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My thoughts on LIFE! What is yours!

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posted on Jan, 28 2008 @ 12:14 PM
Well hard for anyone in this world to truly understand life and what will happen to us when we die, since no one can ever be sure till we die we can never have any actual proofs! So we need to come up with the most plausible and realistic perspective on this.

My personal belief is that life exists after death without a doubt, not that we are more special (cause we're not), it's just the way all living things go through the same exact process.

I believe we are all truly an energy (consciousnesses) that is created somewhere in the universe, our purpose as a soul is to consistently evolve, it's what we are truly passionate about! An example of that is our "curiosity" we ALL have that, use it in good/bad, but we can't deny the fact it's part of our nature.

Since our purpose is to evolve, we find vehicles (body/planets) to experience new things. We start as a particle, bacteria, molecule , plants, insects, animals, humans, aliens, multimedia beings, comets, stars, planets, galaxies and beyond. These are just experiencing life in what those vehicles limitations are, for example as humans we can't just fly, so we need to come up with a unique way to create a machine to fly that is an evolution to itself.

Every time we enter a body we have to deal with their limitations, some of the limitations is blocking of our past memories, cause simply we couldn't live here if we truly knew where we come from. Life is not written in stone and you are literally effecting the world around you every moment you think, but before we accept a body to explore life in we have certain objectives (becoming more emotional, helping others, learning about people, etc... things we did not finish in our past lives) if we fail to learn any of this by the time we die, by choice we come back to this life again in future, in different body, same objectives.

Once we accomplish all of our objectives in these certain vehicles we move up (for humans next step maybe aliens, a higher intelligent more evolved spiritually, even they are in consist evolution of self discovery). Once we die (rebirth in our true lives) we instantly remember everything from the first moment of our creation, since the concept of time does not exist in our true world (Different dimension of the universe).

Now here's the magic, think about it, we ALL come from somewhere yet we all born with such unique personalities that's the trace of our past lives and our true selves. You can see that at very young age. Life always has an end to it so we can return to our true selves and reflect on lessons learned and decide to come back for more or move up to a higher beings. In rare situations we even go back into lower level of evolution to help others evolve. That's what we refer to as an OLD soul.

How do we know what path we're moving on, towards our objective? It's simple, but takes trust in yourself and practice, but we should ALWAYS listen to our intubation (gut feeling) about things and be absolutely open to ANY ideas (not saying accept them, but open to questioning life as the truth lies in the questions not the answerers), be real to YOURSELF and don't live in a denial, do what YOU thinks is right not others and finally create a world for yourself where you feel at peace with the universe (planet, trees, animals, and even other human).

You'll feel a spark go off inside of you overnight, it's a feeling of shift in your soul (feeling tiny vibrations in pit of your tommy). That's how you know you're going on the right path. Don't forget sweet isn't sweet, without sour all things happen for a reason so that you can create your own path.

Hope this helped a bit, sorry about ranting but that's my perspective on life and after life. The true question is this life just an illusion or is it really happening? Life is much, much more then what we can imagine! Like to hear what YOUR thoughts are on this!


PS. My first post, not sure if I posted in a right category!

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