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Race To Mars

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posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 10:28 AM
Hi I represent Race To Mars ( and I’m spamming you! But it's not really spam because you might be interested in knowing that Race To Mars, a landmark two-hour miniseries, which imagines and simulates with “breathtaking realism” what astronauts will experience on the first human mission to Mars airs on…

Discovery Network’s The Science Channel on Sunday, January 27th
9pm et/pt Race to Mars Episode 1
10pm et/pt Race to Mars Episode 2

Oh, and don’t forget to watch Mars Rising, (Tuesday nights at 9pm et/pt) a six-part documentary series narrated by William Shatner, exploring how the challenges being grappled with today will lead to a manned mission to Mars in the next 20 years

There is also a Race To Mars interactive companion site that connects Race to Mars and Mars Rising material with games,
simulators and training missions,
an article index,
community message boards,
resources for students and teachers,
and many other special features at…



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