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Ultimate Contact Will Take Ultimate Responsibility

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posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 01:10 AM
I've heard this discussed on and off here at ATS. What do you think ultimate contact will be like? Who do you think will initiate it? When? Where? Why? How?

These are all good questions, nonetheless, and I think we all wonder these same things occasionally, but I'm just gunna start this thread out by saying one thing: Contact WILL NOT happen in the next few years, if the going rate of everything "totally awesome human" keps on going..... towards our inevitable cliff.

What is the use of leting all these lunatics know about the wonders of space if they're just gunna go and trash the heck out of them, blow them up, and then build a burger joint and affordable entry level housing?

My point is that a civilization who has gained the technology to go galactic by its own means would no doubt have dealt with everything that we have, are, and will be dealing with....possibly for the next million or possibly billion years. By then, as a civilization up there in the heavens, able to look down upon much younger civilizations, what would you be thinking about a young little group such as us?

Would you look at a dog and think that he is evolved enough to be able to handle maintaining his own 4 million dollar mansion in Bel Air and a posh socialite lifestyle just because he's house(broken)?

What would we do with that information once we had it? That aliens are real and regularly making themselves guests here on Earth. Well , if you see the macrocosm within the microcosm here, you can observe a 10 year old.

Give a ten year old, let's say...... a brand new 400 dollar gas powered pro R/C car to replace is his old tyco toy r/c car. A very few ten year olds would actually take the responsibility upon themselves to learn all about this new paradigm in R/C land enough to care for it and maintain it properly. Like myself, most 10 year olds would just thrash the hell outta the thing until it breaks and ends up in a box somewhere by the time high school rolls around, just another one of those projects that went awry that you've been meaning to fix but never will because all that other mostly unimportant filler is taking up the limited attention span of ours that is the here and now.

In the last century, we were given a piece. This is space. We can enjoy if we go about it properly. There could be life out there to meet and learn from and enjoy the company of.
But the first thing that happens is that corporations and military jumps all over space and makes plans to totally rape and pil;lage and destroy as much of it as possible for the highest possible profit margin/ death rate.

Oh... well here we've been presented with this huge responsibility. We had Earth, and now this is all this space billions and billions of cubic lightyears worth of the stuff... and McDonalds is planning it's Lunar franchise while covertly the military factions are planning and possibly executing atrocious warcrimes on and in the vicinity of outlying planetary bodies.

We're given a new toy, and the first thought we have is "How much fun can this give me in the easiest way possible?"

See, unlike your plastic toy r/c cars of your past (the 90s were bitchin' to grow up in for some reason...oh yeah toy r/c cars from WalMart!)..... which unfortunately is a reflection of right where our beautiful Earth is headed towards.... this "space" in which we occupy with other "space" faring "people" such as "ourselves" cannot be replaced, cannot be forgotten about and fixed later after we're done maturing and burying our heads in our wallets, and is non- refundable. We still seem to think that "space" is stupid, that we are smart, and that it is our duty to wrangle it for our own benefit because obviously we're all that "matters".

We are just not ready for this because we can't even get past our own our own neighborhoods... without feeling intruded upon, violated, suspicious, hatred, jealousy. If we were all given the right to declare war, I don't even wanna know what could happen. What is all this fighting for, man?

You want freedom? Do you even know what freedom is?

See.... if you can't even answer basic philosophical questions.... how can you be knowledgeable enough, responsible enough, careful enough, delicate enough... to meet the rest of our space family?

They're out there. They've been here. They say hello and "Sorry not gunna make it to the next few holiday family reunions."

I think.... really...... if we really wanna move forward and make first contact the way that it should be made, we all need to grow up.

We need to pull our heads collectively up out of the giant empty wallet that we're constantly staring into and making grunting noises at. We need to collectively and honestly look at ourselves and our surroundings, and really study ourselves more deeply than ever and go "How can I make this better?"

