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Does anyone think this is strange?

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posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 04:35 AM
Um, let me start off by saying that I have never experienced anything supernatural but I dont always doubt people who say they have. There are some strange things in this world, right?
Anyways, what I saw could be completely innocent, but I just cant get it out of my mind and it really creeped me out...
I was in the car with my parents, driving down a road close by to my house. As we were driving we saw three lights in the sky. It was late afternoon, but still really light out, the sun hadn't even started setting yet. I guess they could have been stars, but like I said it was still light out and these lights were really bright. We were all quite amazed by them. As we were looking at the lights we drove past this person hitchhiking. I am from South Africa and to see someone hitchhiking is really strange, especially in a suburb. The hitchhiker was a girl and she was really small and thin, really weird looking. As we drove past I saw her face and the best way for me to describe her is that she could have been 100 years old or 6 years old. She was so strange. She had these huge eyes, too big for head. My mom even turned around and said 'how weird-looking was that person?'. We got to where we were going and the subject was dropped but I still remember it vividly.
Does anyone have any opinions on what it might have been?

posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 05:06 AM
Well I can take a stab at two extreme ends of the bell curve here...

1. A normal evening, a psychological state of suggestibility, an ugly and unusual featured human child- a lot of free associations on a full tummy and in a sleepy hypnogogic frame of mind

2. A triangle UFO, an abduction of you and your family, a screen memory of the "100 year old child" as the UFO cultists will begin calling her, after every encouragement you will "remember" more and more details and soon, your paranoia fuelled, down into the spiral of inductive persecution mania thou willst go (I hope not, truly)

Honestly- who knows...

But it's a great little experience!

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