetary profile database.

Just as the evolution of technology will bring in the age of the chip in one form or another, the evolution of society and political science will usher in the age of a united world.

Sovereignty is an outdated concept. It is inefficient. It brings international tension, war, genocide, doctorial movements, etc.. We began with sovereign city-states, forward to alliances, only to progress to unified empires. The goal of mankind has always been to unification and standardization. We've unified China into one kingdom, Unified Japan under one rule, Unified Russia, (bumps along the way), united the colonies, United (the) States, United Canada territory under the Crown, created the League of Nations, the United Nations, the European Union, and many more in between them all.

There is a pattern here. Like the advance of technology, we are advancing socially. We as a species have attained the knowledge that even sovereign unions can not be maintained individually, it only results in civil war, genocide, etc.. without an outside authority being able to legally - and capably - stop these actions, they will continue.

The failed League of Nations was a precursor to the UN, and the UN is the precursor to the next step. The important thing to remember is that we are not perfect. We are experiencing and learning. There will be a few more steps until we arrive at a unified, peaceful, secure planet - one that is ready to join together to...

Space. The Final Frontier... Engage.

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