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Top 100 Science Stories of 2007

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posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 09:29 AM
At least according to discover magazine dot com, a few interesting ones on here, if you have the patience to read them all.

Heres the full list

1. China's Syndrome
Tainted products and choking pollution spark anxiety across the globe.
- Related Web-exclusive feature: The Smoking Torch

2. Reawakening the Dormant Mind
Stirring from a comalike state, a patient rewrites our understanding of consciousness
- Related Web-exclusive feature: Diagnosing Consciousness

3. Planetpalooza
A new crop of alien planets raises the bar on bizarre.

4. Arctic Thaw
Rapidly melting ice in the Far North alarms climatologists and lures nations into competition for newly accessible trade routes and resources.

5. Rx for the FDA
Faced with controversies over drug warnings and recalls, the drug agency tries to revamp itself.

6. Conservation Gets a Green Light
Can fluorescent bulbs save the planet?
- Related Web-exclusive feature: 25 Surprising and Simple Tips for a Greener Life

7. Dark Matters
Astronomers unveil a new map of the mysterious invisible stuff that makes up 90 percent of the universe.
- Related Web-exclusive feature: A (Dark) Matter of Time

8. Can Vitamin D Save Your Life?
New studies highlight the importance of the forgotten vitamin.

9. The Genome Turns Personal
With individual sequencing, medicine may soon be custom-tailored to your own DNA.
Related Web-exclusive feature: Testing the Genome

10. T. Rex Time Machine
Iconoclast Mary Schweitzer isolates 68-million-year-old proteins and finally proves the kinship of dinosaurs and chickens.

11. Hormone Replacement Therapy Linked to Breast Cancer
In 2003, breast cancer rates dropped rapidly, and several studies in 2007 cited decreased use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as the likely cause.

12. New Vaccine Blocks Bird Flu
Although avian flu made few headlines in 2007, the virus continued to claim lives in Asia, particularly in Indonesia.

13. Australia Faces a Waterless Future
Throughout 2007 in Australia, the evening news announced the levels of the nation’s reservoirs, billboards posted water consumption statistics, and the public fretted over reports of a strained economy.

14. Biologists Perform Genome Transplant
In June, biologists at the J. Craig Venter Institute announced that they had successfully transplanted the genome of one species of bacteria into another bacterial species...

15. Male Circumcision: A New Defense Against HIV
Male circumcision cuts the risk of HIV transmission in men by about 60 percent and should be scaled up in countries hardest hit by the epidemic...

16. Astronomers Find Huge Hole in Space
Astronomers have long known that at the largest scale, the universe looks like sea-foam: clusters of galaxies surrounding large, empty bubbles...

17. Is Pollution Weeding Out Male Babies?
The proportion of male babies being born in the United States and Japan has been steadily declining since 1970, according to a report published in June...

18. FDA Says Cold Medicine is Not For Children Under 6
In October, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisers recommended against the use of most nonprescription cold and cough medicines for children under age 6...

19. Soot Began Harming Arctic A Century Ago
Industrial black carbon—­particularly in the period around 1900—left a dirty, harmful human smudge on the Arctic, researchers say...

20. Fault Lines In Science Policy
Several reports released in 2007 bolstered the case of those claiming the Bush administration stifles scientists and attempts to alter their research findings...


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