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Alex Jones - Who is he, really?

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posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 07:12 AM

I know your thinking "O no, not another thread on this.", but I would just like to rethink about some previous comments made on this forum.

I am now going to quote Alex from a web stream today:

"Why don't they (the goverment, who is the biggest enemy..apparently) go into Mexico and overthrow the goverment? I'd support that!"

Questions for americans:

Are mexicans really taking "all" your jobs?
Does this validate such extreme desire?

and to ALL, why would he support the goverment in doing that?

the sole benefit would be tightening border strength and stopping some of the illegal immigration, IF they wanted that.

Does anyone else have any interesting or disturbing quotes from Alex?

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posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 07:22 AM
reply to post by amanbuthimself

I think Alex is essentially the Rush Limbaugh of the conspiracy crowd. Builds his own reputation by feeding fear and being sensationalistic.

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 08:02 AM
reply to post by Karlhungis

Well, he has got one of those over the top personalities. As you may have implied, I think this has been somewhat 'developed' since his first film - which was almost boring to watch. At least his other movies won't send anyone to sleep.

Another statement he made a while ago seemed inaccurate. I haven't researched if this is the case but he also stated that "all 8 wars going on in Africa are for natural resources".

Africa does have its natural resources but isn't a lot of the fighting based on religion and politics?

If anyone knowledgable on the subject could make a comment it would be useful.

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 08:22 AM
Alex Jones doesn't filter his words or his image. This is why he makes an ass out of himself by using a bullhorn to yell at the Hotel the Bilderberg conference is in for example. He just doesn't give a sh*&. He is a Texan and probably more sensitive to the illegal alien problem than the rest of us not living right near the border.
The Mexican government is corrupt as can be. Many politicians are bought by the drug cartels who have now reportedly joined forces to battle more stringent border patrols since 9-11.
I think he was being sarcastic when he talks about going into Mexico as I don't see him as a sword rattler except against tyranny which I am thankful for. I try to focus on the good that he does and I let his idiosyncrises go by.

I have heard him malign New Englanders and pile us all into a Ted Kennedy basket which of course is bunk. This part of the country is loaded with salt of the earth hard working freedom loving people.

Live and let live but also Live free or die.

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 08:49 AM
Alex Jones does some good and I stress some but then he discredits
what good he does by yelling at a bilderberg hotel we are not your slaves
you are not out kings and queens blah blah blah

It is cool to expose things but to remain credible you have to have self control
he is an example of the reason that people can jump on the nut job train anytime someone goes against the grain thereby damaging the very thing he is trying to expose..


posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 08:59 AM
Was he talking about the mexican government raising money to screw with the elections when he said "why dont they overthrow the mexican government? I'd support that." The illegal immigration problem is, just that a problem that needs to be solved. I see it everyday where I live, and that is up in northern indiana. We have a multitude of illegals here, and it is going to get bad in a short time if something isnt done about it.

Alex Jones says stuff sometimes that is pretty off course from logical thought, I dont agree with everything he says. However I do respect him for saying what is on his mind and not playing the PC game that is eating this country alive. In terms of supporting the government in controlling the borders, that is what they are supposed to do. Protect our borders and deliver our mail is about the only support I can give the government. Anymore then that and they are over stepping their bounds imo.

Instead now we have a government on some global conquest to irradicate an invisible boogy man. A government that taxes the living crap out of us, listens to our phone calls, rules by intimidation, and I have never heard Alex Jones support any of that. In a position such as his when he is heard throughout the country, he is going to say something that people will disagree with. I listen very carefully to him, and all other talk radio personalities, I dont agree all the time, but I do get a sense that he really cares about what he is doing. I dont think there are any other motives to him besides speaking out against the BS that he sees going on in the government.

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 09:03 AM
reply to post by amanbuthimself

You're probably referring to Darfur, but even there... If you don't understand that it is for power, local or otherwise, with the natural resources as the winning prize, than you've been misled. It always seems like religion or low level politics, but it seems to be the barbaric representation of what goes on in modernized countries.

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 09:06 AM
I don't really care who he is, I doubt I or anyone who blatanlty discredits this man will ever actually meet him.
Yet people love to tear him apart for doing something as simple as maybe bringing someone's attention to something they had no prior knowledge of.

We don't have to like him.

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 09:19 AM
I like the Jones / Limbaugh comparison, and I think it is dead on.

The problem with people like them is not necessarily their message, but how it is presented. The imperative, absolute manner in which they present their message resonates with some and alienates others. The result is a severe rift between the two groups. The polarization of character and belief virtually eliminates civil and rational communication between the two groups. Anger and ill will dominates, and this does not move things forward or allow for reasonable conflict resolution.

A Limbaugh fanatic will seldom, if ever, be able to have a civil normal conversation with a Limbaugh hater. Similarly, an Alex Jones fanatic will seldom, if ever, be able to have a civil normal conversation with a Jones skeptic.