Our mistake is that we're not selfish enough. We're selfish in all the wrong meanings of the word. We need to be more selfish in the form of us needing to question ourselves more thouroughly. With these skeptics that go around debunking everything..... why do you do that? With the people like me that dislike what the skeptics do, why do I not like that?
Why do we eat food that we entrust total strangers to make healthy and safe for us, yet we can't even trust our own lifelong neighbors around our morning newspaper without feeling privacy issues? Why do we trust people we shouldn't trust while making fools out of the people giving the good advice, only to completely deny each ever happening in the first place once it's done with and started all over again in the same vicious cycle?
Why all these questions and no answers?

Because the object is to just be happy with the question, because the answer exists..... but would you continue doing anything if there wasn't the question to be answered?

Asking the question is taking responsibility.

The day we cumulatively start caring about our earth and our surroundings as if they were ourselves is the day contact will happen.... or shortly after. That's the only contact I would not question.... because what alien species in good conscience would hand an "terrible twos" kid society the keys to the adult universe without proper guidance? Just as is the law of the universe, everything will come as it may because it all has free will, and violating free will is violating the universal fundamentals which keeps this being happening.

This means... until we can ALL STOP to question whether it is morally right to kill a living being just because it doesn't look like us, don't expect the aliens to give a damn. Until we can support our homeless with the same love we support our children, until we can look at our profit margins a little less and the death and destruction these profits are built upon a little more, those aliens don't care if a million alien groupies were waiting to sleep with them once they arrived..... they are just not gunna deal with us unless they wanna steal from us.

Because taking candy from a baby is pretty easy, but moral folks don't do that. Moral folks also don't try dictating that baby's future. They give it loving messages and encourage it along, but even at the very last straw when self destruction is looming on their baby's horizon, moral people know that the baby will only see its future if it loves itsself. If not, it's gunna fall right flat on its face, and as much as the "parents" wanna help it live, they can't affect it's choice to die.

We have to become responsible for world affairs and love ourselves, or we won't get to meet alien brothers and sisters.... and we certainly won't get a long future either.

It's very easy. Just start caring. I don't think most people even care about saving the Earth because they feel like it's hopeless.

If we don't even care about saving ourselves, let alone meeting ourselves halfway, why would the aliens care?

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posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 01:26 AM
Interesting diatribe. Why haven't they bonded? Why have they allowed us to reverse engineer little by little things that our black ops should not know. Why did Gleason go nutty after accompanying Nixon to see little fugly dudes after 18 and a few martinis? Many including me think this planet is doomed, not proud of it. The newest Texas thing, where the military said 'no, we werent' there' then oh, sorry forgot, we had ten fighters in area, are just the tip of the iceberg. Will they eat us? 'How to serve man'. Will they help us get off carbon emission fuels? Do they just want to play ping pong? No one knows. I suspect we will find out before long.

posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 03:56 AM
Yeah, the real hidden title of this thread is actually encoded deep within the hidden combinations of fractal number conflagurations that make up the outer skin of the words I'm using.

The actual super secret title of this thread is:

"Trust your local illegal alien before you trust your local alien alien, essay!"

We reap what we sew..... unfortunately I think we sewed the seeds with the wrong guys on this trip. Good job, ole Prescott and the Nazis did in nailing our coffins shut all those years ago.

but seriously... why do people just not care? How can we make people care?

aliens and conspiracy is all advanced triganometry at this point. It's just the simple.... ya know...respect for things around you because they are there as much as you are dealie that gets me. It gets me because I get it so naturally, yet everyone else seems to deal with identifying with something outside you with yourself as like some alien hypercalculus or something.

Take for instance kids that look at a prarie and one of the last groundhog habitats in the area being destroyed to make way for yet another Walgreens and actually thinking that's a good thing!!! That's what I'm talking about. Trumpeting the human species to be the world's leaders and keepers..... that's what needs to end.

The importance of one.

The fact that this universe is filled with as many bot flies as there are arses on their poor unfortunate rodent victims, and it's all in all a pretty balanced place.

