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Culture Jamming

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posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 05:30 AM
In "The Prisoner" episode entitled "It's Your Funeral" and was taken up by, amongst others, the band Negativland.

Culture Jamming put simply is an effort to "jam" the "signal" mainstream or common culture puts out, especially the apparently soulless, mindless and robotizing pap that TV, Hollywood and all elements of conformity espouse.

It is the modern form of what Nazi Germany collected under the general heading of "Enemy Signals" or cultural sabotage. In a world where the dominant culture is seen as being bad, cultural saboteurs become the heroes.

The indy pop duo KLF and their post-music incarnation the K Foundation were influential on a massive scale in the UK and Europe. After the million pound inferno debacle the K Foundation has undergone a self-imposed moratorium until 2018.

One has to be extremely careful not to acknowledge mainstream counter-apologists as Culture Jammers. For example, critics who come from within one of the two sides of modern society's Hegelian construct - opponents of the Right and opponents of the Left - are NOT Culture Jammers. They are simply different facets of the same cultural hegemony.

In almost all of its forms, UFOlogy is and has always been an extremely pure form of Culture Jamming. Even when hijacked by populist fare such as the X-Files the underlying validity of the contra view UFOlogy holds on so many topics makes it a field of study that anticipated the earnest elements in environmentalism, government activism, modern religious tolerance and the anti-war movement. UFOlogy has at its base not any particular religion or grouping of faith-based philosophies but instead uses basic science and a general humanistic benevolence as a blueprint for inclusive debate.

UFOlogists just might be the nicest, and most effective, Culture Jammers on planet Earth!

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