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Ex-Scientologist Message Board

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posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 10:43 PM
I ran across this on digg and found it very interesting considering all of the discussions about scientology on ATS and in the news.

Summarized Experiences From Within the Cult Scientology

1. Not allowed to see my mom but once a day when I was six. Was only permitted to see her at dinner for one hour.

2. My mom was made to work 12 hour days and was only paid $50.00 a week and given room and board.

3. I was made to live in a dorm at the age of six, separate from my mom or dad, with three other girls my age.

4. I was made to believe from a very early age that Scientologist were the better than other people, and if you were not in it, you were not good enough.

5. I was told to only tell my grandparents good things about myself when I visited, to not let on if I was behind in school, but just make them think I am a great student.

There is more on the board, check them out!

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