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Underground Rail-Road house....

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posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 08:27 AM
I have lived in this area all my life. When i was 13, my parents moved to an upstairs apartment on College Ave. in Elmira NY.
About three months into living there, I began to hear strange noises in the attic. It was a crawl space in actuality, but i didn't learn that till later.
At frist, i didn't think anything of the noise, thinking it was mice or squirells.
One night, a few weeks later, i was sound asleep in my bed, when I was woke up by a high pitched scream, sounding like a woman. So ofcouse i get out of bed, and check on my mom. (we were the only females in the house) I woke her up, and she checked the whole house. Nothing. I was crazy.
A few weeks after that, I started to hear the noises more fequently. I already was intrested in the parnormal, so I started to pay attention to the noises. They happened once every couple of days.
About a month after that, I finally saw the first Apparition, of a teenage boy, standing in my doorway. He scared me outta my mind, and again my parents were woken up, and I was "dreaming".
To make an already long story short, I eventually found out from the owner of the Apartment, that it was once part of the underground railroad. They hid the slaves in the crawl space of the attic. (my mom finally saw what i saw, and she took me to talk to him)
I have yet to this day, figured out who the boy was....He didn't strike me as a slave, nor was his death documented in the deed.
I am trying to get ahold of the new owner of that house, to see if my group and I can go Investigate the building.

posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 12:25 PM
My Aunt's house in the tiny village of Russia Corners, in upstate New York (a couple hours from Elmira) was part of the same network. She, too, has experienced the apparition of a young boy in her home; hers was around five or six, and seemed scared of her, to hear her recall the story.

I imagine that these places are absolutely rife with the energies of trauma and turmoil. The things that get left behind from such periods in history would make an excellent case study, if proper equipment, time, and access to the property were available. Unfortunately, I live eight hundred miles from New York now, so a more thorough exploration is impossible for the moment, but it's fascinating to hear a story like yours which bears so much in common with my Aunt's.

Edit to add that my Father went to college in Elmira, and part of my family lives in Horseheads-- small world

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