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The Sierra Club proposes video game and TV tax

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posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 10:28 AM
yikes, when will people stop trying to tax me for crap I don't need to deal with? Why should all consumers pay a tax, just because someone is on their high horse pointing a skinny finger at the chubby people on the couch? Maybe they should put a tax on couches as well? Perhaps something that could monitor whether you sleep more than 8 hours, and tax you on that too?

a group dedicated to environmentalism and preservation -- has proposed that a tax be levied against kids who choose video games or computers rather than venturing out-of-doors.

technically, isn't it better for the environment if people stay indoors, instead of potentially littering nature with garbage, noise and pollution? So how does getting more people out into nature, help nature out?

Mike Casaus of the Sierra Club says families hiking a mountain trail together are becoming scarce as childhood diabetes and obesity is soaring, which is why the organization is proposing the one-percent tax.

perhaps they don't realize that some states (like florida) do not have mountain trails. I guess that's just because everyone in FL is lazy.

New Mexico's State Parks Division estimates that although 80 percent of New Mexico's students live within a half-hour of a state park, less than 10 percent have ever visited one. The state's under funded Outdoor Classroom program helps students visit state parks and assists teachers with using the hands-on parks experience for science, math, and other academic skills.

So apparently, making TV and games more expensive for the parents, will somehow get kids to want to visit the state parks? What type of reverse-logic is this?

Seems much more like yet another tax scheme on the american public.

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 11:05 AM
reply to post by scientist

With the 1% tax leveied against TVs and video games, About $4mil. worth, programs for kids and families will be established... by whom? The Sierra Club? We are paying for access to our National Forests already to make-up the difference in lost tax revenue from the tax exempt status of the "clubbers" and their ilk, on lands they have purchased, in the name of "preservation". Are we to think that as long as we pay the tax, we can go back to free-use enjoyment of nature.
How about we rescind the tax exemption for these organizations, and utilize those proceeds to fund such programs?

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