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conspiracy of not careing?

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posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 01:46 AM
I have watch alot of the world do the exact same thing's.

it's like we are all numb from the new's...death war... iconomy crashing..
education standard's at all time low...hurricane's...tornado's ...earthquake's...
starving baby's and kid's dying....

And 99% of every person on this planet does nothing but let old men and women tell them what to do. congress...president's...dictator's...parlamient...
list goes on.

When did human's as a whole become so heartless?
Right now some fool is ready to kill another fool becouse someone said...THEY ARE EVEIL.... WARRRRRRRRRRR.

WE do not care anymore are we human's or a pack of wolf's.
we say we do care and do nothing..
Or we say we care and try to do something but we actuly do very little...
aka house wife give's her used underwear to goodwill...who does that help?

ive watched people walk over homeless people...while they was eating a mcdonald's hamburger like the homeless guy was less than a dog..

Ive seen people watch a car wreck happen in front of them and keep driving....later cause i stopped to help.... had to watch a 3 year old die and couldnt do anything...

when as a race of human's do we not care?
Are we numb for life?

you can say you care......but deep in your heart you care only about yourself in the end....or your close family..

Ladies care more about there hair looking good in the morning.
Than 1 in 1000 care about the little kid getting beat by her father and abused right next door.

SO when did we all stop caring?
i am saying odd's as a whole human's do not care anymore.

maybe to selfsh...maybe there relgion... maybe the new's..
maybe we listen to our goverment's and fradulent company's that we send money too to help feed kid' clean the hurricane victim's...
they all pocket alot of the money...they have to make a living they say lol

does anyone understand what i am saying US as human's don't realy care anymore......we say we care but we don't.....but then again have we ever realy cared???????

look at human's history .
The bible has more killing rape incest ect...
in it than any movie every made...............
or any book wrote there after.
And generaly speaking most will die for the word of God in the bible..or kill...look at history..
How dare u have another God burned at the stake...
How dare you read that book Beheaded...
so it's probly probly fair to say more people have died of religiouse hate crime's than any war even World war's we have had if we added them all up.
but none cared and thus we still go to war and kill for our God's...

can anyone relate to this?

maybe human's as a whole are to ignorant to truley care.
unless it fit's our agenda.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 02:55 AM
reply to post by beforetime

beforetime, I understand your frustration. The truth (IMHO) is that people have become more and more immune to other people's suffering - due in part to television and other media. I nearly had a nervous breakdown about 7 years ago because I COULDN'T HELP EVERYONE! I would feed the homeless people that I saw in the street, clothe the beggars who came knocking at my door and donate generously to various charities - all to no avail as the more I gave, the more was needed! I very nearly bankrupted myself in the process and then my mother sat me down and said to me that I would not be able to carry on helping people if I wasn't in a good financial position or was very ill due to not eating much. I then got so depressed! I ranted and raved at humanity for being so uncaring and unhelpful but at the end of the day, I carry on helping were I can without going overboard! I have taken three homeless people under my wing and give them food and clothing (no money for booze tho!) and give them little odd jobs to do so that they feel like they are useful human beings and not parasites (they say that people tend to look right through them as if they don't exist most of the time and just being spoken to like a normal person has had a very positive effect on them).
I think people basically do care, they're just overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem and therefore "do nothing"!
Just do what you can and recognise that other people too are just doing what they can.

posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 01:56 AM
reply to post by LovingSoul

I have known very few people that did not want to help people in crisis, and it is true that most people get overwhelmed when they do try to help. Alot of people develop an emotional calus, as a coping mechanism. Alot of people turn inward, and are of the mind set that "I can't help them, but I can keep that from happening to my family." These are excuses, but there are alot of people out there that have "big hearts" and give you a reality bump, and make you think "most people are not that bad."

posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 02:09 AM
humans have always been by and large a fairly violent, predatorial species, there have always been the homeless and the destitute. IT doesnt make it any better but its true.
all animals are opportunistic, humans included. TPTB also encourage a greedy capitalistic mindframe

but we are also pack animals and do have the capacity for great acts and great love and great compassion.

And as in a wolf pack...since you brought up the analogy.... when the basic needs of the pack or family or community are being met; the old and the young are cared for and watched over.

People do help, everyday in ways big and small, they just dont talk about it because they dont feel the need for recognition.

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