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Real prophecies about Antichrist reign from over 1900 years ago to middle age to know, Im sharing wi

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posted on Jan, 28 2008 @ 08:50 PM
Now I have this book, some of you may have but want to share it with you, since its incredible. These prophecies were from 1900 years ago all the way till the 1800s and I wanted to add alittle commentary to them..

Its called


catholi prophecies 220pgs by Rev. Gerald Culleton. We are in these times guys, and its amazing how some of the prophecies say antichrist wll be born before 2000.

this one is incredible in the gospel of Bortholomew, about how satan goes forth and works on souls....

" Antichrist said: I will tell thee. And a wheel came up ou of the abyss, having seven fiery knives. The first knive hath twelve pipes. Antichrist answered: The pipe of fire in the first knife, in it are put the casters of lots and diviners and enchanters, and they that believe in them or have sought them, because in the iniquity of their heart they have invented false divinations. In the second pipe of fire are first the (blasphemers)... (suicides).....(Idolators)...... In the rest are the first perjurers. And Bartholomew said: Dost thou then do these things alone?

And Satan said: If I were able to go forth (by myself), I would have destroyed the whole world in 3 days: but neiher I or any of the 6 hundred go forth. For we have other swift ministers whom we command, and we furish them with a hook of many points and send them forth to (hunt), and they catch for (us) souls of men, enticing them with sweetness of divers baits, that is by (drunkeness) and (laughter), by (backbiting), hypocrisy, pleasures, fornication, and the rest of th trifles that come out of their treasures..."

as you can see satan is very clear how they go out and find souls to destroy.. Ive experienced all these things or temptation save fornication....

One interesting thing I noticed is laughter. Mind you hes talking about the laughter thats filthy, uncalled for, shallow, hateful, and thats just ou of place....

also backbiting, which would be gossip, which alot of women fall into as wel..

Ill be posting more real soon, it gets more interesting...


posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 01:25 AM
This one seems regular, but just lisnte closely and compare it to this age, as you know the media promotes hatred everywhere, Jerry springer, Violence, Violent rap, and its just an attitude hteful age... Not all of i though.

ll Baruch (1st century AD)

" Behold! the days come, and it shall be when the time of age has ripened, and the harvest of its evil and good seeds have come, that the almighty one will bring upon the earth and its inhabitants and upon its rulers (perturbaion) of spirit and stupor of heart. And they shall hate one another and provoke one anothr to fight. And when those things which were predicted have come to pass, then shall confusion fall upon all men "

" for all the earth shall devour its inhibitants "

One interesting thing thats going to come up is this (confusion) a great confusion of the mind of people in later days, as if they will not beable to think aright, they will constantly try and determine what sin is, it will be like a constant warfare of their minds.

You know when your a child, you dont go through mental warfares, you play and stay innocent, but when you get older and more sinful you let satan in and its like having a buddy around you invisibly tht never leaves you alone and increases either nasty thoughts or just tries to put irregular stuff in your mind.

Now the stupor of heart means the lack of love. I think if you look at shows like springer and the way the internet glorifies hatred, and just the age of attitudewe are in there is alot of heartlessness out there.

This is just my opinion though, the commentary, but I definitely think we are in that stupor of heart age on a global baises.

I got some more soon.

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posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 01:44 AM
Now this is aso from Baruch 11. Im going to o from earliest prophecies to most recent..

ll Baruch (1st cen. AD)

this is very key, you got to remember the confusion I just mentioned. I understand whats happening very good from Gods grace, I hope you can get what hes saying...

" (God) answered and said unto me: Into (12) parts is that time (end) divided, and each one of them is reserved for that which is appointed for it.

In the eighth part a multitude of spectres and attacks of Shedim.....And in the ninth part the fall of (fire). And in the (tenth) part rapine and much oppression. * And in the eleventh part (wickedness) and (unchastity).

stop it there..... so this is the age of unchastity so that would have to be around now, that 11th part... continue.....

