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A little thing called nature...that all life depends on...

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posted on Jan, 28 2008 @ 05:55 AM
Things we take for granted, and yet know so little about, is the very primary factor, on witch human survival depends.
Therefore we should respect nature and live in harmony with it.

My question is simple but the answer may be hard...What are you doing to help save this planet?

Here is a little something about nature, not complete in any way, but rather a piece of the total picture...


The protector and lungs of the earth. The giants of earth, protecting the diversity of life all around them.
Once so widely spread all over the earth and now disappearing faster than ever...

To name a few functions of the forest and trees, would be that they:
- makes habbitant for many different animals and plants
- in many cases, is the habbitant for natural springwater, and in higher altitudes, many times the primary reason, for natural springwater to reach the surface
- provides shade to cool the earth, to make the soil absorb water better, and helps to raise the groundwater
- provides shade for natural rivers and streams to help them cool down
- cleans the air, with their absorbation of CO2
- helps to prevent erosion of the earth, and in that way counteracts landslides
- helps to protect the soil against hard winds, to avoid earth and dust storms
- provides us with wood for houses, furniture, paper and fuel source
- provides humans and animals with various types of fruit like apples, peers, plums, berries, oranges, bananas, etc. etc.
- lets us experience many different shapes and colors
much more can be said of trees...

The bringer of life, the blood of the earth, the big blue that have spawned the life on earth, and the
continues carrier of nutrients to all its creations, what a joy of life itself.
Once so clean, cold and free flowing, now continuesly poluted, hot and restricted in movement...

To name a few functions of oceans/riwers/springs and streams would be that they:
- provides drinking-water to all life in need of it
- provides us with energy thrue hydropowerplants, steam engines, etc. etc.
- carrier of nutrients to Humans, animals, agriculturel fields, forest, marshes, coral reefs, plants, etc. etc
- is habbitant for all kinds of marine animals from the smallest of alge to the bluewhale
- is hunting ground for many non-marine animals like seals, bears, birds etc. etc.
- can combine itself with almost every other element of the earth and air, are infact the best "disolvent" on earth
- provides us with water to wash ourselfs, our clothes, cars, houses, furniture
- provides us with ice, being one, if not the only one, able to form a structure of less mass when cooled, to be able to flow ontop its own surface
- Is a key factor in weather patterns and the changing of seasons, thrue its everflowing currents around the globe, both cold and warm
- water is a dipole, because the oxygen have a higher electron negativity than hydrogen, making it negativ charged where as the hydrogen is positive charged.
this makes watermolecules attract to eachother, aswell as different types of polarity molecules and this is called hydrogen-bonding.
- water is forever changing in temparature, structure, form, energy and composition...H2O is merely distilled water molecules.
much more can be said of water...

Mother, carrier of life in all its colors and diversities it is within, apon and around the earth all life as we know it exists.
The earth is the holder of all materials we need, to live and create the multiple items and accesories we use.
Once so pure, loose and renewable, now so poluted, hard and degradable...

To name a few functions of the earth would be that it:
- provides us with all kinds of materials, from the smallest stone to the largest diamonds
- is the cradle for life, water, nature, animals and all things
- provides the soil in witch we can plant seeds of every croop we wish to harvest
- is a "treasure chest" filled with nutritions to provide growth and life
- provides us with the different soils, from mouldy earth to deserts sands
- earth is negatively charged and the soil provides the insulation to the positive charges above it
much more can be said of earth...

The carrier of breath and wind to all living things. The invisible force in witch the birds fly high, sounds travel and the rain comes thrue.
Once so clean and cold in constant healthy rotation, now so hot and poluted with an overflow of harzardous movement

To name a few functions of the air would be that it:
- Provides us the oxygen needed to sustain life
- Provides the wind to take the leafs of the trees, returning them to earth
- Provides us the medium in witch to fly
- air is positively charged
much more can be said of air...


The foundations for all life are being destroyed...Please respect and live in harmony with nature!

My hope is that this thread will be filled with good adwise, as to how we can make a difference, so people will get inspired, to make a difference in their own life.

So...Back to the question, what are you doing to help save this planet?

---Continued ----

posted on Jan, 28 2008 @ 05:55 AM
here are some of the things I do:

I never buy any wooden product of poor quality, this is to limit the mono-forests being unnaturally grown with the purpose to be cut down.
I never buy cheap electronic or fabric consumer goods, like watches, toys, clothes etc. to limit the production of theese useless "throw-away"items
I never buy fast-food from clobal corporation companies, this is to limit the cutting down of the rainforest to provide fields for soyaproduction.
I never buy fish from global corporation companis, instead I catch them myself or buy them locally
I buy as much ecologicaly crown food as possible, to limit the pesticedes and artificial fertilizers ruining our waters
I plant atleast 1 tree in my garden or in the local forest every year, to make up for the wood I have used in the past year
I never buy a plastic bag or items made of plastic, this is to limit the production of plastic witch is an unnatural element.
I limit my waterusage, to save this scarse resource
I limit my energy usage, to limit the polution caused by producing energy from fossil fuel, coal etc. etc.
I envolve myself in envioremental movements and freely help out in forests replanting projects
I never buy products from major global corporations, this is to limit their marketshare witch is presently to big
I encourage my community, family and friends to come out in nature and see the importance of it
I grow my own vegtables and fruits, witch are not only healthier but also limits the mass producing companies of the same food
I transport myself by foot or bicycle whenever possible, that means a 5 kilometer radius if time alows it, and it mostly does.
I buy most of my wearings used, in recycling centers, you will be amazed what people throw out...and you save tons of money
I sort my carbage to make sure that paper metal and glass gets recycled
I try to make meals the correct size that is needed, to feed our family without wasting food and throw remains away
I donate to charity systems, witch focus on making people in third world countries self sustainable

This is just some of the things i do as a natural way of life.
When you start this lifestyle it becomes a habbit very soon and you know you make a difference!

posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 05:36 AM
a couple of years ago i made this thread and i believe today it is more important than ever!

I would like you to reply what you do to change the state of the world, so other people including myself can be inspired.

posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 07:32 AM

i'm ashamed of myself after reading your posts.
but i'm proud of you!!!

what things do you do now, that you didn't do in 2008 when you originally posted this?


  • i think positive and send out positive love-vibes as much as possible - 99% of the time?!
  • i do not litter
  • i do not use Styrofoam
  • i reuse all packing materials
  • i use low wattage light bulbs
  • recycle aluminum cans (i'm going to improve on that, asap, to include the rest like glass, paper, etc.)
  • i try to use everything up to the last end possible - i try to give away and never throw anything away not totally defunct
  • i take VERY SHORT showers
  • i use a tankless water heater (newly installed)
  • i try to show my love for our Mother in my daily life in various ways - i spread the word that she is ALIVE and sentient
  • i sell really nice (imo) mother-earth-love type propaganda in my store
  • i light candles on my altar on her behalf
  • i do not kill bugs in the house - i re-locate them outside
  • i refuse to be an accessory to my mom's chemical murder of in-the-house insects - i will not buy that poison for her when i do the shopping!
  • i try to know just what is poison, or detrimental, to nature and not use it
  • no poison out in the yard, either
  • eat organic as much as possible and available
  • buy only cage-free eggs

i guess that's as much as i can scrape up and still be honest.

thank you for reminding us and inspiring me!

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