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New Sugercane crop circle in Brazil!!

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posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 06:47 PM
Hello this is the first Crop circle I heard of in my country, Brazil... just received this link from a friend of mine. It happened yesterday in the countryside of the São Paulo state, city of . As you know we are planting a lot of
sugarcane crops to produce ethanol alcohol ( bio fuel ) for our vehicles and also for export. The sugarcane crops are booming all over the country.

The perfect circle appeared in the sugarcane crop during the night of 22 of january 2008 ( yesterday )and according to the witness who lives in the house he heard the noise of the crop being smashed and saw a huge object with dim lights hovering the crop just outside his house.

Sorry the video is in portuguese.

here is the link.

I reaaly don´t know what to make of this, I hoped they had an aerial shot of this. The reporters said they telephoned the SINDACTA ( Brazil´s Norad ) and received no information about UFO´s in the area.

Anyway leave that to you... if you have any questions regarding the interviews let me know...



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