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Bosnian war conspiracy...

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posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 05:03 PM
I just saw the hunting party, and i have always thought that there was a huge conspiracy with the un not wanting to do anything during the war in Bosnia. I got the idea that maybe that part of Europe was becoming to strong economy wise and what not so the powers at be started to pic on old ethnic tension after tito died. I am just starting to do some real research about the way, i know there where horrors on both sides but the Muslim side really felt the horrible genocidal outcome.

towards the end of the movie they say that the cia and un are not really looking for war criminals, and he even mentions why osama bin laden is probably not found because of the same thing that was going on in Bosnia except now they have moved it to iraq.

If anyone has been researching this can post up some info or your opinion on what has happened and why why criminals are not being found in general...the war in Bosnia was very complicated, this kind of stuff could also be seen in Rwanda.


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