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Keith Laney 'Ferrets" out a Rat on Mars

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posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 12:15 AM
No Wait,

This is serious.

What is NASA going to do about rats? Especially if they all look like that one.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 02:03 AM
Goosdog, I figured out how to fix my links, the pics seem to be working now, thanks for looking.

So, what does everybody think?

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 03:20 AM
reply to post by bledforit

Well done, bledforit!

They really look like some kind of Martian groundhogs!

It even looks like the sand has been disturbed around their positions.

Very cool!

Could you post a link to your source?

In the future, don't hesitate to u2u me with any image or BB Code questions.

Always happy to help.

And that offer stands for everybody else too.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 03:31 AM

Originally posted by bledforit
So, what does everybody think?

That is quite amazing
I saw that fuzzy spot but was busy looking at the 'humanoid' Good job... seems we may have found a herd of them critters

Needs a closer look at that area to be sure...

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 10:49 PM
Goosdog, thank you for your comments and your kind offer, I may have to take you up on it. I'm good at many things, but with computers I'm only fair. I think it comes from being in college before the Commodore 64 hit the market.

Zorgon! good to here from you again.

The pic of the alleged groundhogs came from this thread]]

Its the !!!Mars Blue Sky And Water!!! thread, the pic is on page ten little more then halfway down, originally posted by , rolotommasi , I hope that leads you to the original source.

My friend that I mentioned before is clergy now and because of his previous experiences he knows there is life out there. One of his favorite sayings is "God does not waste real estate" and i believe it too.

Everyone here pro or con is just looking for answers, I have seen very good evidence and some that is a stretch, speculation rules the day here because everything we see, all the data, the pics, the info, is run through the Government/NASA filter. I don't understand some of the hostile attitudes I see on here, you would think that people criticized the rover these people built themselves in the garage and sent to Mars, Moon, space etc.

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 12:51 AM

Originally posted by Terapin
Personally, I have difficulty with the whole "it looks like" premise. Most of us have seen photos of New Hampshire's "Old man of the mountain." It is even on their States Quarter. Indeed, it does look just like the face of a man, but we ll know that it is a rock formation and nothing more. Just because someone thinks that a rock looks somewhat like a rat doesn't mean much without more significant data. I can point you to a large collection of images which look like something that they are not. They are quite common on Earth, and finding them off Earth should come as no surprise.

If someone were to show me better evidence than a bunch of "looks like" photos I would be more impressed. I am willing to consider the possibilities, but these types of photos are much like seeing animal shapes in the clouds. Smoking gun...? No way. Not even close. More like smoking something else.

I am as TIRED of using that NH "Old Man of the Mountain" analogy for seeing sheep in clouds. Unfortunately I am personally seeing more and more SHEPLE walking around American today than real thinking human beings. Skeptics tried using that same thing in dismissing the Ares Face in Cydonia that Tobias Owen found in the Viking 1 imagery...then Gerry Sofen came out and LIED saying another image taken a few hours later showed it "to be a trick of light and shadow". BRUTAL TRUTH was that Cydonia was in the dark a few afters the first image and the geometry and orbital mechanics made it another 35 days until another image was acquired with comparable resolution. These two images PROVE it is NOTHING like the NH Old Man who has now crumbled along with the NASA fundamental lie that the Cydonia FACE is just a pile of rocks. And this has been proven by peer reveiwed published papers and from engineer within NASA itself.

The 'rat image was taken with the PATHFINDER mission and many people here are comparing it to the CURRENT MER mission....sheesh...I guess REAL skeptics cannot be bothered to read the Stanton Friedman says about them saying...don't tell me anything I've already made up my mind.

Here's some PATHFINDER anomalies that are NOT rats...but I would like to hear the debunkers argue they're just plain old rocks:

Originally posted by Terapin
Extraordinary claims, require extraordinary evidence. ArMap has the right idea, of careful study, detailed evidence, and rational thought. If said "rat" is alive as some have claimed, could someone please show me the tracks it left traveling around the area. Perhaps you could also show me what it eats, or how it breaths in the extremely thin atmosphere without massive lung capacity. How does it survive the extreme temperature and where does it live? I simply want to know more, than just looking at a picture of a rock that looks like something. Even fossils found on Earth offer more additional evidence than this photo does.

Am I skeptical..? Yes. Not because I do not believe in the possibility of life on Mars, I most certainly do, but rather because this evidence is extremely weak and based solely on the idea that an image merely has the appearance of something similar to Earth based life. The moon appears to have a face on it, but that doesn't mean that it is alive.

