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Jesus Existed

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posted on Feb, 13 2004 @ 08:20 PM
" violating free will "


and this is your only reason?

this is a reason for me to, but nowhere near the main reaosn, and that reason is because they are children of God. II don't even kill flies, if i do i sorrow over a fly for the rest of the day because life is all precious to me, every creature is. even the most despised humans alive are to me.

freewill is a reason, but not the only reason, so basically if these aliens said you could interfere with free will, you wouldnt find killing bad?

boy when one says he doesnt kill by free will alone, then what does this person mean to you? i think your saying that every creature are not brothers, and that everybody has their own state in life and you cannot inerfere with it, but it goes beyond not killing because of free will for me.

Forcable conversion is wrong, and forcable anything is wrong, but its because the other soul deserves to be loved and treated with respect, not because they just (exist).

We believe differently.


posted on Feb, 13 2004 @ 08:21 PM

Thinking outside the box means, put down that Bible for a day or two, and engage in other materials that may further your spirtual self.

becoming robotic zombies in such a state of falsehood, that
we cannot even live normal lives because every ounce of grace in us has deminished by this sick culture.



posted on Feb, 13 2004 @ 08:24 PM
" Respect " towards humanity, and mother nature ( or have you will, Gods creatures ) is a comman goal for all, not just the " chosen " few. You seem to think that were all here to decieve the world, and fill Gods void with deception.


posted on Feb, 13 2004 @ 08:34 PM

Originally posted by Truth

( nothing is implanted in your heart )

You couldn't be any more wrong on this.

Heart is a blood-pumping muscle, nothing else. You do mean your mind, right? Let's be literal here... it doesn't help anyone otherwise.

If a man who has never killed before, does it because someone makes fun of him, then is that not blatant evil?

Not blatant evil. If you go kill Iraqis is that ok? If you defend your family and kill someone who's trying to kill them, is that ok? Now you tell me, is it EVER ok to kill anyone for any reason? If so, tell me when and why.

I grew up witout religion, with the bible, and i never stole anything from a store, or smoked, or drank, and i did this without good parenting telling me otherwise, so how did this stick in my heart, yet my brother does the exact opposite?

Maybe you were just afraid of the consequences. Maybe you didn't want to try to fit in and submit to peer pressure. No one says that you have to smoke/drink/steal to be normal. That's actually submitting to outside pressure, nothing else.

So you never did those things, and neither have I, nor have I EVER been religious at all or even thought about religion or God for most of my life. But I didn't do those things NOT because my heart said it's "bad". But because I never NEEDED to. Besides, smoking or drinking is helpful at times, if done in moderate amounts. Native Americans smoked, and it helped increase their metabolism, and it increased psychic awareness. But anything can be harmful if you do it too much...

"" The bible you hold so dear ""

This bible, i did not read until three years ago, before which I didnt even know what a bible was, so this is not what made me convert, nor do I use it in explaining common sense and sincerity.

Society told you common sense and sincerity. If you grew up among wolves in the jungle, I guarantee your heart wouldn't tell you ANY of these things. Simply because it's the OUTSIDE influences that told you this, not your heart from birth. If you were cut off from civilization, you wouldn't know what's right/wrong, good/evil. And they would not exist, until you were TOLD by others what they are.

Also, killing is a natural thing... for animals it means survival. If animals in their hearts knew to not kill, they would not exist.

Humans kill animals/plants to eat also. What makes HUMANS any different from animals or plants? You think humans are somehow special, and plants/animals are not? Killing ANY living creature is absolutely the SAME in the eyes of God, which is all that is. If you think human life has more "worth", you're fooling yourself.

" outside the box "

agaain, this means nothing, my heart teaches me, not a religion or box, if my heat went against my religon then i would not believe it. A religion i did not grow up in.

Your heart pumps your blood. It does nothing else. Don't attribute things to your HEART that don't belong there. Just because society told you to repeat that over and over, doesn't mean you should. Society at least KNOWS that the heart has nothing to do with it, but you suddenly took it literally.

Not only does your heart not teach you, but everything you KNOW including all your morals and any sense of right and wrong are things you've been TOLD to believe. You can deny it, but denial never helped anyone.

" they like to group people "

because some reject love, and serve only their selves. I know two people who grew up the exact same, in the same house, ect, yet one chose a bad path and the other good.