And in the 12th part (confusion) from the (mingling) together of all those things aforesaid.. for these parts of that time are reserved, and shall be mingled one with another and minister one to another. for some shall leave out some of their own, and recieve (in its stead) from others, and some complete their own and that of others, so that those may not (understand) who are upon the earth in those days that this is the consummation of the earth "

So what hes saying is that the 11th the confusion, after that that noone will believe sin nymore and that because of that, the 12th, noone will believe they are in the end times.....

This makes more sense then alittle... Now alot of people do believe we are in the end times, but alot of the media makes us look crazy and try to get it further away from peoples minds...

Notice the confusion comes after the age of unchastity which we are in, its because sin lets satan in and he blinds the understanding, makes people have rash judgements and he causes this confusion.

Ive felt this in my own soul, I mean I used to sin extremely, I grew up in sin, so I understand this greatly...

basically what hes saying is, is that the last 2 parts are, confusion which stems from the unchastity and wickedness, and that because of this many will not know what times they are in and laugh us to scorn... and notice how it intertwines with each other as he said (they will minister to each other)

this would fit biblical prophecy perfectly..

" as in the days of Noah, they were eating, marrying, all until the flood came and swept them away, so shall the coming of the son o man be "

I have plenty more, this is only the first century...


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posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 08:00 PM
Now I have one prophecy from 1700 hundreds I have to add because its about again this great confusion...

The great confusion also has to deal with pride.. we are in an age where everybody thinks they are the realest things on earth, and its just pride, but its because sin doesnt exist anymore so they are their own Gods...

anyways.. look at this one, itsfrom Lasalett, a huge approved prophecy from Mary, approved by the church in 1800s...

Lasalett 1846. (notice how she pinpoints this age perfectly)

" There will be a kind of (false peace) before the advent of Antichrist. Mans only thought will be upon (diversions) and (amusement). The wicked will indulge in all sorts of sins. "

So i believe this is the false peace, and the diversons are stuff like TV, Xbox, and just stuff to distract you from real life...

and the amusement. Well thats on tv... The shows arent even that funny, just shallow goofiness, and its also weird how they make jokes out of hidden hatred, but thats just my opinion....

now thi isfrom 1700 and its about the great confusion again.... this is a real thing that many prophcies have prophecies..

Father Nectou S. J. (1772)

" He stated, however, that those persons who shall behold this last revolution will thank God for having preserved them to witness this glorious triumph of the Church ....

Finally, the venerable Nectou foretold, that when the above mentioned (events) shall be near at hand, (everything) upon earth shall be so upset and (confused), as if (God had) entirely withheld his providence from mandkind, and that, during the worst crisis, the best that can be done would be to remain where God has placed us, and preserve in fervent prayer "

So what hes saying, this providence, is like God has left the earth to itself.... Since God as a matter of faith, withholds every breath we take, also its as if God is leaving the world in darkness of mind before antichrist coming.....

and I know all to well what darkness of mind is compared to beng filled with God, I have literally felt the difference...

This is a matter of opinion, but I do believe we are in the great confusion now, since sin gets mocked, people dont believe in sin, people glorify in sin, and its because satan enters the mind of people who sin and blinds their understanding.....

I have more coming up soon, I think thats the last one about the confusion upon earth....


posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 04:11 AM
alright I think I got the confusion out the way, I truly hope you understand what hes saying that the confusion comes fter the sinfulness, the age of unchastity and wickedness, because satan enters a soul and blinds understanding ad causes confusion to what sin is and so forth....

You know the ones who say, I can still sin and be good, what is sin anyways. basically its pride speaking but trus me, from experience and being hospitalized, you cant (breath) without Gods sustaining hand.

so he lets this pride go on in souls becase they will not humble themselves out.....

Now this prophecy is very true, notice how he mentions virtues being (overcome)...

Apocolypse of Thomas

" Hear thou, Thomas, the things which must come to pass in the last times: there shall be famine and war and eartquakes in divrs places, snow and ice and great drought shall there be, ad many dissensions among the peoples, (blasphemy), (iniquity), eny and villiany, indolence, (pride), and intemperance, so that every man shall speak that which (pleaseth) him. And my preist shall not have peace among themselves, but shall (sacrafice) unto me with deceitful minds..................

stop there. They do this by giving out th new mass which is another long post in itself but it was helped formed by 6 protestants....and they removed many prayers that are needed

"therefore I will not look upon them. *Then shall the preist behold the people (departing) from the house of the Lord and turning unto the world, as well as transgressing in the house of God......The house of the Lord shall be desolate and her (alters) b abhorred. The place of holiness shall be corrupted, the preisthood (polluted), distress shall increase, **virtues** shall be overcome.....


you can see this in the promotion of gluttony, envy, hatred, (pride), arrogance, unsimplicity, and lust.... This is so true..