[edit on 27/1/08 by Terapin]

I am also so EXREMELY TIRED of that old saying of SAGAN being grought up WITHOUT a FULL review of that saying that I started posting in the mid 1990's:

...continued in follow up post....char max issues...

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 12:56 AM
..continued from above....:

Dr. Sagan stated that "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." Well also true is that extraordinary evidence requires extraordinary investigation, and an extraordinary investigation requires an extraordinary review and discussion process that is publicly open and honest. The most extraordinary piece of evidence that humanity has never been alone in the Universe is laying there uninvestigated unbiased by an unpoliticized science field and an unpoliticized and free news media. I mean we're talking about finally answering one of humankind's oldest and most interesting question here! And you are letting it go without even an honest journalistic peek at the issues!

Facts and evidence. They simply are, whether one chooses to see them as 'proof' of something is sometimes as subjective as personal interpretations of beauty. However, at some point ( where is that point? ) there is an overwhelming amount of facts and evidence of a thing and to then 'believe' otherwise is as silly a behavior as those who say people who do see the Cydonia Mensae Face as an artificial sculpture are suffering from nephelococcygia. Do the research necessary to make your opinions have merit, not only for others, but more importantly, for your own sense of self. Then you'll have a better idea of what YOU need to then see for 'proof' of a thing.

But you very few very vocal folks simply keep denying ANY evidence exists in your continued religious disbelief, that is your right, but it is NOT science or truth.

And it seems that NASA/JPL/MSSS from the get-go about Cydonia began what can only be called as 'nefarious' conduct with the data and press releases about that data...starting with the "CATBOX". It continued with other "Proclamations by Press releases" instead of any hard "science" and has been shown time after time to be nothing more than NASA/JPL/MSSS trying to "squash this thing for good" by trying to make false or misleading statements into "science fact" with these press releases. They have been debunked EVERY time from one of NASA's own engineer:
From a current NASA engineer:
Lan Fleming
In addition, in preparation for the MER landings NASA counted on the work of an "Mars Independent Researcher" to process the data from the MGS MOCs since his image processing skills produced BETTER and HIGHER quality data than MSSS did.
MER landing sites Keith Laney's work
And so here we are more than a decade after the MGS went into orbit, it had it's OWN Thermal IR data, albeit not as good as THEMIS IR 100 m/p footprint...BUT...what remains is a BRUTAL TRUTH FACT about NASA/JPL/ASU/AU/MSSS and even ESA :

There has been the Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Odyssey, Mars Express and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter yet with 4 operating spacecraft beating the long odds of the "Martian Ghoul" not ONE of the has done the following as of this date February 1, 2008...


Repeat for emphasis since this is over a DECADE now. When we once were able to go to the MOON and we can't get a simple mineral map.

This is simply not only is downright DISHONEST "SCIENCE"...PERIOD.


posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 01:00 AM
One last thing to the DEBUNKERS and SKEPTICS...a question yes or no.

Is there LIQUID WATER present on Mars right now?


posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 02:09 AM
reply to post by rhw007

Yes, there are huge bodies of water on Mars right now. Water spills from craters, stains the sand, swirls in streams and ponds, bubbles up from undeground "Fountains of the Deep". The whole nine yards. And for the record Mars often has blue skies.

And the rat rock is still just a rock, and really poor evidence is just as good as disinformation at muddying the waters (sort of a pun)

posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 04:29 PM
All very interesting. Personally for me, I have trouble taking a "respectable" researcher seriously, when they feel it necessary to photoshop their own face into Mars and other celestial bodies>


Yea, Im going to have to go, based on his apparent psychosis.....

posted on Feb, 20 2008 @ 09:59 PM
reply to post by zorgon
Keith I think you got more than rats.These seem like baby dragon snakes and a big lizard at bottom.

posted on Feb, 20 2008 @ 10:28 PM
reply to post by vze2xjjk

One line alert!!! Whoop whoop.....

