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JFK Assassination - Was Officer Tippet Supposed to Have Killed Oswald?

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posted on Dec, 22 2008 @ 08:21 PM
Not so fast sherlock...
The fastest way to get some pigeon waxed is to shoot a cop...
After the President of the United States is murdered in plain view
they did not want this patsy Oswald to be captured and talk...
To infuriate the cops, Tippet was murdered...hence, the Dallas PD
would not take him prisoner...He would be shot by Dallas PD..Executed
to be more specific...
Tippett was "offed" which infuriated the DPD...
30 Dallas cops respond to a guy who didn't pay a 75 cent movie
ticket?...Does that make sense?...The President is shot to hell and
a Dallas cop murdered and 30 cops are available to catch an alleged
movie ticket violator?...I doubt it...
Something very wrong here...I think Oswald was supposed to be
shot by angry cops in the movie theater and luckily for the moment,
he was taken alive...Too bad he couldn't be kept alive...maybe a bullet
proof vest like in the FBI inventory?
....sincerely, combat vet, infantry Vietnam l970 and assassination
researcher....40 years........

posted on Dec, 27 2008 @ 05:13 PM
I believe Oswald was indeed sent to kill Tippet as there is a fascinating page if you are interested that does some comparisons against the Badgeman photo (Mooreman blow-up enhancement) that is absolutely mindboggling and makes perfect sense if you read the whole thing. I don't have the link but will find it and post it here or if you google "Morningside badgeman tippet" you will come up with the link. On that page as I was saying there is a comparison done with badgeman against another DPD cop and when looking at the uniform you can see the ball point pen in the top left pocket sticking up and many other features that pretty much conclude that badgeman IS a DPD cop as when the hairlines of both individuals are compared the evidence is pretty strong...which would make sense as to why Tippet was killed and as to why all the JFK autopsy evidence is so out of whack and when you put it all together you pretty much come to the same conclusion I did...J.D. Tipppet IS the Badgeman on the grassy knoll that fired the shot that killed JFK. No doubt it's him...look at the evidence and the comparison photos and it will freak you out. But it all makes sense....I also believe as do they...that Tippet was killed by Oswald as he HAD to be...just as Oswald HAD to be killed by seams that the more people research the more comes to light...and it get scarier by the day to know that our government can pull off something like this...I found the link you MUST check this out!!

Read the whole page...judge for yourself...but I think the evidence is clear...and it makes perfect will now have a whole NEW outlook on thew assassination of the man that would have been the best president this country ever had...John Fitzgerald Kennedy...andbecause of those events in Dealy plaza 11/22/63...this country now sucks!

This guy Morningside was there on the Knoll that day in Dallas and he remembers seeing Tippet at the fence linbe shortly before the shooting but kept quiet for over 40 years because he did noy want to end up dead like so many others that knew the truth about what happened. I don't blame him. He also had interviewed another woman that also recognized Tippet as being behind the Knoll fence too...and she also kept quiet in fear for her life...what a way to have to live huh..?? Knowing all these facts and not being able to tell anyone...even the authorities has got to be one of the most difficult things to endure throughout life. I must say I give them credit for being strong enough to do the right thing for so many years, and finally bringing this evidence to the surface.

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 12:04 AM
When I was in school our teacher told us that Ruby told his relatives that somebody was injecting him with cancer cells.

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 12:25 AM
reply to post by Badge01

This was an old thread, but since it was bumped I thought I would add to it.

It is an interesting topic, I have heard of Tippit's body being used as a double for autopsy photos due to their resemblance but not this.

Here's a guy who I think has a striking similarity to Oswald.

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