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When was the last time the police ever helped you?

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posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 09:29 AM
First of all, the police has never been a help to me. Never.

Once my dad at work during the night, two hundred dollars and his cellphone was stolen. So he called the police, gave minimal descriptions, and they said they have the guy. We'll I was hoping that they will get the guy within a week or so, and after a week we called the police to check on the progress and they said they were sitll on it. So now it's been almost two years. Definitely no help there.

What else had happened? Tickets?
Another memory was when there was a right turn only light. It was a rush hour and half of the people on that side of the road did not turn. So on the other side of the road you see the police directing you into this parking lot and then they give you a $200 ticket. We went to court for that one because vision was poor with all the fog AND the light was NEVER on at that time before. I pass that road everyday I go to school.

I also kept noticing that the police does not pursuit the real badasses. My dad and I were going fishing on a 60 MPH road and this pickup tried to pass us on the 1 lane road with inbound traffic ahead. It seemed like it was going at 100 MPH or more because we were going at 70 and the truck passed us with no problem. A car almost made a headon crash with the 100mph pickup. The police wasn't there, and the car disappeared. If the two cars crashed then I wouldn't even be here as those cars were right by our car.

And yes, of course, the Meyer case. All I'm going to say is, why did they police decided to arrest him in the first place?
Oh yah. we can't forget those "famous" homicide cases on CNN, had the police ever found any bodies?

I appreciate all the successful work that the police have done for others, but they have never helped us before. So what are your experiences?

posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 09:34 AM
Don't think I'm bias because my thoughts on the police system have been made quite clear through some other threads but my answer is honestly....NEVER!

posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 09:52 AM
I can only think of one time that the police have ever helped me.
They arrested one guy who rear ended me and totaled my car, because he was totaly drunk.
It got cancelled out by the police letting go a drunk driver who wrecked another car I was driving, because he worked for the city.

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posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 10:47 AM
Where to start.

I was a kid living at home, my dad worked midnight shift. It's about 11pm and my Mom heard a car out back, so she goes to make sure the back door is locked, and as soon as she reaches for the handle, the door is pulled open from the outside. My mom grabbed the phone dialed the police and they were there within 10 minutes.

Not only did they search the entire area they helped my mom load a gun and showed her how to hold it and be prepared to fire it. He did caution her to only do it as a last resort and should someone try to enter the house, make sure all of us kids were in a room far away her with the gun before discharging it.

The police officer also, helped mom check all the other doors and windows to make sure they're locked.

Another time, there was a drunk driver racing up and down our street. It was summer time and lots of kids outside. After the 3rd time down the street, my mom called the police and they were there, they actually hid the car in our driveway, because it was obstructed, you could see the street, but not a car in the drive. A few minutes later, here comes that car again, and the cops were able to nab him right awat, not only was he drunk, but there was a gun and drugs in the car.

and then... there was the time that my friends and I crashed our car, just ran into a ditch. The police man not only stopped to check on us, (yes checking to see if we'd been drinking) but he helped push the car out of the ditch and once discovered two tires were flat, drove us to my house to get my dad to come out and help us get the car going.

I have 2-3 other times the police have helped me as well.

I understand the frustration with police officers today. The media only reports when the cops have done something wrong or something that someone feels is wrong.

We don't get to hear the stories of how the police have helped someone or made a difference in someone's life, etc.

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