Love is knowledge. Love in YOUR definition is service to self. You do things for another because it makes YOU feel bad if you do not, so to make yourself feel better you help those who you THINK need your help in ways they didn't ask for, and you feel better about yourself. It's service to self buddy, why deny it?

If some taught me killing was good, id reject it using knowledge and heart, and if someone like lilblam says caring is not true caring, then i will reject it using knowledge and heart, something in me since day one.

Your heart pumps blood. Nothing else. Wanna take this to a doctor?

Killing is natural. In fact in your heart it's written "KILL asshole, or you won't survive". All living creatures kill other living creatures for survival. It's just that you BUY the dead things others kill for you, so you don't have to kill them yourself and you can go into denial and say "killing is wrong".

Unless you mean killing humans. But once again, how are humans more SPECIAL than any other creature? Unless YOU personally assign them this "special status", they are not.

You guys let yyour knowledge interfere to such a degree with your own heart that you let the most crazy ideas think for you, while all your knowledge is in your heart, and you dont search for it.

You let your blood-pumping muscle do all thinking for you. Of course, heart has NO emotions or feelings at all, it only pumps blood. The only thing your mind can have is knowledge. So how can you say that you are following anything else?

Oh well unless you mean FAKE knowledge. You believe it to be knowledge, you assume cuz it makes you feel good. Once again, emotions control you. Feelings control you. Society controls you. But logic has no room in your programmed mind.

I like seing my brothers kids, and not having to tell them that I really don't care for you since my knowledge says so, so ill reject my heart. Boy i wish we were like kids, when we thought of no falsehood, where only heart spoke for us, and innocence ingulfed us, too bad today its so sad, that we are becoming robotic zombies in such a state of falsehood, that
we cannot even live normal lives because every ounce of grace in us has deminished by this sick culture.

Its simply sad.


Your selfish attachments have nothing to do with your heart, once again. It's a heart pumping muscle, nothing more. Don't make it sound like it's something more, because it's not

posted on Feb, 13 2004 @ 08:35 PM
I dont think your here to decieve the world, true followers cannot be folled by worldy teachings, i think maybee in good will, that you are trying to tell me im wrong, im telling why ibeieve, and it seems as if yur only here to deminish what I believe without looking at it through my eyes.


Actually im not a zombie because I find joy in my cat, my famiy, nature, and am far from a robot, all the while i dont let my kowledge tell me these emotons are flase to the point where i (do) become a zombie. Me can be folled, but hearts cannot.


posted on Feb, 13 2004 @ 08:39 PM
Truth, Im not here to moraly degrade your religous ethics.
I bring up rational topics, and you come in with all your " love " morality. All these threads have come down to, me and Lilblam explaining and realizing how brainwashed, and closeminded you are ( we'll I'll speak for myself ) . Your clearly dont understand the " I " essence and replace it with " Love ". Maybe you were just knocked really hard on the head 3 years ago.


posted on Feb, 13 2004 @ 08:45 PM
" if you grew up with wolves "

how do you know i did not? you dont know me. or my circumstances in life.

" killing plants "

I believe killing any life form is wrog including plants.

" heart thinks for me "

heart means love not the actual heart, but the love that comes from your soul.

You say it controls me,but your wrong. I love and care forother people sincerely. i dont have to do god for them to make me feel, better, because if they did bad to me i would still care for them.

You think emotions are mechanisms for control, but your looking at it through a prideful mans pointof view and cant even fathom someone actually caring, because the world filled with pride today, and you categorize me with them becaue thats what your programmed to do.

hey im just a lost controlledsoul roaming through earth with a perfect familyt, with 3 kids, a dog, a cat, where everything is happy and dandy, and you think yu know my circumstances.

see you doing what you say i doing, using your prideful knowledge to make it seem like you know me.

if a poor man rejected my food, and made me feel bad, do i reject him and hate him? do i dislike him?

feeding others does not make me feel good, as in prideful, but its anoble thing to do for a soul who has an empty stomach, but you wouldnt do this because someone told yu that this is prideful.

Unbelievable, it really is simply amazing.


posted on Feb, 13 2004 @ 08:49 PM
Why are you taking offence to any of this?
Truth, Im a 21 year old, learning lifes values. My knowledge is not " great ", im still a kid in the learned phase. I failed Accounting Twice! You should not take offence but understand what Lilblam is explaining.


posted on Feb, 13 2004 @ 08:50 PM
" me and lilblam are telling you you are brainwashed "

So your judging me? zero, what you guys say to me is folish movie filled fables, and i knew this was false before i even knew God, what your theories are, so think of me how you will but i will never deny jesus and his teachings and his miracles.

btw, i havent read scripture for 3 to4 months, so the every two days is out of the question.

