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My Prediction: Strategic Nuclear Power Reserve, Coming Soon.

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posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 11:07 PM
My prediction: We will build 500 nuclear power plants in 2009 thru 2015, using some sort of standard design, to put pressure on OPEC. It will be called something like “USA Strategic Nuclear Power Reserve.”

Because they will be a standard, mass produced design, the cost of each power plant will be extremely low. This will be an initiative of either President McCain or President Obama, in an attempt to reduce the price of gasoline.

Each of these power plants will connect to the power grid, but at any given time, only 10 or so will be active, so the risk of a nuclear meltdown, or other disaster, will be minimal. The public will embrace this, as a way to stop skyrocketing transportation costs.

From 2010 to 2020, the promise of cheap and abundant electricity will cause a surge in the production of all-electric cars. This will cause a marked decrease in the price of gasoline, and increase in electrical energy consumption.


Slowly, as the worldwide oil reserves become exhausted, and as electric cars supplant gasoline driven cars, the number of active nuclear power plants will increase. By 2050, over 1000 nuclear power plants will be continuously operating.

Soon after that, we will have a catastrophic nuclear meltdown of historic consequences.

We will have become careless, and overreached with a system was never intended to be the foundation of our energy policy.

Could be?

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 12:39 AM
One more note about my above post: Please do not consider this to be speculation or mere conjecture. I have never considered myself to be especially psychic, but this is really a PROPHETIC vision I have had for a very long time, and which has grown very strong and palpable.

As I wrote the OP, I couldn’t help but feel a very strange sense of destiny, as if I was meant to write the above post, and had always written this post. (This is strange, because this forum is only casually interesting to me – I don’t know what compelled me to start this thread.)

I know (according to the forum rules) that amateurs are not supposing to put personal prophesies into this forum without the prior consent of the moderators, but I ask indulgence here.

Right now, if you Google “Strategic Nuclear Power Reserve” you get zero hits (except for my post.). I feel strongly this will start generating hits soon, and will enter the lexicon of English phrases. I have my Google News alert all configured.

Finally, if I am wrong, I will slink off in embarrassment, and make no more predictions. This should be easy enough to prove or disprove, given just a little bit of time.

Note: The vision of electric cars, carelessness, and eventual disaster are also present. Watch for the term “Strategic Nuclear Power Reserve” or something very similar.


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posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 02:31 PM
Where did you see this vision? Were you sleeping? Meditating? Outside or inside? What were your surroundings?

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 05:18 PM

Originally posted by Ronnie6657
Where did you see this vision? Were you sleeping? Meditating? Outside or inside? What were your surroundings?

This was a very weird sensation, and I appreciate the opportunity to describe it to you.


I was reading a post on ATS in this forum, dealing with Billy Meier Predictions. The actual thread I was reading is here. I think this was about 10:00 PM.

After exploring the content of that thread, I just wandered around a bit, thinking of fate, and wondering how it ties into consciousness. You might say I was in a reverie of sorts. I walked out on the back deck of my house for about 30 minutes, pondering about the nature of time and consciousness. I came back to look at the above thread again, but found another thread on synchronicity located here which I wrote a brief reply to. This was around 11:00 PM.


After finishing the post on synchronicity. I switched from thinking about the future, to thinking about synchronicity, and suddenly a strange and unexpected idea popped into my head with a very powerful force. It just occurred, as if it was the answer to some math equation that you’ve been search for, or the name of someone you have been trying to remember.

This eerie thought stunned me, and was as follows "All conscious thought comes from the distant future."

As this thought occurred, I realized the thought was highly self-referential. The thought itself had come from the distant future, and arrived at that moment. It seemed a kind of proof to me. And I felt a very strong sense of destiny. It was a very strange and intoxicating feeling. My heart was racing. The experience lasted several minutes. I was wondering if I was having some sort of delusional experience. This is difficult to understand, but for a minute, I had a very strong sense of prescience and precognition about me.

Was I delusional? It seemed like something very easy to test! I thought about what I wanted to predict – this is important – I felt free to choose the topic of my prediction. It wasn’t a specific vision of the future, but somehow a feeling like I could predict something – anything I focused on – with a high degree of accuracy.

I had been thinking about electric cars earlier that day. I opened a new MS Word document on my computer and wrote down the line “Strategic Nuclear Power Reserve”, and with a single pass, almost as if it was automatic writing, I had finished the OP that started this thread. I can’t really describe it as a “vision” – but the word does seems to fit.

During that time, I felt a huge sense of fatefulness about me – not really just to post some trivial prediction about nuclear power (which I obviously did) but to actually prove to myself that our consciousness exists in the future, and help formulate a mechanism by which prophesy and prescience is possible.

This is essential to understanding why I created this post: I knew it wasn’t going to generate a lot of commentary or hits on this subject. It is a somewhat trivial prediction (Who really cares about strategic nuclear power reserves?) I just wanted to document something that I knew would come true, so I could prove that I had established an understanding of fate and destiny, and that prophesy is actually possible.


Within several minutes of posting the prediction. I lost that sense of prescience, and I can’t really remember today what it felt like. I felt a little stupid. I read the rules post for the forum and saw that amateurs weren’t suppose to post without permission. I sent a U2U message to ADVISOR, then tried to cool off a bit by reading some more threads.

I spent about a full hour, just coming down from the experience. And I started wondering about the topic. Had I seen something like this somewhere else?

At around 1:30 AM, I Googled “Strategic Nuclear Power Reserve” and found zero hits on that phrase. I set up a Google News alert, and added the postscript to my thread that you see above. The fact that I couldn’t find any Google hits on the phrase definitely restored a sense of importance to the exercise.

So there you go. I have a lot of doubts about the post today, but I remember clearly, at the moment I wrote the post, how strongly I believed it was real.


No – I don’t do drugs and hadn’t been drinking. Yes – I’ve felt this sense of prescience before, but have never really tested it as comprehensively as I am doing now. Maybe I’ve been spending too much time on ATS lately, really devoting myself to some of the topics here, and that is the problem (or the benefit.)

I know I’ve been a bit long winded. If this prediction comes true, this explanation might be very important. If the prediction turns out to be false, I guess this is just another inane ATS post without much point, as some (but not all) ATS posts appear to be. We should know relatively soon whether this is true or not.

Thanks for listening!

(Edited to correct markup code.)

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posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 06:04 AM
Hey, thanks for sharing.

I think I undertand some parts of your experience, I had my own share of them.

What you say is totally probable. Right now there are two major trends around the world regarding energy. One is to use coal, the second would be nuclear energy.

It's sad that we don't use solar power or other green sources. I really think that what you talk about might be implemented since USA must find a quick solution to energy problems.

When you think about it, a quick solution could actully be these standard mass produced nuclear power plants.

They never give enough credit to the alternative green energy sources. Better make solar farms then nuclear ones. And as you said if they build them then one day they will get destroyed and when that happenes, well, bad day for America.

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