" Joy perish, and gladness depart. In those days evils shall abound: there *shall be respectors of persons*, hymms shall cease out of the house of God......


I think the vatican has removes chants from the churches and replaced them with guitars since the V2 in the 60s, the start of the council of freemasonry...

" truth shall be no more, covetousness shall abound among the preist, an upright man shall not be found. And they shall vindicate for themselves many things "

" Grey hairs shall be seen upon boys, and the young shall not give place unto the aged. After that shall arise another King, *a crafty man*, who shall hold rule for a short space: in whose days there shall be all manner of evils, even the death of the race of men from the East unto Babylon. And thereafter death and famine and sword in the land of Chanaan even unto Rome. * Then shall all te fountains of waters and wells boil over and be turned into blood. The heaven shall be moved, the stars shall fall upon the earth, the sun shall be cut in half like th moon, and the moon shall not give her light....

remember God made two lights, the Sun and the Moon for a nightlite..

" There shall be great signs and wonders in those days when the antichrist draweth near. These are the signs unto them that dwell in the earth. In those days the pains of great travail shall come upon them. Woe unto them that build, for they shall not inhabit. Woe unto them the break up the Fallow, for they shall labor without cause. Woe unto them that make marriages, for unto famine and need shall they beget sons. Woe unto them that join house to house, and feild to feild, for all things shall be consumed with fire. Woe unto them that look not unto themselves while time alloweth......

meaning convert, search for God ect..

" for hereafter shall they be condemned forever. Woe unto them that shall turn away from the poor when he asketh "

remember that antichrist will promote sins and selfishness, he will give people what they want, which is things, entertainment and sins...

so tie that into the confusion...

since nobody believes in sin anymore or virtues, alot dont, then when God chastises this world for living without its creator and follwing the devil in human form who hates all your guts.....

who gets the blame?

we do. we will getthe blame for Gods chastisement and his return, and it will be sort of the same thing as the build up of blaming the Muslim extremist and their crazy views... we will be put in the same category.

The difference is, they take false judgements in their own hands, and (innocent) Christians are just peacfully waiting Gods return to put an end to this mess.. and the wars.....

yet they will bill (us) terrorist for no reason and antichrist will get everybody to go along with it, and wait till you see the prophecies coming up how he will torture us......

remember if you take this mark, I dont know if its a chip or whatever, but you will basically have whatever you want, it will be like the age of everybody hiting the lottery...... free everything, but not over consumption to the point of running outof goods.

what a temptation this will be to people who love money and good, stuff you are not taking out of this earth with you, its just your soul leaving.. Nothing goes with you..

Its going to be a great test for souls who might starve to death without this chip or whatever it is...

Ill have more later, and I appretiate atheist or pagans who dont believe in this, please let me finish this post. You can think this stuff is crazy all day long, just do it mentally...

God Bless.

posted on Feb, 2 2008 @ 01:34 AM
This is a pretty long one.. Its from St. Hippolytus.

St Hippolytus (235) AD.

" And I inquired about the forth beast. It is to the forth kingdom, of which we have already spoken, that he here refers: that kingdom, than which no greater kingdom of like nature has risen upon the Earth; from which also ten horns are to spring, and to be apportioned among ten crowns. *And amid these another little horn shall arise, which is that of Antichrist. And it shall pluck by the roots the three others before it; that is to say, he shall subvert the three kings of Egypt, Libya, and Ethiopia, with the view for aquiring for himself universal domination. And after conquering the remaining seven horns, he will at last begin, *(inflated)* by a strange and wicked spirit, to stir up war against the saints, and to persicute all everywhere, with the aim of beng glorifed by all, and being worshipped as God..