Unfortunate and divisive.

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 09:25 AM
There's been some useful and insightfuly input. As with most of the people whom replied, my perception is that he is doing something truthfully but a percentile of what he says is not to be 'taken in'.

Its not that I'm trying to 'smear' him but I just want to be able to profile him mentally by knowing more of his traits.

Do you remember those Zionist claims?

I think that is strange because he speaks against Israel rather speaking for it.

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 09:35 AM
reply to post by amanbuthimself

Understood. Of course I don't take everything he says as gospel and he is sometimes quite irritating but I am quick to defend the likes of Jones and Michael Moore because so many people - and funnily enough American people which I find amusing - are so against them and their messages. Like they know them personally to harbor such passionate hate for a person.

It used to actually upset and sadden me that people I know just didn't care and had no knowledge of important matters ... but I am getting over feeling bad for people who don't care enough to enlighten themselves.

Anywho, carry on

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 11:58 AM
I don't see how Alex Jones is spreading fear in any way. Not like the mass media who is constantly talking about death in iraq and all this # that make people turn to the government for safety rather than away.
Jones spreads awareness so that people might do research of their own and learn the truth.

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 12:56 PM
reply to post by corey1337

I agree with what you said, he isnt selling fear, he is more or less making you aware of things that may possibly scare you. The thing that I like about him, is that he doesnt expect you to take his word for it I truly believe that he wants you to find concrete proof on your own. There is a difference if you listen to someone say something, and think that could very well be. It is a whole lot more in your face and real when you find stuff to be true on your own. I really think he knows this and expects people to look in to it.

I get more of a feeling of realism from him then I do say Limbaugh, Beck, Oreily, Savage, or that fake bastard insanity,I cant even say or spell his name because the words make me puke. I listen to the others mostly just to see what they are saying, and it is all the same, it is like they get this frigging memo that says lets talk about this candidate today. Makes me sick, and then the other host that damn Medved, ooooh, I hate that man, I dont hate alot of people but his whiny voice, ugh I hate him worse then all the others. Sorry I am getting off topic, I get more realism from Jones then any of the other empty mouth pieces for the republican party on radio. But what they say should never be taken as truth until you find it out for your self.

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 02:38 AM
He just doesn't start attacking you with information as much as people say he does. He gives you information from readily available sources, and pieces them together and tells you to look for yourself. The government is made up of some shady people and maybe, just maybe everything in our world isn't as "perfect" as they want us to believe. We are just organisms living on a rock thats floating through space. I hate this lifestyle that we are conditioned to believe is eveyrthing, that we wake up with this entire setting, like life is some game. Alex Jones wants people to think for themselves. Disinformation does not promote that. They want people to be stable, rather than unstable. Even if he is a cia agent or whatever, (which i highly doubt).. his message is just.

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 02:54 AM
How dare you equate gatekeeper Michael Moore with patriot AlexJones. When asked why he didn't question the pentagon crash in his movie M. Moore said"that would be un-american" Ask Noam chomsky about 9-11. Ask Naomizion Klein. They are on the other side mate. Alex Jones is a properly pissed off american and I'd rather fight it out with him than some sold out fatass. scuse me

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 03:34 AM
Alex is just filling a niche market, appealing to all those who think change no matter what is wrong. Being resistive to change is not a bad thing but in his case he comes across as a muscle head who is trying to resist some evil non specific beast.

Its always easy to just say "they" or "them" and rant on about some issue unrelated and link it together with the whole NWO saga. Alex should just get over it and realise the planet is now heading toward a single controlling entity and its enivitable. There will be some bad but with it will come some good...if we don't particularly like it we revolt like history previously.

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 05:03 AM
reply to post by mazzroth

I disagree. Alex Jones knows just who he is going after. It is confusing I'll admit but if you were trying to take over the world would you draw me a map?

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 07:38 AM
AJ's inability to address the influence of organized (Abrahamic) religions in the global situation will be duly noted historically. His obvious religious/"Christian" bias will be exposed for what it is. He will be duly credited, however, for releasing all the necessary raw facts particularly about 9/11, but his conclusions and opinions will prove to be psychotic jokes.

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 12:17 PM
OK, loooong pause... Let's put it this way: For AJ to say as much as he has without mentioning ANYTHING of, say, Disclosure (of as much of the currently unexplained as possible), fanatical (or fanatical ENOUGH) religion and the total domination by the National Security state itself is not seeing anywhere near the whole picture. I believe people are freaking out the world over, consciously or not, because of the fear of revelations of new science, reality... 9/11, IMO, was the beginning of the SECOND stage of truth: violent opposition... Anyway, the whole story is too long to get into here. Perhaps I shouldn't have posted anything. I'm really more of a blogger than a poster:

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