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My theory why Gravity is wrong

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posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 09:57 PM
reply to post by johnsky

Wow Johnsky, parallels indeed!

Your ideas on positive and negative quantities are intriguing. It helps break it down to a more simple explanation.
In my first revision, I classified the differences as + and -, but in electrical terms . It did not seem correct to make the states electrical. So I generalized it and called it referenced energy (which appears bloated and hard to understand.)

In your theory you describe how when matter passes through the black hole it would be canceled by the opposite matter. I concur with this idea. The particles would naturally want to slam into one another as they pass through.
would you go as far to label the opposite matter as antimatter?
could they have the same effect as antimatter when they collide?

These are just some thoughts and questions on this, I will be contemplating your ideas further and will have more later.

I am looking forward to reading the rest of your theory and future collaboration.

Thank you for your response, and your thoughts.

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posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 10:12 PM

Originally posted by Fada126
as in its felt by everything on the other side of the black hole?then wouldnt the reverse be true for our dimension?is that what your saying, and if your were able to see or even imagine what 4d looks like you wouldnt be human!sorry to burst your bubble!
Or are you one of them Reptillians??????????????I wonder!

Yes that would be true for our dimensional universe. Both universes have equal effect on each other. Universe #1 attracts Universe#0, Universe #0 attracts Universe#1.

SHH..... I am here on a work visa, don't tell David Icke

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posted on Jan, 30 2008 @ 03:35 AM

Originally posted by buddhasystem
It's pretty simple to devise "alternative" theories that don't contain any math. This way, you are not bound to demonstrate how the new theory matches experimental data, whether it is internally consistent, and you can dispense with demonstrating its predictive power. I mean, I can claim that theory of gravity is wrong and that the candidate black holes are not such at all, but in fact are emplacements of imperial space army of supreme being Zmorrg, who himself resides in the center of a massive neutron star. You can't prove me wrong.

Yes they can prove you wrong, black holes are no longer a theory as they have been observed, observed eating stars, observed passing through stuff, observed just sittin there,well as much as something that obsorbs light can be observed, but htey use false colour images to get a look at em me thinks!

posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 10:08 PM
reply to post by 1freelectron

Yes, I daren't use the term anti-matter, because there is far too much speculation out there right now as to how anti-matter behaves. Bringing that term into the mix just opens too many doors in peoples minds for them to focus on the real theory.

So I like to refer to it as 'negative' or 'opposing' matter.

However, on the other plane of existence, it's not antimatter until it attempts to pass through to our side.
To the other side, it would be made of matter, and we would be the antimatter. You see, the - and + terms we apply to each universe are completely relative to each other. Each side would view the other as the negative side...

Now, earlier I mentioned that I do not presume that the two universes mirror each other.
However, if they did in fact mirror each other, it explains gravity perfectly.

The attractive forces between the + and - universes are far too great for either side to break from, hence in this scenario, earth on the other side, is exactly as it is on this side.

The Mass of an object on this side, occupying the same place as the twin object on the other side attract each other through the simple law of opposites attract.
If these objects were dense enough, the attractive forces would be so strong that they could literally collide by forming a bridge (black hole) between the two universes.

Now... say we are on +Earth. -Earth occupies the same space but on the twin plane... it may be possible that +Earth doesn't actually pull on +Moon through gravity... it may be that -Earth is having an attractive force on +Moon due to the same opposites attract law. But because +Earth and -Earth are locked in unison, it appears to the observer as though +Earth is attracting +Moon.

It's a theory for gravity at the least.

Either way, if the sister universe is the same, or has it's own completely separate 'design', one way, we understand exactly what gravity is, the other, we have a whole second universe to come to terms with.

I have another theory, completely unrelated, I won't give the math to it here... however, you are a person who may appreciate the short form...

Given the universe came into existence...
Means the universes start is not only possible, but definite...
Given that time is infinite...
Then all possibilities must come to pass through time...
The universe will exist an infinite number of times...
And everything that has happened to allow you to exist today, will happen an infinite number of times...
You will live, an infinite number of times.

Sure, you will have to wait a VERY long time between each life.
But you won't be around to notice the passing of that time.

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