God Bless.

posted on Feb, 13 2004 @ 08:51 PM
rofl sorry I'm SO done here. There are billions of close minded followers like him, why am I wasting my time?

Ok well Truth "you win" how's this? This is what I told dreamrebel also, as it is pointless to open the mind of someone who has it under lock and key.

Like you said yourself, you're a follower. A slave.

Every bit of logic I used you ignored and continued with the same ignorant drivel again and again. Have it your way.

posted on Feb, 13 2004 @ 08:57 PM
I take no offense to this. I don't hate you or thik ill of you. never will. i don't come to argue with people i hate.

" understand what lilbalm is saying "

Oh, I understand clearly.

1. If you care for people sincerely you are controlled

2. if your love and emotions control you, even if they are good only, you are controlled.

yea i know, always need that balance of evil in my life.

3. Think for yourself

I have and it agrees with jesus, which is the preaching of love. and i though for hours upon hours about his teachings.

4. Don't interfere with free will, an be prideful, self serving.

Ok, ill never give an empty stomach food again, nor will i ask my brothers duaghter to come over. dont want to interfere with free will.

I understand alot.


posted on Feb, 13 2004 @ 08:59 PM
Im done with you aswell.

Im not throwing " Matrix " knowledge at you, nor is anyone here. Its called reading, learning, University!

Peace out Bro, may God or whoever watch over your " soul ".


[Edited on 13-2-2004 by ZeroDeep]

posted on Feb, 13 2004 @ 11:26 PM
selfish attatchments.

whatever. Lovng my brothers daughters is selfish?

thats all the reader needs to know about you brother. incredible.

I realize arguing is not a good thing to do, as God doesnt want me arguning, i think i have little faith in the reader reading this to know truh from falsehood.

I would reply to every one of your qoutes, but sadly i have a very week computer. what your saying just does not make any sense and I thought about it and it still does not. Its a lose lose situation.

If I givemoney to the poor, im self serving,but if I keep the money then im still self serving.

so nomatter what i say, its all self serving. So aruing with lilblam is a lose lose situation.

even about free will. andnot ben self served. But there has to e a reason why self serving is incorrect, and messing with free will. He can't use the excuse that they are important, because then he would show care and emotion. He simply don't have an answer. Just thata they somehow deserve free will and deserve to be treated good, but for no particular reason. this is common sense, but im speaking as the dumb man who gets ganged up on.

Im sorry if this thread had to turn out this way, and ill be sure to stay out ofmost topics tha don't involve jesus to not let this happen again/


[Edited on 13-2-2004 by Truth]

posted on Feb, 13 2004 @ 11:38 PM
Ultimate form of service to others, is to not care for the self AT ALL.

Giving money to the poor is not the problem. Don't blame a "weak computer" when it may be a "weak mind".

The service to others thing is getting rid of money when you see that you do not need it.

Also, I understand that you cannot comprehend some of this and that it makes no sense to you. Your mind works in an entirely different fashion, and like I said you're programmed to ignore and block these things out. But you refuse to even give it some though, you simply brush it off. It is your choice.

If you really want to understand what I told you, read what I wrote in u2u earlier when you asked me a bunch of stuff, and read the comments I made here and other threads. Don't skip over any words, as I usually don't throw words out there just for fun. I think about each word prior to writing it. Unless my post is sarcastic or humorous, but you can tell when it's not.

It is ALWAYS your choice. I'm not here to threaten you or tell you that you're ignorant just to offend you and that there's something "wrong" with your mind (all is right and the way it should be). We all have our own paths.

But if you indeed want to understand that which I've told you, do NOT reply to me, simply READ what I've written, and THINK about it VERY carefully. DO NOT RUSH TO CONCLUSIONS... think about it again and again. That is all I can suggest. But what you do is up to you.

Note, I didn't say believe what I said. I simply said if you wish to understand it, then use your MIND (not your heart) and really carefully analyze and think about what I've been telling you. This isn't a split second thing. It takes a LONG time to understand these concepts, and they are not so simple.

