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My prophetic dreams

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posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 03:35 PM
I have been having strange and possibly prophetic dreams only for about 2 years now but it is easier to remember one which may intrest you is one of my more earlier ones now I'm not that religious and neither are my parents so I dont know where this came from but I remember it was very late at night and I get woken up when I hear a chanting coming from outside I go to check it out and everyone who lives beside me are all in the streets on thier knees praying I go over to wear my parents are and I notice a big golden cross in the sky that covers the entire sky so I'm guessing it would be seen by the rest of the world but the centre is right above me my mum pulls me down still praying and makes me pray to but I feel like it's false and that it's not really god but more like someone posing as god the dream kinda gets cut off when I decide to stand up and I am smothered in light another one is of total chaos all across the globe mainly in central America but I remember the sky is like a reddish/orangy type colour like it was morning and there is a giant man walking around and fighting a bunch of people which I cant make out all I remeber is that there were about 3-5 people fighting this man and one of them had snow white hair the man had a red hood and very pale skin also it looked like he had black tattoos all over I'll post some more later on but first tell me what ya think
thanks for reading


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