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Not added: Helium-3

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posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 08:16 AM
Im not sure how you add things on Tinwiki, so if any 'adders' are onlibe now, can you reply soon pelase.


The life of Helium starts off at the sun, from here it passes through space, and then cosmic rays hit it and turn Helium into what we knwo as Helium-3. Our Magnetic Feild and our Atmosphere repel Helium-3 and it goes to the Moon.

The reason we need Helium-3 is because we carnt make our Fusion reactors keep up with the required power to create fusion power, Helium-3 is not a vast mineral on the Moon, helium-3 is in many places but Helium-4 covers alot more ground than -3, so finding -3 and leaving -4 will be harder than people think.

Space race may be a good way to put this for finacial Values, 220 pounds of Helium-3 would have a value of around $141 million.

Because the concentration of helium-3 is extremely low, it would be necessary to process large amounts of rock and soil to isolate the material. The chances of other planets having He3 on are very large.

Helium-3 contains two protons and one neutron. Helium-3 does NOT last long, it gets turned into ultrastable helium-4.

Eqation for the creation and reaction inside a Fusion Reactor:

D -- He3 -- He4 -- H -- ~18MeV


D - Deuterium
He3 - Helium 3
He4 - Helium 4
H - Helium
18MeV - Energy created or needed.

Misconception of Helium-3 only being on the moon: Helium-3 is on Earth, it is a common misconception that it is only at the Moon. A long time ago before Earth had such a good atmosphere we were constantly bombarded by Helium-3 from the sun. this raises the question, Why dont we just mine our own ? simple answer, our own -3 is located deep within the magma of our planets mantle.

Helium-3 and Helium-4 that we find on the Moon are created in the sun. The ratios are for every 10,000 He4 particals on the Moon there is 1 He3 partical created. So the chances of finding -3 mines on the Moon are around 10,000 - 1.

Part of the reaction is revolved around the He3, it is missing one neutron to make it He4, as soon as He3 relised that deuterium is in the area it will reach out and grab the deuterium's neatron. This creates a massive reaction and that is what is desiered by sciences for Fusion reaction.

[Ive edited as much as i can right now because ive got to get to work soon, ill cheack back tommorw, but i hope that is okie.]


posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 08:22 PM
ProTo Fire Fox,

Hi. Are you Vixion in I notice Vixion says he/you posted this here in ATS before then posting it in on January 15 2008. I ask just because of the consideration of respecting copyright and so on, of course.

Anyway, the article looks good, in my opinion. If I should offer any comments, it would be to put a sentence at the beginning where the topic is immediately summed up. For example: "Helium-3 is a mineral." All articles should begin like that, according to the tinWiki guidelines.

To finally answer your question, then: new tinWiki pages are created by entering the desired title into the "search" box (found in the sidebar on the left hand side of every page), pressing the Enter key on the keyboard, and then clicking the red link that will appear on the screen. You now have created a new page, and so the next thing to do is to just paste your article text, or write it directly, into the editing window, then make sure to click "Save page". Voila!



edit: adjusted some awkward language and incomplete sentence...

[edit on 25-1-2008 by Optimist]

posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 03:13 AM
I am Vixion in CC, and Vixion, who origionly posted this info was my first acount here before i had a problem, so basicly its mine lol. Ill clear up a sentace at the start for it, and ill make the page. Thanks Optimist.



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