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Chavez: Colombia Plans 'Aggression'

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posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 04:51 AM

Originally posted by worldwatcher
hmm interesting.. in light of the recent resurgence of the Guyana/Venezuela border conflict, I'm wondering if perhaps a plan is under way to make Chavez feel "surrounded"??? Chavez may not be just be suffering paranoia, perhaps a true conspiracy against him is underway..

CIA tried to do a coup against him in 2002 ? Of course there is a conspiracy against him

Google Video Link

They held Chavez hostage for 3 days
Watch this video. Watch how CNN reports after the coup : "the situation in Venezuela is stable, the new (corrupt) government is in control bla bla bla"
And see the reality from inside Venezuela. This video shows exactly what big mass media really is

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posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 05:18 AM
Well, Colombia stalled foreign relations after Chavez got involved with the FARC hostage negotiation's (which resulted in them being freed).

He is no threat to America so I don't see why Washington gives him attention or trys to paint him as a new Fidel Castro. It's only because he is trying to create a mini-socialist union in Latin America, but there is no chance of it spreading to Mexico or even the United States (or even spreading to certain countries like Brazil or Colombia)

So, no need to worry.

Let's not forget the poor in Venezuela can now read, write and have free health care cause of Chavez. And the poor in the West get cheap oil from him! I get cheap bus tickets in London cause of Chavez

The government of Colombia has a shocking human rights record and is linked to right wing militias. The Democrats are refusing to support Bush's plan for a free trade agreement.

Does the US media report that fact about the government of Colombia?

posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 02:46 PM

Originally posted by NGC2736
I think Chavez would fit in here on ATS. maybe someone ought to invite him.

Good point.

Trying to transition himself from an elected official to a Dictator probably made him that way.

He is looking for attention. He has not been in the news lately. Poor guy
He could get some attention here I'll bet. He needs to go to his buddy Castro's joint and smoke a Cuban or two mixed with way to many adult beverages; that would fix him up.

I know, I know - making fun of Dictators, um I mean Presidents, is not right.

posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 02:52 PM

Originally posted by infinite

He is no threat to America so I don't see why Washington gives him attention or tries to paint him as a new Fidel Castro.

The first reason would be we need his oil. The second would be what he could become in the future. With money he could conceivably destabilize the whole region. Had Castro not been contained, he could have ended up being a major area malfunction.

posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 04:46 PM
Maybe chewing coca leaf on T.V. and lecturing people on it's benefits will help him lose some wieght and set his head straight.
America is a great boogey-man for wanna-be dictators; if opposed by anyone in your country, you call them traitors or CIA agents and wait for the useful idiot Yankee haters to fill in the blanks.
The U.S. will not invade Venezuala, not matter how much Hugo begs for it.

posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 01:27 AM
reply to post by aaaaa
The U.S. will not invade Venezuala, not matter how much Hugo begs for it.

No, but an American backed Colombian government might.

So gas is like $0.12 a gallon, free education, free health care and they sit on the Caribbean; sign me up. Maybe I will live here or for what a decent place in Chicago sells for here for El Cheapo!

posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 02:33 PM

Originally posted by smarteye
When 80% of a population is under the poverty line it is time for major social change. That's what Chavez is doing. By nationalizing oil, healthcare, energy, and even the telephone, he is removing the profit and giving the people what they need in order to catch up with the world.

Why then does the US oppose this?

And you believe Chavez is GOOD for Venezuela? Have you talked to the Venezuelans lately?

posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 04:17 PM
reply to post by teeceenj

Have you or are listening to the FOXNews line and thinking "naughty naughty" to socialism?

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 03:08 AM
reply to post by teeceenj

I believe his intentions and policies are for the advancement of the Venezuelan people. I doubt the United States is too concerned. Regardless in is up to the citizens of Venezuela to decide.

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posted on Feb, 26 2008 @ 09:17 PM
- Chavez is no Robin Hood as some people like to believe. Venezuela has historically had a very high economical level compared to other south american countries, now there are people in Venezuela waiting in lines to get milk.

- I agree that Chavez has reorganized the way that the wealth from oil is distributed, but only to make his allies and friends just as rich as the traditional elite.

- Chavez is a warmongering paranoid ruler, he picked Colombia as his new "cause" because he was silenced both by the Saudis and the King of Spain. If it wasn't for the great patience and statesmanship of the Colombian president war would have happened months ago.

-In 1999 he eliminated most political institutions that kept the checks and balances in Venezuela such as the Supreme Court and the Electoral Court, just to replace them with "revolutionary" institutions.

- He has taken control over the National Treasury and the Venezuelan Central Bank just as if it were his, he has created new banks and financial institutions that have no oversight and control whatsoever.

- In 1999 he traveled to Qatar and he had the chance of traveling in a private Airbus, guess what?. He got just one like it, an A319-133X for more than 65 million dollars. He had to get his way although this purchase was not contemplated in the national budget. People have trouble getting meat in Venezuela!.

- As far as the "socialist solidarity" goes, just one example, he is giving Cuba 90.000 thousand barrels of oil a day, and of course no one knows how the Cubans are paying for it, and even if they pay. Most serious analists think that the Cubans just don`t pay.

- Before Chavez arrived the national petroleum company of Venezuela (PDVSA) was exporting around 3 million barrels of oil a day, now production has dropped to 1.8 million barrels a day, but Venezuela only gets paid for 1.1 million, the other 0.7 million goes away in gifts and socialist "cooperation".

- Chavez is an ally of the Colombian guerrillas, the Iranians, and Syrians.

I could go on, and on and on.

Some people in this thread ought to get informed before praising Chavez and putting down the U.S. and Colombia. Chavez is a threat to the stability of the western hemisphere.

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