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9-11 lets lay it on the table....please provide evidence

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posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 04:25 PM

Originally posted by PplVSNWO

Originally posted by fastfingersfunk
no evidence of a inside job located in this thread, just unrealistic theories that can all be explained. the problem is, they all have been debunked a million times. its true, truthers just wont believe real evidence, its not in their genetic makeup or logical thinking capabilities.

Have you read LabToP's thesis he has posted on several threads? Nobody has yet to debunk him. If you can't proove his evidence wrong, will you accept it is evidence of an inside job?

Correct, and a member of JREF awhile back was caught looking for help to do specifically that, "debunk" Laptop's work.

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 06:29 PM
reply to post by WraothAscendant

Judging by your responses im assuming your a believer of the official story.

Anyone who still believes that 19 fundamental islamic extremists hijacked 4 commercial planes and shutting down a multi trillion dollar defense infrastructure, really needs to get there head examined.... possibly from different doctors.

There are men with over 30 years of military experience in intelligence and also men who worked for the C.I.A. and FBI who also support that 9/11 was an inside job; I guess they're just crazy right? Wrong. Your government has you right where they have the rest of the nation, "brainwashed"; because you seem to have lost the ability to think for yourself.

I can name a hand full of things about 9/11 which are "publicly proven" but I know you will deny and fail to believe. Doing just what the government has programmed you to do; believe what they say, and flat out deny anything contrary to they're word which is taken as..."The Gospel".

As i have stated in other threads:

1. On September 11th 2001, Bush's dad "Senior Bush" was in Washington having a meeting with Bin-Ladin's brother "Shafiq bin Laden", in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, at a Washington Hotel with the Carlyle group. What is Bush's dad doing having a meeting with Bin Ladin's "brother" right before his son accuses him of mass murder?????

2. World Trade Center 7 was not hit by a plane, yet it collapsed in 6.5 seconds. Do you not understand the ramifications for that to occur? Dont answer that, because you dont. This is a 47 story steel structure, hit by no plane, yet it collapses neatly in on itself at free-fall speed with little to NO Resistance. Not to mention, there was a witnesses within the building who heard and felt explosions before either Twin Tower had collapsed. Meaning the building is undamaged, yet Mayor Rudolph Guliani's deputy in his staff claimed he heard explosions all in and around the building and then the stairs right under him collapses! Leaving him hanging for his life. I guess the wind did that huh? He then goes into the lobby to find a bunch of dead people and then was told by the police the building was coming down and to get blocks away. This was publicly reported, I know you didn’t know that. The witnesses name is: Barry Jennings.......

3. Despite all of the evidence, you cant refute the physics involved on 9/11. The government wants you to believe the laws of physics were some how suspended on 9/11 to allow two 110 story steel structures to collapse in 8-10 seconds. Hello little Timmy, thats way too fast. You ever took physics class? Let me school you. The Towers cannot exhibit a gravity driven collapse sequence while at the same time maintaining all the characteristics of a controlled demolition; that’s a contradiction. I hope your intelligence allows you to even comprehend what I just said.

Do you want to explain how do you get 110 floors with 47 steel/reinforced concrete cores to collapse at about the same time, straight down leaving nothing standing? That isn’t possible, unless of course a controlled demolition is taking place. As each floor hits a stationary floor that will slow the collapse down, not speed, as if we're in a damn cartoon. And more so, at the very beginning of each collapse "dust" is being produced. Now if dust is being produced where is the mass which caused the collapse? What can move mass out of the way to allow for this dust to be produced and the collapse to be rapid? Explosives......



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