What the heck is that?

posted on Feb, 21 2008 @ 09:29 AM
My first step in this case since it's a 3D image 2004 Bonneville March
was to turn it to a negative image.I use PhotoFiltre free edition,so nothing complicated for a middle experienced user,since I'm joe average in the curve as far as learning new tricks. Then this negative image I shrank width ways squeezed to crunch back down some of the 3D effect and get some overlap working for me.There are no set rules.I could squish it more or less,either verticle or horizontal squeeze.Or I could stretch it if I wanted to. Just so you know,this Bonneville image is teaming with life and fossils,probably becase it's a "watering hole " crater that may have enough looseness underground from an ancient impact that water is available underground.At any rate the live animals are all around the rim of the crater.If you walked there when this was taken you'd see more snakes than other creatures,but the dragons would be large enough to put a fright in you.Their bodies are mostly tubular like glorified worms,not like all reptiled-out with long legs(mostly) and horse-like body.Some do have very narrow-tapered horse-like heads. I refer to thos as Euros because they appear most in European art.The basic Chinese style is more brawny and low to ground in art,and that's the way most appear on Mars because it's cold at night and they must go underground where they can fit in a cave.That's my opinion,for what it's worth.
Then after about 10-15 mins hunting the NEG image,I'll mark it and go back to Positive because you never see ALL of the faces in either Pos or Neg. It takes TIME.But you get better recognition skills and build up a visual vocabulary with time,so it pays off long term.
I look for faces.I look for eyes first,then EYES/NOSE/MOUTH combos,because people are mostly blind and you need images that jump out and bite them for anyone to see it.It doesn't matter that you see it easily and clearly.

posted on Feb, 21 2008 @ 10:06 AM
We should be able to find another rat if they are up there. Same with another red furred rodent. If these anomalies repat themselves then it becomes more interesting.

I was looking for a youtube video titled secret mars or real mars that had little critters like that rat hopping up and down. I can't find it now. Also there is a 1962 secret mars landing video that shows a burrowing animal presumably tunneling underground.

posted on Feb, 21 2008 @ 10:09 AM
reply to post by vze2xjjk

vze2xjjk are you for real? Every time I open up a thread on here that relates to mars I see your crazy edited images being spammed constantly with old school fonts saying "SERPENTS HEAD" and "DRAGONS BE HERE" I just dont see anything close to what you claim to see. The only thing that you posted that looked believable was the grapefruit head picture, that was impressive, the rest is just crazy nonsense to me.

Regarding Zorgons rat image, yes I do see the rat type creature, it also looks as though it has one of it's young resting on it's right shoulder area. the only thing that makes me doubt it is that it looks like a cartoon rat or something but then again who knows what a rat from mars really looks like.

posted on Feb, 21 2008 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by inscrip
Oh well Keith I don't think they'll worry about the RATS so much...
Like I said 4 years ago,the animals crawl all over the rover and treat it like a tourist attraction.

posted on Feb, 21 2008 @ 02:04 PM
I need to get some of your special glasses cause I cannot see anything but rocks. Beautiful rocks. Are there potatoes on Mars? Is that the eyes you are refering to? I will go back and look.

posted on Feb, 21 2008 @ 05:33 PM
reply to post by zorgon

Animation is fair game.I designed Pathfinder /Sojourner 1987 as an expendable rover that would only live as long as batteries permitted,since I at that time didn't know how well solar cells performed.I was hoping it lasted a week,since I knew the nights were bitter cold battery killers.I knew far less about computers in 1987.I owned my first one summer 1999 because it was overdue and I felt my life was lagging in the information age,like I was driving my 64 chevy and getting left in the dust. I must say that the Spirit and Opportunity rovers surpassed my wettest wildest dreams in long life and staying power. I provided the airbags and they brought the higher tech,even though slower than today's standards. If someone from brainiac 9 would have stuck a $10 microphone on each rover I'd be a lot happier today. The animals marvel at Pathfinder's comfy spots by laying down on it and inspecting it as a possible food source(they lick it). I've been 4 years trying to describe Eurodragons showing up on Mars,and one is lounging on the deck of Pathfinder right under my nose.

The "Rats/patch of dark material) on top of that rock may have been Nasa's clever way to mask the dragon's mouth parts behind it.That way you'd assume it was the air bags if the image was washed out.Make out the symetrically placed eyes of the dragon behind the rock.The dragon at the other end or the pic is turned into a rock to mask it,so you see Nasa has no problem with playing games when they want you to see something or NOTHING. Look for eyes and symetry.

posted on Feb, 21 2008 @ 09:13 PM
reply to post by zorgon
It's still a conundrum,from overlap. Tough one,rich with faces and big eyes.
The animals climb all over each other and enjoy it like snakes. Heat conservation is a survival tool,so they travel in packs to survive sudden cold.(???) I hear howling in the wilderness...LOL

posted on Feb, 21 2008 @ 09:22 PM
reply to post by MrPenny
That is a negative image of dog sized lizards doting on young cute baby lizards ,like dogs care for puppies.The young ones are on the rock,next to Pathfinder 1997.Note the 2 reptilian square jaw profiles in bottom left and left sides. Think of a raptor dinosaur for a similar animal. I just don't know the body style yet.I do faces.

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