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The Comicspiracy Against Truth

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posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 04:58 PM
I realize it's a broad topic.. but I wanted to comment on something I've noticed being molded before our eyes.

Anyone notice how the BIG truth tellers of our times have had the profession of comedian?

I could give examples like George Carlin ..

but it seems all of them ..

it's as if somehow ... people who make observations out of the ordinary or people who are able to see patterns where others can't are TODAY labeled comedians or comics.. and people laugh at what they say... sure a lot of it is written that way... for the majority .. but some comedians like Carlin say some things... things that really paint the truth crystal clear.
Every comic has their moment when they write about something so true .. today we'd say "we just have to laugh"

but to me, its like we're all kind of crazy...
like as a whole we've all been made slightly insane...
like if you were to tell someone something so obvious and true and everytime you told them they just started laughing uncontrollably but you were being deadly serious... Like 'Don't put your face in that acetylene torch flame' and the crazy person just laughs uncontrollably and runs headlong into the flame....

to a degree I realize I'm blowing it out of proportion .. but we all do this, in mid-day conversation, at dinner time... all day long....

What response would we have though? ... if we didn't laugh? I don't think it would be a polar opposite ...
I think it may actually be one of the keys to us 'evolving' in a sense.. or rather maturing as a species.
Perhaps intelligible dialogs can come from some of our 'comical truisms' or the ability to perceive things in a different way so maybe something could be done..
It's kind of hard to explain what I mean.. I hope some people get it..
but I've seen many times where just laughing at something destroys any attempt at intelligently discussing it.


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