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Info on Roswell required can you help?

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posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 08:27 PM
Yes, i apologise for yet another Rsowell thread.. but please have a read..

I have been for , quite a while now, trying to track down the name of a lass from Cornwall England who appeared on TV in Britain some years back, on the Morning Magazine show called *Richard and Judy*...

Sadly, the show has moved channels and the original transmitters seem to have washed their hands of them and say they *Can't remember her name and no records exist*. I suspect they just can't be arsed to check, but that is hardly surprising, so no joy there..

I have checked just about every Roswell site i can find and nothing on those either... and there is nothing on Youtube etc

Now the reason i'd like to track her name down is this...

She told Richard and Judy that she had absolutely no interest in UFOs at all, but when the Roswell film with Kyle Machlan was released, her friends told her she really should see it...

The reason being that, her own father, who was a serving officer in the RAF, died of cancer in 1974. Before he died, he told her the whole story of the Roswell crash. She , believing it to be the ramblings of a dying man under the influnce of drugs and thought no more of it until the movie was released...

OK. so nothing masively useful there, just her word that he told her the tale... Only then, she told the show's hosts that she had contacted the US Air Force and tried to confirm that her father had indeed, served on secondment, to the 509th at the time the Roswell incident happened..

The Air Force said.."Sorry young lady, but no British officer served with the 509th"...

Now that might be it , her word against theirs, save, she then pulls out an old B & W photo of a bomber crew in full flying kit, points to a guy wearing a British flying hat in the picture and says thats my father...

From memory, the photo was taken under a large banner/sign saying...

"Welcome to Roswell home of the 509th bomber wing" ..or words to that effect...

I have contacted a couple of the better known researchers but either they are too busy or they just didn't think it was important...

I do, and i would like to, at least confirm the story and add it to the list of evidence, if the story turns out to have legs..

Now maybe, I have missed something blindingly obvious in my searches that someone else will say...Oh that's ...and... If i have, please put me out of my misery... If not, does anyone, perchance, remember the girl's name?

posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 02:32 PM
Roswell is a decoy, just as Area 51. They are all made up to divert you from the real Truth.

The extraterrestrials are there, yes, but not in Roswell nor Area 51. You are looking in the wrong places.

posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 03:23 PM
Area 51, I agree, could very well be a decoy, at least at present.

Roswell, on the other hand, doesn't seem like it had any reason to be a decoy. Aliens weren't nearly as big in the 40s as they became in subsequent decades.

Granted there was interest, but nothing near the massive public demand for information that began to build from the 50s on after the combination of science fiction films and mis-identification of classified aircraft during the coldwar began to make sightings an epidemic. In fact for a time, the intelligence community and the military saw UFOs as a blessing, because they were a convenient excuse for classified aircraft sightings- despite coverups in some instances, the military actually encouraged the idea overall for a while.

So the question is, what would Roswell be a decoy for?

IMHO, the Roswell UFO was either 1. Legit. or 2. A hastily thought out explanation for classified technology that had to be changed because a UFO was too likely to attract the attention fo foreign intelligence services.

I don't pretend to know which. The issue gets a bit cloudy whenever people who really know there stuff go at it. But I consider a decoy to be less likely than the other two possibilites.

Thanks for posting.

posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 03:45 PM
i have seen this video before ,it was quite interesting, i think i saw it on UFO files quite a while ago, ill have a quick search and see if i can find it for u, no promises tho!

posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 04:00 PM
Hi FireMoon: I did a quick Google search and all I found was this:

It is a collection of essays by Ray Santelli - is that the name of the video guy? It talks about videos, 509th bomb squad, etc. There's alot of info there, maybe you can find her name that way. Hope this helps.

posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 04:06 PM
I tried doing a little searching last night but I could not find the info that you want.

posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 04:07 PM
If you GOOGLE "Ray Santilli" you will get lots of hits of interviews and stories by him about Roswell. Note: I spelled it wrong in my previous post. Santilli is the correct spelling.

posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 05:55 PM

Originally posted by FireMoon
I have been for , quite a while now, trying to track down the name of a lass from Cornwall England who appeared on TV in Britain some years back, on the Morning Magazine show called *Richard and Judy*...

