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Pilot error in A340-600 crash

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posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 06:11 AM

Spanish flag-carrier Iberia has yet to decide whether to repair the Airbus A340-600 which overran at Quito after striking the runway so hard during landing that damaged sensors ultimately impeded the aircraft’s deceleration.

Flight IB6463 suffered vertical forces of 3g on touchdown after the crew deliberately descended below the glideslope in a bid to use the entire 3,120m (10,240ft) length of Quito’s runway 35.

Thats one crew which will be unemployable now.

the A340 was still descending at 1,100ft/min when it hit the runway.

The captain overides not only the autopilot to go lower but the operations maunal which states - "execute a go-around if the approach becomes unstable" and thus breaks a very expensive airplane.

Landing conditions were : 6kt tail wind with a wet landing surface - upon landing the spoilers were deployed but not the thrust revereses and even with full foot braking - the blown tires and damaged landing gear meant the aircraft couldn`t stop.


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