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do you think big pharm puts 'contaminents' in their scripts?

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posted on Jan, 28 2008 @ 01:09 PM
i have been thinking about this a bit more lately. we all know of some of the bs that goes on with big pharm and their patents and things like cost.

that said, who thinks that there are contaminent ingredients in there meds to make you more sick or cause other issues?

i have had chronic back problems for about 12 years now. surgery and all that.
i take a lot of vicodin and that has an ingredient that attacks the liver.
i recently started on another tyoe of med called zyprexa. on of the side effects are weight gain. i started this med 1 day before thanksgiving and i was 172 lbs and today i am 217 and gaining. another one of the side effects of another med i am on is an increased chance of diebetes.
now that can't be good with the one that makes you gain weight....

just been doing a lot of thinking and wondering for real, how much terrible # do these companies do? formulate meds that will lead to other problems and to other meds.......

i mean do they REALLY do that?????

posted on Jan, 28 2008 @ 01:25 PM
My advice is run, don't walk, to your phone book and find a homeopathic physician in your area. You really have nothing to lose, except all those prescriptions you're on and their debilitating side effects.

The main difference between homeopathic medicine and traditional (big pharma) medicine is philosophical. Homeopathic medicine treats the cause of illness. Traditional medicine treats symptoms-- which obviously is quite profitable since without treating the cause, the symptoms will go on forever. Chronic illness is profitable.

Find a good homeopathic physician as soon as possible.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 05:34 AM
If you are taking Zyprexa don't stop as you know what this is being prescribed for.
Many "natural" remedies ( cancer treatments for instance) are toxic, the hope is that the side effects of any medicine are less bad than the disease. The degree to which this is true is called the therapeutic index and is available for all curently released prescription meds..

For example paracetamol would not now be approved by the regulators because the therapeutic index (difference between doing good and not ) is not wide enough. You will kill yourself via a very slow and agonising death with a very low number (no I won't quote it).

Purity is one of the criteria for the release of any prescription med and you can use access via the freedom of info in the US to go look up what the required purity levels are: Go check them out they are commonly 99%.

The toxicity of meds also must be evaluated to include all known impurities beyond a certain (very low) % in the product.

So the answer is no they don't deliberatley put contaminants in products. They are there as a consequence of making it in the first place.

Hope this helps

Please keep taking the meds.....

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 05:55 AM
reply to post by Boondock78

I wouldnt know... However I do now that pain is a symptom, not a decease...
Do you know why you have developed cronical back problems?
Do you know what part of your body is disfunctional to create theese pains?
And would you consider hard work and more pain, to eventually ease the cronic pains instead of relying only to medicine?

The problem with medication of pain trouble, is that it's only focus, is to remove the pain... no focus on removing the course of the pain.
And I believe all unnatural medicine have sideeffects that can eventually leed to other types of sickness.

so yes... in a way they unintentionally formulate meds that will lead to other problems and to other meds...
When on medication for pain, you most also focus on removing the source of the pain, not unly the pain itself. its like the yin and yang of healthcare...

I hope you get better over time

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 06:11 AM
Big Pharma is as dirty as every other big business. New pharmaceuticals are just new ways to hook the population into the vicious circle of illness.

Chemo drugs should be illegal, but they aren't. Now why do you suppose that is? MONEY. People want to live. When your immune system has been wiped out you're not going to argue about paying 10k for a Neupogen stick.

I guess what I'm saying is medicine in general is as corrupt as everything else.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 06:36 AM
Big pharma is ruining this country and many others!!!! I daily take a liquid trace mineral(originating from an ancient plant named humic), one ounce a day. Costs about 40 cents a day and would recommend it to EVERYONE interested in health of the mind and body!! Also use it on cuts/burns etc..!! I also take a coral calcium cap every day which also has the trace mineral complex in it and there's a good reason coral is protected in the oceans. IT's the LIFEBLOOD of the ocean!!!!! Feel like it's double'd my endurance(professional caddy) and taken 99% of my discomfort away from torn rotator cuffs!! Could tell you about many many stories of friends and acquaintences have success with these natural products!!
Another thought-
colloidal minerals- 70+ minerals+++++++++
Science diet for dogs................40 minerals-sounds pretty scientific to me!!
Purina Rat Food for lab rats.......28 minerals-just enough to keep those rats running around while being tested with this months 6,547 new pharma cocktails!!
Baby formula, top of the line Pro-Soybee... only 12 minerals- It's never too early to get these kids sick enough so they need(lol) big pharma's 6,547 new chem cocktails!!! Peace and good health to all!!

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 07:15 AM
Pharmacy companies are not interested in curing your disease. There is no longer term profit in a cure. They only want to treat the symptoms, and if doing so gets you to start taking other drugs, they are getting 2 for the price of 1.

It is all about profit.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 07:52 AM
reply to post by Boondock78

Zyprexa is one of the worst anti-psychotics for creating weight gain even diabetes and liver problems. I like what Alex Jones says about people labeled psychotic, paranoid, depressed, and having mood disorders. If you have entered the relm of Alternative News about what goes on behind the scenes concerning the New World Order, you know deep down at your core there is something not right in the world that you interact with daily, or any kind of trauma you experienced in your past for that matter.. ie: divorce, family issues, losing someone dear to you, abuse etc. It is a normal response for the mind to experience, react and manifest as psychosis, paranoia, depression, anxiety, and mood disorders when experiencing these realizations of life.

As far as big Pharmaceutical giants putting chemical agents in pills, food, and water to break other parts of the body down so that you need more medicines. Yes...i do believe they design these pills that way. Dont get me wrong, there are some great pharmaceuticals out there that really do help folks but they are few and far between.
See: "The secret covenant" to get an idea what we are all dealing with.

The medical industry +capitalism = a bad mix. They are nothing more than sales agents selling you health services and pills and would probably do anything to keep you sick because of the massive sums of money to be made.. That said..It makes sense that a Sick society is very profitable and a Well society would destroy that part of the economy ie:unprofitability. The thing that still baffles me is how the insurance agencies profit? You would think more sickness would wipe out the insurance companies so if anyone has any input on that, id be interested to know.

My own experience with the pharma/health industry
Example: Depakote is used as an anti-seizure medication and is also used for bipolar disorder. I was on that medicine, gained a ton of weight, and Im convinced today it is what gave me a condition called Paroxsymal Atrial Fibrilation (basically an irregular heart beat) The insert says this is a side effect yet doctors will argue with you til they are red in the face that the medicine doesnt cause this. So now i have to take a pill that is $185.00 for a month supply to regulate sinus rhythm in my heart.

Oh yeah I cant sleep now without the help of a 25mg pill of seroquel
where as before I would sleep like a baby before being diagnosed with bipolar and the meds began being introduced to my physiological system.

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