There shall be a time of trouble. For at that time there shall be great trouble, such as has not been from the foundation of the world, when some in one way, and others in another...........* shall be sent through every City and Country to destroy the faithful*; and the saints shall travel from the West to the east, and shall be driven from persicution from the east to the south...

Notice how it says from the West first, which is over here america, you can see that movement in this country.....

" while others shall conceal themselves in the mountains and caves; and the abomination shall war against them everywhere, and shall cut them off by Sea and by land by his decree, and shall endevour by every means to destroy them out of the world.....

you guys will get your wish, but realize its a lying phony satanic idiot you will be following, a piece of spit is more worthy then him to exist....

": and they shall not be any longer able to sell their own property., nor to buy from strangers, ***** unless one keeps and carries with him the name of the beast******

stop. thats a revelatin to me, I never seen that before, you decide for yourself how he just described the mark.....

" Or bears its mark upon his forehead. For then shall they be driven out from every place, *and dragged from their homes and haled into prison, and punsihed with all manner of punishment, and cast out from the whole world "

stop.. Now you know why it will be so easy? Because when God chastises the world we get the blame andget billed terrorist.... (everybody) will go along with antichrist just about.... because sin is no more nor evil, and people are in paradise today without God...and in sin...

" These shall awake to everlasting life. That is those who believe in the true life, and who have their names written in the book of life "

STOP. Now you will see certain SONGS that make fun of the book of life. First of all God gives us every chance to mae our own salvation, its our choice, but he knows who will make it and not, yet we dont so we have to strive becuase we make our own choices.....

just because God has a book doesnt mean we dont seal ou own destiny....

" And these to shame, that is, those who are attatched to antichrist, and who are cast with him into everlasting punishment. An they that shall be wise shall shine. And the Lor has said the same thing in the Gospel: Then shall the righteous shine forth as the Sun "

This guy Hippolytus has much more but im too tired now, ill finish it later..


posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 02:02 AM
Continue with Hippolytus 235 ad..

" He will call together all people to himself, out of every country of the dispersion, (making them his own), as if they were his own children, and promising to restore their country and establish again their kingdom and nation, in order that he may be worshipped by them as God "

Remember though guys, he will follow after women, God cant be attracted to his own creatures, there is one thing to use against him...

since he will move mountains out of place and stop rains and so forth, you have to be armed, its going to take (everything) to kep the faith..

remember the trintiy on the body also... spread this stuff...

" Then the lawless one , being (lifted) up in heart, will gathertogether his (demons) in (mans) form, and will abominate those who call him to the kingdom, and will pollute many souls. For he will appoint princes from among the demons. And he will no longer seem to be Pious, but alltogether and in all things he will be harsh, severe, passionate, wrathful, terrible, inconsistant, dread, morose, hatefuly, abominable, savage, vengful, iniquitious....................................Under the eye of spectators he will (remove mountains) from their places, he will walk (on the sea) with dry feet, he will bring down fire from heaven, ****he will turn the day into darkness, and the night into day****, he will turn the sun about wheresever he pleases, and in short; in the presence of those who behold him, he will show all the elements of earth and sea to be subject to him in the power of his specious manifestations. At that time when he shall come in his own proper person, and men shall see him as he is in reality, what machinations and deciets and delusions will he not bring into play, with the purpose of seducing all men, and leading them off from the way of truth, and from the gate of the kingdom? "

Notice the things this man said he will do, move mountains turn night to day.... Its going to take incredible faith to not follow him.... gullable souls will follow anything that seems incredible.... Satan can do whats in nature, but hes limited and cant do suprnatural, he cant do miracles, but whats in nature he can do, God gave him some power, and God allows this because of our sins...

Also notice the demon in human form ministers...

When some one lets satan in, they become more and more possesed.. If you have ever seen certain people who are just ruthless, hatefulll, vicious, not themselves, just harsh they have alot of spiritual issues and those type have let Satan into their souls..

antichrist will have ministers like this but worse.... Im not talking about jut getting aliitle steemed, im talking about all out possesion and pure hatred.. and violence ill temperedness always.....

