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City TV OVNI report

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posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 05:12 PM
South America, and Mexico have the most sightings of UFO alien sightings, and flying humanoids. I search daily for any reports. Today I found this youtube clip about multiple OVNI sigtings. I noticed it was a 10 min news report with many different witnesses, and video pictures. I also noticed something unusual in the video. The reporter was standing on a possible crop formation. I am interested in what the reporters, and witnesses are saying. I unfortunatly am not the best at understanding Spanish. I would really be your best friend forever if someone would help me understand roughly what the report is about and maybe a few of the things the people are saying. Also interested in a date of this report. Hope someone can translate some of this. Thanks,

City TV

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 10:41 PM
Lady in newsroom:

blah blah blah UFO images taken while visiting a mountain in the community of Tabio(approx 40 minutos from Bogota) blah blah blah
[asks to reporter in Tabio]

Enrique how are you, are there(really) UFOs in Tabio?


blah blah blah blah neither the camera man nor I were able to see any UFO, but all persons we interrogated are claiming that there are UFOs.

(Enrique off camera):

We visited the area to verify the claims, but after 1 hour of video recording we couldn't obtain a thing.

(Enrique back on camera)

We are here to talk to the habitants of this zone to try and understand what's going on.
It seems that not even security forces are safe from these weird events.

Security Officer:

Yesterday nigth 4 security units(4 people including himself) were walking down the hill, when all of the sudden the ligth started chasing us. Then the ligth came out of the floor(yep, that's exactly what he said), raised about 1 meter from the ground, and then it flew towards the mountain and seemed to go inside the mountain.

Enrique(explaining the crop circle):

On the foot of the mountain, a group of Germans have drawn a series of signals to try to get the attention of the UFOs

German Guy:

It's a center of information that everyone can have access to as long as we enter the frequency where those things exist, in another reality, one that's different from our own.

Then more blah blah blah
Enrique interviews a guy and he agrees that sometimes UFOs appear out of nowhere.

Lady in newsroom:

Enrique, why this town?


Experts think that in this area there is some sort of electromagnetic field, so the UFOs go there to recharge their energy.

Then more blah blah about Enrique going on a quest to find the UFOs
More interviews of people that have seen them.

Blond guy(UFO expert):

To date we have found 10-12 UFOs that travel at velocities that are not common around the hill.

(not sure what he meant, maybe there are other regular aircraft flying close to that hill? The syntax implies that the speed around the hill is the uncommon one)

Then Enrique says that all the UFO pictures seen in the video were provided by the 2 guys that appear after the 2:38 mark. They are supposed to be experts in the UFO field.

Then more blah blah, and someone(guy at 5:10) mentions that there is more impressivefootage recorded by the habitants of Tabio. He states that the footage we have seen so far(the one that makes a semi circle) shows an object going at 6000KM/s
Then the lady explains why it couldn't be a bird(I agree 100%)
The guy tries to explain why it couldn't be a bug, and that those objects must be huge, however these are poor unsubstained arguments.

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