...but, we have shown as a whole that we can be a really loving race of people, and that the type of evil and corruption in this world is not natural to this world. If it was, the world would be perfectly fine today. Something is behind our self destructiveness, and, to me...... it literally looks and feels like a giant farm of livestock. The deeper I look, the more brilliantly strategized this seemingly randomly developed society looks...
and that's a scary thought if you choose to let it consume you.

But the point is that it is our own faults.

We didn't have to accept Osiris as king or Jesus as saviour or Buddah as umm Buddah. We don't have to accept it now either! We can choose to take the power back and become our own saviours, so we can stop asking this fruitless question of "When are the great alien Gods gunna save us yet again from another indirectly manufactured destruction!?"

Once we stop asking "Why (not) me?" and "Where's that someone that's gunna make me feel alive because I'm just not God enough?"

We can realize just that we are who we are, and obviously the world didn't choose for us to be here... so who does that leave. You. You are responsible for the world. As much as it sucks... it's true.
"Al Qieda killing babies again? Blame yourself because you eat too much, and then go on a diet, you fat lazy disgusting [ENTER DERROGATORY NATIONALITY REFERENCE HERE]."

Don't blame skinny people for honesty. We're fat and lazy because we allow ourselves to be. People don't like us because we obviously don't like them. We eat all their food while taking control of their governments in violent coups and mini wars, while at the same time killing their women and children and livestock.

Jesus was from Nazareth.... wherever Nazareth was.... it was pretty far away is all I know. He brought a message of peace and love. Simple message. We don't have much evidence of his existence. Prolly more evidence of UFOs, to be honest. That doesn't stop people all over the world for nearly 2000 years from hearing that man's message. times 2000 years by 5000 miles, and I'll just say for the heck of it that it equals the amount of distance to our nearest star...... no it doesn't..... not nearly even to the sun...... but the point being is that millions of people.... actually I think about 1.5 billion people worldwide...... have heard the message of one man and decided to base their life around that one man's message.... without ever seeing proof of his existence. I think a lot of people just see the good in the message enough keep it alive, no matter how twisted it has become.

The simple message was there.

Billy Meier says a lotta things, a lot of which I think is just silly.. but the message was there.

Alex Collier..... the message is with him.

Bob Dean, Jim Sparks, any contactee worth their weight in salt will tell you the same message.

All the "good" aliens want in order for us all to be copesthetic together is peaceful loving friendliness towards each other. That's the main thing you'll come to understand through all these contactee experiences (of which many I think are at the very least partially real experiences because I believe that truth outweighs lies wherever you look if you loom hard enough). The main thing is love and peace, and harmony with the ways of life. If we can acknowledge that we are trying to do this even the slightest bit, I'll bet we'll see very surprising side effects.

Maybe one of those being an alliance with other galaxies/planets working for similar goals of peace and love. I dunno, but considering the united nations is a real thing, a galactic federation seems just as probable.

Anyway... we will eventually get there.... I'd like for it to be in this timeline, though.

Don't let responsibility scare you away from the spaceship if it lands in your lawn though. I'd go for it, man. Do whatever they tell ya as long as they promise to kill you before they start eating you, but after they let you drive the spaceship to mars to see the cool black pyramids they got hidden there.

-Germish (AKA indierockalien)

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posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 05:50 PM
Although what you have to say is basicly "Right on man". You neglect one aspect I'd like to address for YOU.

You threw alot of We around. You assume that You and I and THEY are we.

We are NOT all the same. Thusly there is you and there is me, and them, but it is all us.

This is perplexing. As those of US that are respectful ofther other's "space" often get overwealmed by THEM who think IT is all THEIRS.

2012 is shy 5 years.

THEY don't have a happy ending but some of US do.

posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 07:01 PM
Yeah I get what you mean, but I think I meant what you said, just in a very simplified way that should've been clarified. We wasn't necessarily referring to us.


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