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The alleged Picture Of A Real Eben

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posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 01:07 AM
Do keep in mind though.
Just because it's brownish and the story says it's old, it doesn't mean someone can't just open up photoshop and throw a sepia filter and some other tweaked filters over it.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 01:09 AM

Originally posted by dgtempe


My first impression from looking at the picture is 'aborted human fetus'. [SNIP]

Mod Edit - removed unecessary remark.
Keep it clean Please.

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posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 04:09 AM
ur relatives must look really wierd i mean come on

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 07:51 AM
Hi. I can attest you that these photos are real.

I need to make a statement that some of you might not believe....

I've been abducted...

I don't know why but after seeing this photo a few months ago somehow things
are starting to come back... I don't care if anyone doesn't believe me. This is the real thing.

I will write a new thread about my abduction if I had the time...

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posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 10:13 AM
I was abducted and forced to watch napoleon dynamite 50 times in a row which completely screwed up my brain and caused extreme memory loss of any of the details.

While I try to be open minded, the only reason I figure a creature that is supposedly light years ahead of us in technological advances would want anything to do with us would be for food.

I cannot even see them wanting to borrow our genetics to ensure their survival, because they would be using the wrong genetics for that too as evidenced.

So what gives? Do they pity us and want to help?

Maybe they come here for entertainment like we take our kids to seaworld or the zoo?

"hey mom, look at the stupid human getting intoxicated and ramming his car into a pole! that was great! make him do it again!"

I can't dispute the existence of alien life, because the probablility is just there, but to find what they would want with humans leaves me with no legitimate explanation other than pity, entertainment, or food. And if the reason was food, there would be no one coming back from an alleged abduction.

What we need at this point is to establish some credibility in these claimed alien interactions where they can be proven rather than everyone just speculating and saying "wow!".

What did they look like? what did their ship look like? Where did you go? what did they do to you?

I mean, it's not like I am calling people with these claims a liar because I'm not, but what is there to reinforce your story?

Everyone always has a claim, but nothing to back it up and with how many claims there are there has to be a few by probablility that have some kind of proof.

Let's see it!

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 10:41 AM
You know, if you look at evolution, the reason a being would have LARGE black eyes and a pasty looking flesh like that would be because they live in near total darkness.
What does this say about about where our Alien friends live? Inner Earth, Inner Mars?
I always wondered about those eyes, why theyre so big or if they are actually some kind of synthetic lens which gives them superior vision

Guess ill never know.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 11:03 AM

Originally posted by BobbyLazer
Hi. I can attest you that these photos are real.
I need to make a statement that some of you might not believe....
I've been abducted...

Well, that's all well and good, but how can you be absolutely sure that this particular photo is real, and not just something fabricated by somebody who has read about abductions? You might have had a real experience. Nobody has lived your life but you. But that doesn't necessarily mean this photo is real in any way.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 11:35 AM
Maybe we should ask Clifford Stone since he has now joined ATS recently. He might actually know if this is real or real close to the actual thing.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 11:55 AM
Why doesnt someone gather up all these photos of aliens/ufos and present them to the people who have claimed to actually have seen them. That way we can verify if this is exactly what they saw, if its kinda close or if it's way off the mark. It would be interesting to see how many abductees say this is an identical match to what they saw. Of course it all depends on if they are telling the truth or not, but it would be an interesting test.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 12:28 PM
As convincing as some photos etc. may be to some, there are always others who could probably reproduce these effects or even manipulate them in order to discredit them.

Since many so called aliens are reportedly into genetics and timely spaceflights, they might also be using different bodies, possibly created for long space flights or to hide their true identity.

Some stories have suggested their ability to take over other life forms etc.
It would seem that the most skeptical will almost always claim fraud of some type. I seriously doubt that you'll find absolute proof on the internet or other similar media. If there was anyone to be allowed to fully disclose this reality...........who would you pick? Maybe a well know skeptic?

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posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 12:29 PM

Originally posted by blvr5
It would be interesting to see how many abductees say this is an identical match to what they saw.

From what I understand, there's an odd inconsistency among reports from abductees. The critters they describe are kind of similar overall, but there are some very specific differences that make you wonder if they're really describing the same things. For instance, most of the possibly more "credible" descriptions of the Roswell entities were pretty clear that although they were small and had slightly bigger heads than regular human beings, they were more like small people, rather than the typical "grey." Likewise with the entities that abducted Betty and Barney Hill. They weren't greys either, but were noteworthy for their "wraparound" eyes. Not completely black and insect-like, though. Travis Walton described greys working with well-built blond, full-sized humans.

So there's a range of descriptions that range from pretty much human looking to more like the aliens in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," to something more like in the image, insect-like, with papery skin, huge black eyes.

That would tend to suggest that rather than just one alien species creeping around out there, there are quite a few. Which makes it even more difficult to understand why we haven't gotten good proof of any of them. Unless they're all working together to keep us more or less quarantined. Which is nothing but a supposition based on conjecture, and therefore not worth a damned thing.

