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The Immortal Game

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posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 08:41 PM

The Immortal Game can refer generally to Chess as a game played throughout human history or specifically to a match played in 1851

The Immortal Game on WIKI

The Immortal Game -blow by blow-

There is another meaning to the Immortal Game- the game of kings and princes, the game of politics and war. The game of control.

It is this sense in which the phrase The Great Game is used in old books about spies and treachery, and about the diplomatic struggles of empire.

The Immortal Game also appears in Blade Runner - it is the chess game that J.F. Sebastian and Tyrell are playing which the frankensteinian android Roy Batty interrupts- as well as in the film 2001- HAL cheats Bowman and claims checkmate when in fact the computer has got the move wrong...


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