Hi FireMoon,

I'd like to help you in your search, but it would be very helpful to know how sure are you of the details that you give in your original post.

Did you take a note at the time or are you merely relying upon a recollection of a show "some years back"? If the former, can you share the full note that you made? If the latter, I wonder how confident you are when including some of the more precise details in your post, e.g. your statement that the relevant woman stated that her father "died of cancer in 1974"? Can you really remember the year that she said in that show "some years back"?

I've taken the liberty of posting your query on 2 UK discussion forums that I participate on, with some of the best known UK researchers.

In a response on the []UFODATA forum[/url], Russel Callaghan of UFODATA Magazinep appeared confident that he could identifty the relevant officer:

The officer in question was 'Brownie' Melvin Brown who after his service in the U.S. Airf Force married an english girl and settled in this country.

I have met the daughters in London several years ago and her father admitted to guarding the bodies on a flight to Wright Paterson Airbase.

His military record is genuine and the daughters have featured on several Roswell Documentaries.


However, while Russ may be right, the details you gave in your request do not fit completely with Melvin Brown (which may simply be the result of an imperfect recolection by you of the relevant TV show). In particular:

(1) Although Melvin Brown settled in Britain, I think he was an American and thefore does not fit your recollection of the relevant woman describing her father as "a serving officer in the RAF", that she had been told by the Air Force that "Sorry young lady, but no British officer served with the 509th" and that she "then pulls out an old B & W photo of a bomber crew in full flying kit, points to a guy wearing a British flying hat in the picture and says thats my father".

(2) You stated that the relevant woman stated her father "died of cancer in 1974". Melvin Brown died later (in, I think, about 1986). I do wonder, however, how your recollection of the date of the father's death can be so precise given that you appear to be relying upon a recollection that of a TV show several years ago (and, in contrast, you do not have a recollection/record of the name of the relevant woman).

Melvin Brown is discussed in various UFO/Roswell books, and on various websites including:

Have you already considered information about Melvin Brown and his daughter, Beverley Bean?

If you look at Kevin Randle's blog at the link above, you can see a picture of Beverley Bean.

Is that the woman that you saw? Does Beverley Bean's story accord with your recollection of the story you heard, or does it differ?

Kind Regards,


posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 10:39 AM
Thanx for the work you have done..However that is not the girl i am talking about... Ms bean's story was totally different to the story i saw the girl on TV give...

I have viewed the interview with Bevelerly Bean and these are the diferences i remember..
B. Bean... born and raised in Hemel Hempstead.... The girl i saw interviewed, AFAIK, came from Cornwall which is a couple of 100 miles away.

B. Bean... Father was American and a cook.. Girl i saw .. Father was Biritish and served in the Royal Airforce as flight crew.

B. Bean... shows a whole list of documents from Roswell... Gilr i saw had only the photograph of her father at Roswell as proof.. B Bean does not produce any photo of her father from Roswell and definitely not in flying gear...

B Bean... Talks about specific details of the crash..The girl i saw simply said her father told her that , whilst stationed at Roswell a UFO crashed and the Americans recovered it.. AFAIK, she gave no other real detail.

B Bean... Talks about films like Close Encounters etc.. The girl i saw said she had absolutely no interest in the subject and only thought of her father's story when the film "Roswell" was released and others said.. isn't that the same story your father told you?..

B Bean... Never once mentions contacting the American Air Force to confirm her father served at Roswell to be told... "No English officers were seconded to the 509th bomber group"

That leaves me thinking that. The girl i saw was a completely different person to Ms Bean...Or... That Ms Bean totally changed her story when she appeared on "Richard and Judy"..

I shall carry on searching to try and find out, which of those, it was.. Thank you again for taking the time to contact me with your information..

PS...I have a dreadful memory for names...

[edit on 27-1-2008 by FireMoon]

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