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There are plans within plans.

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posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 04:26 PM

First, we have the Official version of human history, with which we have been brainwashed in school - and which we see every day in the media:

Adam & Eve, Birth of Jesus, the WW2, the Kommunism, the 9/11, War on Terrorism, War in Iraq, First Man on the Moon, et cetera.

And then we have the Unofficial version of human history, as known from the Internet, New Age communities and conspiracy theories:

UFOs, Area 51, The Stargods, Atlantis and Lemuria, Grays and Reptilians, US using Alien Technology, DNA mutations, Ascention, 9/11 as an Inside Job, Communism and Terrorism as a tool of NWO, the real usage of RFID Chip and Verichip, Fake Moon landing, Hollow Earth, bases on the Moon, 2012, interdimensional travel, Illuminati, Bilderberg, the New World Order, The End Of The World, et cetera.

Now, I want you to think.

Either you're a Bluepill: you are asleep and you blindly believe in the Offcial version of human history.
Or you're a Redpill: you are awake and you believe in the Uonffcial version of human history.


Let's say that neither of these versions of human history are true. Let's say that while your attention is drawn to UFOs, Area 51, preparing for the End Of The World and 2012, etc - let's say that they are all decoys to divert your attention from the real truth.

If movies like the Zeitgeist Movie had some real truth, they would never have made it to the Internet and public. If Alex Jones had some real truth, he would have been put away and silenced a long time ago. If the ATS forums and its content were posing a real threat to exposing the truth, the ATS would have been silenced a long time ago. And so on.

Think about it. There are always plans within plans.

If you have a secret, you would keep it in a publically known Very Very Top Secret Freemason building? The Freemasons, for example, are known for being so hush hush, be in connection with the Illuminati, etc. The public expects them to have secrets.

If you had an extraterrestrial biological entity, would you really keep it in the military base that is publically known as the Very Very Top Secret Military Base That Has Aliens?


And that is my point exactly.

There are extraterrestrial biological entities on this planet right now as you read this.
There are interdimensional portals on this planet right now as you read this.
There are things you would never have dreamed of on this planet right now as you read this.

But they are not in Area 51.
They are not in the Illuminati.
They are not in Bilderberg Group.

All these and more are decoys. To divert your attention from the real truth.

The media wants you to look in one direction, the conspiracy theories want you to in the other direction.

I want you to think for yourselves.

While your attention is kept to "unlocking secrets" and discussing conspiracy theories, while you think that you are doing a great progress, the real truth is hidden somewhere else, somewhere away from your attention. But you are not searching for it, because your attention is locked on generally known conspiracies.

And while we believe that we are somehow better than the Bluepills, that we are more enlightened and awake, when we fight or disagree on our conspiracy theories - we are acting exactly upon the Illuminati/NWO/Whatstheirname's plans. Because their plans are to divide and conquer. And what is better way to destroy a nation than making them destroying each other?

You can agree with me or not. It is not important. It is the message that matters, not the messenger.

I want you to think. I want you to remember that there are plans within plans.

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