I have one more part from Hippolytus and its about the food problem and mark coming up..


posted on Feb, 13 2008 @ 03:11 AM
This one is from a rev. who wrote a book entilted history of antichrist of whom prophecies hes studied over the years....

Rev. P. Huchede

speaking of later days..

"Alas, it must be confessed that the advocates of error are on the increase; the number of (depraved) characters becomes more and more numerous. And if the (state) of perversion continue for alittle while longer, antichrist may come, * For he will find the world prepared to recieve him and serve him * "

stop. You see what alot of this culutre in USA anyways is about, is this hardcore rebellious, money hungry, bad attitude, people thinking they are realist things on earth, arrogance..

He will fit (right) in. I mean literally. Look at some of the rappers, not all, but some, you can just seee the evil in them, and they are loved by the world... Im telling you hes going to have a cake walk, until God wipes his carcass off the face of the earth....


" Like our Lord, he will be brought up in obscurity; h will lead a hidden life until the time comes when he shall begin his public career. This assertion is founded on the words of Daniel 11-21 : And there shall stand up in his place one despised, and the kingly honor shall not be given him, and he shall come pivately and obtain the kingdom by fraud: According to tradition, he will be educated by magicians who will imbue his mind and heart from his very childhood with their doctrine and wicked principles; God neither depriving him of his liberty nor denying him sufficient grace, will suffer the Devil to tempt him and take possesion of him. St Anthony does not hesitate to say, that although he wil not be deprived of his guardian angel, nevertheless, all the angels efforts to do him good shll be paralysed by his obstinate persistency in evil. "

" Among his predominate vices, his satanic pride shall be especially conspicious. His malice will surpass the (combined) wickedness and all the evil doers gone before him. He shall attack almighty God and follow the lust of women "

and the thing about this is, since satan is a liar and lying is a commandment, he will fool everybody and be loved by eveybody and hes nomore than a lying idiot yet the world will give him honors...

Now this prophecy happens everywhere, even in this forum...

" By his decietful craft he will detatch the minds and hearts of all peoples from the religion of Jesus Christ. By his incomparable eloquence (ability to speak) he will represent Jesus as an imposter; he will attack his doctrins and institutions. After having weakened the faith of Christ in the hearts and minds of many, he will proceed to show that the law of Moses still prevails; he will re-establish the sabbath and all the legal observances; and he will invite all the jews to re-establish their nationality, after which he will declare himself to be the true Messiah; he will endeavor to prove his assertion from scirpture- he will declare hisdesign of rebuilding Jerusalem and the Temple and bringing the whole worl under his dominion. He will win the esteem and attatchment of mandkind by his urbane and unbounded kindness "

This goes on today.. now not everybody in this forum just flat out says Jesus is false. But some, arrogant fools, withoutknowing, say religion is fake and Jesus is not real... just out of nowhere to subdue their insecurities.

but I have sen a change in this forum as well, but still its everywhere, the complete hatred for Christ I see on the internet...


" St Anslem saysin his Elucidations that the Devils will (show) him all the money which is hid and all the mines of the precious metals, out of which they will have money minted for him. For all things obey money "

Satan will show him where the hidden gold in the earth will be and he will be incredibly rich.....and he will entice us with materialism, thats why technology keeps getting stronger and why this is the age of materialism.....

" During this time (end time) he will have (full liberty) to attack the Church and use every artifice (even goofy movies) possible for its destruction, according to Damascus.. Antichrist will be his (satan) s most docile agent, wonderfully adapted to seduce the people. "

this last one is about miracles...

" The Devils are able to do things which are impossible to man, yet their deeds are miracles relatively and not absolutely, since it does not belong to the province of any created being to perform a miracle properly so called; this requires the intervention of divine power, which belongs to God alone. Consequently, of this latter order of miracles antichrist will perform none, although some of his prodigies, such as raising the dead to life, which he will seem to do, must have all the appearences of true miracles "

alot of the prophecies say he will move mountains out of place, change dark to day, change laws, false raise the dead, yet after the spectacle is over the body stays dead. It will be a possed dead soul having demons move the body...

Yet he will use every means to fool the human race and will suceed and we are in for one ride..

