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My Alien and UFO dream (It was awesome)

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posted on Jan, 28 2008 @ 05:44 AM
Dreamt this a few weeks ago - wrote it down though because it was so vivid...

It started off being in a house receiving clothes as presents, as I went outside, I accessed a computer and all of a sudden all these UFO’s like the ones off Independence Day started attacking where I was, firing huge weapons at everyone below. I grabbed some sort of Plasma Bazooka and fired at the overhead UFO’s, hitting all of them with extreme precision. They would crash near me with huge explosions and crash into buildings people falling out screaming.

Airforce fighter jets would start taking off ground and I was transformed into a uniformed officer attacking the overhead the UFO’s. There were huge Silver Merger architectures everywhere. I landed on one and got out of the fighter jet, and all of the UFO’s were dropping bombs and destroying the Mergers.

This is where it gets interesting, I got blown up, huge explosion, like a nuclear bomb, and everything turned cartoon like/3D animation, and I started from accessing the computer again and the UFO’s starting attack again. The scenes repeated themselves but in 3D Animation/Cartoon like scenes.

I would get blown up again by UFO’s firing and I would start off again, this time, the scene changing to me having Super Human powers and being able to fly, overlooking the city and seeing the devastation below from the attacks.

Some small other details of others showing off their superhuman abilities but that’s about it for the dream.

What'd ya all think?


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