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Suspicious 9/11-scenario advantages.

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posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 12:36 PM
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SlightlyAbovePar : I think it might be helpful to remember that the common strategy, until 9-11, was to give hijackers whatever they wanted. As a matter of fact, pilots were trained to be submissive and give them (hijackers) whatever they could. How do I know this? Brother-in-law as a Capitan on 727's for a major airline explained that was the industry standard: give in, fly them around, they make a political statement (or a few), then typically get off. That certainly was the experience before 9-11.

That made perfect sense at the time. Of course now; total lunacy. I'm not saying it made the policy right, or correct but it does do a lot to bring the discussion into focus and under a clearer light.

The things that seem so obvious, and hard to believe now (give up control of the airplane?!?) had never been faced before.

I will try to formulate this as carefully as can be :

Did someone ever realize, that, in case we will ever be able to really prove with hard evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, we probably will find out that this was a very complicated, well thought out, and planned for many years, event ?
Planned to also have many extra advantages included, afterwards.

If you look at all the embedded advantages for various participating groups, you begin to get amazed at the myriads of economic and political gains arrived at since 9/11, for too many governments, agencies, militaries and corporations.

Just one question :
How many hijacks are you aware of, after 9/11 ?

If this was a well planned operation, the planners have obviously included many longterm-problem-fixing stories and scenarios to get rid of annoying and costly past problems.

One of those problems were these far too many hijackings occurring, and subsequent loss of face when negotiating in the background, with groups backed by the hijackers and demanding idiotic claims.
And loss of planes, people and pilots in the negotiation phases.

So, if you tend to believe there is something gravely wrong with the official stories told by so many state-paid institutions, and governments all over the globe, realize please for example, that tapes of black boxes could easily be falsificated with existing methods around the time of 9/11.

And thus inserted by too powerful bureaucrats while these tapes were sent to various research institutions, or in their buildings while arriving or being processed.
Swapping of tapes would be child's play for most agencies who would have placed their personnel inside these institutions well before 9/11.
Because they had the fake tapes ready, and checked for every possible failure to convince the "vox populi" of the world. No, not Fox, but their obvious objects, the "voice of the masses".

So, all four hijack scenarios played out for us, and especially flight 93's purpose in the grand scheme of 9/11 would have been the immediate blocking of all thoughts of new hijacks after 9/11, because as a hijacker, you did not have any possible negotiating time left anymore, since the whole mature population of any hijacked airplane will jump on you.

IF, it's ever again remotely possible that a would-be hijacker ever make it on an airplane with enough hardware to have even the slightest chance to take over the plane, having to confront now, locked reinforced cockpit doors, and eventual armed air marshals on board.

Big chance he gets lynched by the passengers before he even could announce that all he wants, is to fly to Cuba to visit their immigration offices.

See for the to be expected reactions of the passengers, the only one nut case trying to blow up a plane after 9/11, the infamous British "reborn Muslim", shoe bomber.

There are many more suspicious advantages booked on the agenda's of too many agencies, economic entities, armies and governments to be solely arrived at by sheer luck, after 9/11.

I'm sure many of you can come up with more examples of solely 9/11 aftermath, suspicious advantages for persons, groups or entities, who could have never gained such advantages without the events of 9/11.

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