I got more later.


posted on Feb, 24 2008 @ 06:29 PM
This prophecy is very important, because it shows that God will give light to the minds of alot of Christians near the end times to fight off the mouth of fools....

So you souls are called to fight this satanic age and God will give you the grace and wisdom to do so....remember Satan is smart, but hes a liar.. so hes just trying to use his cunning smarts to fool people without any sincerity since everything he says is false...

History of Antichrist

" God will impart greater light to the minds of his faithful servants; he will fortify their wills and give a patience which st john eulogizes in the apoc.... " here is the patience and faith of the saints " . The holy scriptures will form the impregnable rampart of the Church. They will be her first and greatest defense (when antichrist comes) against all the artifices of the impostor, for in them will be found the predictions and explainations of all that will then take place in the world; whence, it is said that the true doctors (will understand the mysteries) of these latter times, while the impious will fail to (understand) them.....

stop. like the trintiy on the body....

" being carried away by the torrent of their impiety. "Many shall be chosen and be made white, and shall be tried as fire, and the wickedly shall deal wickedly, * and none of the wicked shall understand*.( Daniel 12:10). God who never fails to raise up men equal to the wants of the times- apostles burning with zeal, martyrs endowed with undaunted courage, doctors whos learning and erudition vindicated truth in all its beauty- will raise up at this critical juncture a vast number of extroardinary men, adorned with all the noble qualities and virtues of all the saints of preceeding ages.

" Who are we " exclaims St Augustine, " compared to the saints and the faithfull of those latter times , who shall be called on to resist the attacks of an enemy (unchained), whom we can but feebly resist while he is yet in chains? " . They will certainly be far and away more illustrious than their fathers in the faith. For the first martyrs had to content only against the satellites of the demon, while they will be victorious over the son of perdition. What praise, what crows of glory shall be awarded them by the Lord!

ill have more later, it jsut take so long I dont feel like I want to keep posting......

Btw you souls have to watch for people in music who make music thats denies God.. many songs have subliminal or even outright lies about especially Jesus being forsaken by God..

many songs will be antichristian so watch it, just read the lyrics closely and you will see what I mean......

and this goes back to the point that st Paul said..

" Fools that blapsheme everything they (dont understand) "

for instance... (why has thou forsaken me)

thats in the 21st Psalm, God was going over it because its a mystery of faith that all saints will have to go over the dark night of the soul where God abandones them for a time.......

and so, you see people instead of trying to undertsand why God said that, blapsheme it or make something out of it that its not...

There was a group called system of a down... and you know the song

" self ritious suicide "

you see, only fools can make music like this without searching for deeper meaning to why he said what he said...

pray for those people, those wretches need it beyond measure. But you will see this more and more, and more... in popular music.

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posted on Mar, 21 2008 @ 08:53 AM
I am updating this soon.

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 05:55 PM
Ok, heres one from 300 ad.. It's a pretty basic one, but it shows you Satan is in control of money and can give the ultimate power to who he wishes, and many sell their souls over green paper which is ridiculous..

St. Ephrem 375 A.D.

" When antichrist begins to rave the Jews will doubt is he is really the Messiah. He will then remove the Jews from office and treat many of them worse then the Christians. * Antichrist will use worldy goods as bait. He will entice many Christians with money and goods to apostasize. * He will give them free land, riches, honor, and power. * The Devil will help him find all the hidden treasures of the World, even those at the bottom of the oceans... With those treasures he will attain greater success for the reign of Satan than at any time in past centuries "

So what he's going to do is bait souls with materialism, and this is why we have had this burst of technology as of late lets say in the last decade specifically, and it will be hard to denounce what he will give you if you put your happiness in things alone...

Many will fall to the goods he will give you and many Christians will be proved to be money hungry souls who will sell out to antichrist...

peace. more later..

posted on Mar, 27 2008 @ 06:47 PM
The happy thought that we need to keep in mind is that whatever prophesies may say about anti-christ, or whoever happens to be the enemy attacking us, personally, they all have him failing in the end.
That is the important thing to know.
We all will be tryed and hope and faith is what we need to get through them.
So, God wins and satan looses.
We may die in the proccess but we will be rewarded for our patience.

posted on Mar, 28 2008 @ 12:41 AM
jm dewey I agree...

