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Aliens already here but not allowed to prove it?

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posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 01:13 PM
This info is from a book I recently read.

It mentions how there are all sort of beings on Earth already, studying us and some teach us how to heal, using technology that is 1500 years ahead of ours.
It mentions how here we are looking for life out 'there', using a radio signal (which is very old technology according to the beings), and all this time the beings are right here with us.

They claim they are not allowed to leave any physical proof of their presence, and the reason being because humans aren't ready yet. They are slowly awakening more and more people.

The book talks about how past lives/memories affect your current life, especially if past lives 'leak' into present lives. It talks about their healing techniques, field hospitals, beings that take shape/identity of religious figures, and much more.

This book was written by a computer programmer named Adrian Dvir, who one day found out he can hear voices telepathically and was also taught how to heal people.

I am not arguing that this is the truth. I want to know 'what if'?

They claim they don't reveal themselves to us because just like our zoos, to study an animal in its natural behavior or environment, the observer must be hidden at all times.

Whether completely true or a hoax, I think it raises interesting questions.

1 - Would you ever be convinced that beings that you can't see, (due to them being in higher dimensions than ours), are in fact here and are studying us? (with no physical proof) except the telepathic messages you hear?

2 - How would you know that the voices messages you hear aren't imagined?
What if other mediums were in the room, and they heard the exact same message, word for word, would you believe them then? What if instead of being in the same room, they're in a different house altogether, yet repeat exactly what you heard.

3 - How would you share this experience with family or friends? Something you can't prove physically yet seems very real?

These are the type of questions the author asks throughout the book. I find it pretty believable that despite hearing many messages from different beings, he still asks himself 'is this all my imagination? am I crazy?'

I just wanted to share this interesting story/outlook.

The Book

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posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by quintar

Im not so sure about the hearing voices in your head but Ive recently become interested in the idea of beings able to exist on higher dimensions. This is possibly an explanation for something I saw several years ago.


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