Very often when you reply and tell me you understand this or that concept I mentioned, what you say is COMPLETELY NOT what I said by any means. You usually miss the entire point. And in your paraphrasing of the idea I've been trying to portray, you alter the idea because of your own misunderstanding and the idea indeed becomes senseless.

So if you wish to understand, spend time thinking about all these things carefully. Don't be pressured, I don't ask for any answer from you at all, just relax! Open your mind and think.

It is your choice!


[Edited on 13-2-2004 by lilblam]

posted on Feb, 13 2004 @ 11:40 PM
Jesus existed. there was a man, carpenter, his age, at that time, who believed he was the son of god. the whole actually being the son of god is a different story altogether.

posted on Feb, 13 2004 @ 11:56 PM
When I said that I love my brothers daughters and dont want to tell them that caring is false. under it you wrote.

"" Your selfish attatchments ""

You had to be replying to the cmment about my daughters. If this is the way yo think, that loving them is selfish, then go ahead, its your will, but to me I love them and care for them, and i can think until 4000 and still come to the same conclusion.

why will you not just accept that this IS my descision. I thought and chose, and chose through fre will. if you choose otherwise, then thats your descision and I respect your descision. Will you respect mine?

"" weak computer ""

im dead serious. I work off of a dreamcast convertor, basically a nintendo, but i am saving for a real computer. I simply cannot reply to qoutes, and if I do in u2us then it slows down way to much.

But you have the choice to think its weak mindedness, go ahead.

Lilblam, i spend ateast one hour eery night just thinking, not watching tv, not listening to music, but pondering the heart of God, and his teachings have spoke to me and I think about him alot. let me decide what I want, and respect it. please/

No bad fealings, because ths times are not the times to have bad fealings for others. we are about to enter a time in which our own tecnology destroys us and all this nonsense we talk about will all turn to reaity, all the smiles, all the litle inside jokes on this internet will all turn into a global relaity that most of us are no ready to face.

I have no clue why im not preparingmy mind for this instead of coming here, hopefully my prayers can come more intense so that we all may be ready for whats coming.

God Bless, goodnight.


posted on Feb, 14 2004 @ 02:26 AM
Lilblam, you talk about not listening to others, you criticize people who hold their bible "dearly", yet you're relaying us information from a porposed 6th density entity you speak to over the internet? yeah, whatever dude. take care

posted on Feb, 14 2004 @ 02:30 AM

actually the cassiopaeans mention Christ and have great reverence for him. you would be most interested in their comments about him.

posted on Feb, 14 2004 @ 05:13 AM
you missed the point.

posted on Feb, 14 2004 @ 09:04 AM

I'm being serious. I've got an open mind, but like you and Truth I have a set of filters. Having a set of filters does not make me closed minded because we all start somewhere. I have three "issues" I'd like to mention. If you'd care to respond, I will read them.

1. You would not kill another human being because it would violate their free will. Does that make it "evil" (as in an absolute) to violate another person's free will? Or is that something that you choose not to do but I can kill people if I find it pleasing and good?

2. Knowledge does not equal love. Love transcends knowledge. I know you say that knowledge is sort of the ultimate good, but knowledge without action is quite useless. Knowing my house is on fire does nothing for me if I don't get myself and my family outside fast. More to the point about love, knowing I love my wife means nothing if I don't let know by showing it to her. Love requires action, because knowing about love and feeling love are not the same thing.

This is a point we are likely to disagre on. My filter set and past experience leads me to believe that humans have a soul. I can think with my mind, and I believe I can think (on a different capacity I grant) with my soul (what Truth calls his heart).

And for heaven's sake, would you not grill Truth about using the word heart and then refer to what is/is not in your own heart in the very next paragraph.

3. Whether these 6th density sentient beings have a respect for Jesus or not is completely beside the point. I find it very intersesting that you will take their word as historically significant, but the testimony of witnesses isn't historically significant. Frankly, I think you're nuts on this point, but I think that would be another thread.

Truth (and this is only for Truth. If you have no belief in the Bible, save your breath.)

You should not feel guilty about killing an animal or killing a plant. Plants are not really alive in the animalian sence. They have no feelings and no life-blood. And after the flood, God gave all kinds of creatures to mankind as a second food source (in addition to veggitation). We should not be cruel to animals or kill them indiscriminately, but we also need not feel guilty about eating beef or killing a misquito.

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