Alot of this stuff is hard to understand..... and I truly hope people can understand what they are reading like the great confusion that is constantly talked about... I hope God gives people understanding in this time..

I got some more soon, I am on 300 ad..... I'll finish it later....


posted on Apr, 22 2008 @ 08:58 AM
updating soon, I am so lazy...........

posted on Apr, 30 2008 @ 01:10 AM
I will be updatingf soonnnn

posted on Jun, 3 2008 @ 02:59 PM
so i left off at 375 AD, remember what that prophecy said about materialism.. what is happening over in america is the rebirth of ancient Egypt all over again... Egyptians long long time ago knew how to make bateries and generate electricity.. and this is also why that Pyramid is on the dollar bill and the eye of Horus above it which is a satanic eye.. basically to represent big brother and indicate that this last age will be the age of materialism...


" The world will be faithless and degenerate after the birth of the antichrist.. Antichrist will be possesed by satan and be the illegitimate son of a Jewish womne from the East "

I cannot remember but there is a prophecy that said he will be born before 2,000.... so you can see how degenerate and ruthless this culture has gotten... antichrist when he comes will fit right in.. If gangster rappers fit in he will..

ST. BENEDICT... (543) AD...

" Durning the three and one half reign of antichrist, God will send Enoch and Elias to help the Christians.. In the last times the (Benedictines) will render the church the truest service and fortify many in the faith "

the website on my profile they are benedictines...

Ok the next seriies of prophecies are Mediaevil... times....


posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 01:24 PM
I am going to update this one real soon until I am done this book. use your knowledge to understand this post and what God is trying to say.

we are in this age of confusion right now.

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 06:48 PM
St Nennius

" The sea will come over Ireland seven years before the day of judgement "

I think he means Ireland will drown because God will perserve it under water.

Old French

" After the (trimumph) of the Church under a great Monarch and pastor Angelicus many will revert to a sinful life and hate Christ "

I think this is after the angelic pastor comes, the great pope of the end times.

St * Gregory the great ( 604 ) AD

" In those days, near the end, hardly a bishop, but an army of preist and two thirds of the Christians will join the schism "

this might mean vatican ll or another coming schism.

St Anslem (1109) ad

" antichrist will rule the world from Jerusalem which he will make into a magnificent city "

So what i think will happen very soon is you'll have nations rise against jerusalem like Russia and Iran, and then you will have a very intelligent man stop these wars and bring the world into a one world order and the micro chip and so forth.

St Hildegard (1179) ad

" the falling away from the faith preceeding antichrist is interpreted as meaning (a fide) from the pope "

which means the revolt that Timothy talked about when he said unless the revolt come first in 1500, even in 1100 it happened with orthodox.

" Antichrist will come from a land between (two seas) and will practice his tyranny in the East. "

BL Joachim ( 1202 )

" Towards the end of the world, the antichrist will overthrow the pope and usurp his sea "

this is already happening with them popes in there now who are freemasons.

St Anthony (1231)

" after the antichrist sells himself to the devil, he will no longer have a conscience or an angel "

more lkater, please forgive my spelling. I'm typing mile a minute here.

posted on Oct, 25 2008 @ 11:25 AM
St Cyril (1235)

" Fortells the fall of the church and papal throne "

It's because freemasons infest the hierarchy today and satan will literally sit in the throne of God, as the prophecy says that rome will lose the faith and become the seat of antichrist, but small numbers of catholic will be sedevecantist and withhold the faith underground.

John of the cleft rock (1340)

" This prince of liars will (swear) by the bible and pose as the arm of the allmighty, chastising a corrupt age "

" in the begginign he will work by cunning and crime. His spies will infest the whole world and he will become master of the secrets of the mighty. He will pay theologians money to show that his mission is from God "

" A (war) will give him the oppurtunity to show his true role. This war will not be a one he will wage against, but one in which within a fortnight invlove the whole world "

" Towards the year 2000 the antichrist will be made manifest "

Wow, if it's those two Htoo twins, the 12 year olds, then they gained notcie in 1999.

The prophecy of lasalett.

Ill have more later.

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