The odd thing about the whole business is how humanoid the descriptions are, even with the variations. No walking trees, or crystals or giant brains or octopuses. If you're going to conjecture about the size of the universe and how many different types and shapes of intelligent life might be possible, the general tendency of aliens to be described as humanoid is curious.

Another bit of evidence to suggest that these things are time traveling humans, possibly genetically modified or robotic, rather than "aliens."

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 12:44 PM
The one thing that makes this particular model of proposed alien life form unbelievable to myself is the physiology of the thing, c'mon there is no muscle mass to support the head, does it wander around with its head on its shoulder.
What sort of genetic trait would allow a creature to evolve that couldn't support its own brain.

Now i know some of you wil say, its home planet must have a lower gravity requiring less muscle to support its weight, in that case then why is'nt it 12ft tall, or better still it definatly would'nt be able to walk about on our world.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 01:19 PM
reply to post by RancidCat

Just a thought

I dont think gravity is the defining factor that dictates how tall a life form is going to be. Just look at life here, we have life ranging in height from giraffes to rats.

Also, just like their ships defy our laws of physics, there is nothing saying that they couldnt apply a sort of field around their body to help it adjust to our gravity and environment.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 01:20 PM
reply to post by RancidCat

Although that may seem obvious, just look at the anatomy of birds also.

Just because it's head seems too heavy for it's body, doesn't mean it weighs as much as it appears.

It's not like we have a forensic report.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 01:29 PM
Their heads don't make sense to the gravity of this earth, maybe they die once they fully emerge in our plane of reality that is why they never appear solid. Maybe abductions are of the spiritual realm rather than physical, they never stay solid long enough even their UFOs become transparent and disappear.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 01:54 PM
I am certain that this photo is legitimate because I too have been abducted and these are indeed the creatures who are doing this. After I had been abducted several times , I resolved that I had to come back with some proof of it or I would be ridiculed as a tinfoil hatter if I came forward with my story. I swiped a book during my last abduction several months ago and have been working very hard to decipher the language, which is difficult because of the "alien" nature of the text and the lack of any sort of "Rosetta Stone" to help me. I have in the past few days been making serious headway in the translation and I would like to share this information with everybody here at ATS before I go public. Here is what I know so far:

This book appears to be a manual for advanced scouts known in their language as "Qah - Uhks" and this book is made of a material similar to a laminated page ring binder . We are one of five races that this team is "preparing" for contact.

The five races are the Humans, the "Bah - Eife", the "Tchiqenn"(which seems to be more than one species as some are described as having a full skeleton and others as having absolutely no bones or skin at all and actually live in a frozen state) , the "Paourke", and another race that according to the book is actually living in Earth's oceans known as the "Phaeish" (Atlantans maybe?)

The book is divided into sections for each race and has tables in each section apparently describing gifts of technology for each race which they refer to as "Dischez" which they believe will make their contact more palatable for the contacted races.

The formulas for these "Dischez" includes similar gifts to be given to some of the races some of which include:

"Blaqque Pehp-herr" "Buhder" "Tsahlt" "Stugh- Phing" and "Bhaa Dher". and a substitute for petroleum known as "Ahl Livv" oil.

Desertification seems to be a widespread problem and there is a seperate chapter at the end of the book with solutions for "Desserts" as they call them which according to them are easy to fix using a substance they call "Shuh - Garre".

Their leader, or at least the the one in charge of the "Qah - Uhks", is called "Bah-Ehddie Qra - Qerr" is very old and has apparently compiled many of these manuals over the years.

With all of the wonderful gifts the "Qah - Uhks" have to give us I think a new age of enlightenment will ensue that am sure will be consumed with great delight by all !

P.S. I am sure the deniers will be steamed and cook up many ways to claim that the translation of this "Qah - Uhk" book which I have so carefully boiled down, is Half-Baked.

Stay Tuned : The grays are ready to implement this recipe to serve humans very soon!

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posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 02:22 PM
reply to post by ItsHumanNature

I believe the book you are talking about is called "How to serve man" a great cook book from I believe the mid 1960's.

Now of course I think we all know how hard it is to detect sarcasm online, but you may want to make sure the folks know you're joking around.

Black Pepper, Salt, Butter, stuffing...very clever, but possibly not the best forum to joke around in.

You may want to start a blog or podcast here on ats where I believe material like this would be really appreciated...again it is quite clever and funny.

But in the future and while we loves our humor around here, perhaps not such a big joke post.

Okie doke?



posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 02:31 PM
reply to post by Spiderj

I apoligize spider- and also to anyone who may have been offended- I couldnt resist. However, the "photo" here is fake anyways- it is actually a cropped still from a discovery channel "documentary" about Roswell.
P.S. "To Serve Man" is a Twilight Zone episode .

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 02:36 PM

Originally posted by ItsHumanNature
I am certain that this photo is legitimate because I too have been abducted and these are indeed the creatures who are doing this.

Again, unless you personally took the photo during your abduction, I don't see how it's possible for you to say that it's legitimate. So it looks like the kind of alien you claim to have seen. Fine. But can you say for certain that this specific photo is legitimate? Do you personally know this critter by name? Can you show us his I.D.?

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