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please tell me if this make's sense.

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posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 02:44 AM
First sorry if my typing skill's suck.

first all the ufo's ect.... peopel have been seein in the last 50 year's
is alot.

my question is this.

let's say some weather or atmospheric condition or even man made such as airplane's bomb's maybe even a cell phone.

unknowingly put earth in a paradox i rekon that the right

and ufo's are kinda a glimpse of what is and what is possible in the future/past at one time.

ok say our goverment made a ship or something even if it was the size of a ink pen fly realy close to the speed of light say 900 years from now.

it jack's with earth in way's they didn't think of and somehow we see like ghost ship's ...ufo.. ect.... stuff from a future.

in a way it might be why none have solid proof i meen a real ufo.
a real alien.
they are perhap's a reflection of our self or maybe even a reflection a rip in time or ripple kinda liek water.
perhap's they are ufo...alien's....and there ship's came here million's of year's ago and left a impression in our sky's of there ship's
like a immprint of what they did at certain interval's in time.
liek this area we live in we are seeing more and more than previose cenutrie's.
as if a storm or atmospehric maybe even caused by our sun.
is amplifying the thing's we call ufo's..

liek a uhf signal or a cb radio or ham.
you key a mic up say HELLO WORLD!!!!!
if the sun or a storm is lined up right on a cb radio u can speak to anywhere int he world for sometime's minute's... all across the world.....
and a cb has a 40mil radius normaly.
but during what cb radio user's call skip u can talk to anywhere int he world the skip allows you.
so why could this not be the same as with visual sighting of UFO.

a ripple SKIP paradox
it was possible there at a later or past enstance in time.
we are just getting a stronger signal to let us see it.

what would cause the signal no idea lol

what in the past or future would cause a time paradox.... no idea

but one thing is for certain

this world has been up for a long time...
the 20th century is barnone unexplainable in how we figured all the stuff we know out.

one day we useign a stone circle next a ford car lol
it's like we got a jumpstart somehow.
and yes it's easy to see it that way .

becouse if it was so dang easy to make me a microwave in 1mill bc by god they would have done it.
shakespeare woudl have did all his paper's on his emachine.

one idea gave another idea and BANG we all talking on the internet lol
and even more better stuff that a pc.

what all the sudden gave us the OOMPHH!! to do all this biblical stuff.
for pete sake we can move mountian's. without faith...

ok in 1800's people was useing horse's ect..... candle light's wood heat coal ect........
a person died in 1960 was born in 1880 .
i recall them saying hwo he lived for 30+ years on a farm no light's candle's to read by.
horse and buggy.. car's was a new invetion .

then poof we are here today in one man's life span...
he went from candle light to electricity to radio to tv to pc airplanes to men walking ont he moon.

in my time i wish i am to be that lucky..

mar's colonized....2039 ect.....
world peace all nation sign treaty 2024...
medicine that can actuly help you live 50 years lonnger.
artifical organ's for longer life.
clone's of our self's with our present and past memorie's thus we never die..
list goes on.

so why in last 140+ years did we become so uberly smart??
techinlogicaly and in everyway superior than any time in earth's history in 140 year's.

medicne was a joek the gave everyoen penicilin
peopel died by mass's over black pleuge...

i get the idea every idea helped to make the futre we have a reality now...

but comon 140 years we are flat rollin in term's of advancement of human being's... if u can understand my rambling's i know it's hard.. sorry

can anyoen understand what i am tryign to say?
pelase don't flame me .

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 03:38 AM
oh and they are not time travel's.
i am sayign they are some kind of reflection demension/past/present or future.
like radio wave's skip ect... sun spot's atmosperic condition's causeing it more rapidly this decade more than any other's.
who know's
is it feesable?

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 04:24 AM
No, I dont really think it makes sense. I suppose your "future reflection" theory is an idea (its not like UFOs being from the future is unique), but your technology argument certainly make no sense. Its all a progression and we can trace it back to the start. Taking such things as the cellphone, car and PC, they didnt just "pop up". We made the basic ideas before we got the technology, then we improved the technology. And here we are. Modern PCs are what, 10th generation? More?

I've read the argument about someone "giving" us technology many times. It doesnt hold ground since technology from the 1950's is PURE CRAP compared to what we have today. Essentially, people making that claim are saying that aliens (or whoever gave it to us) are degenerate idiots that cant develop technology even remotely as good as humans.

But hey, that gave me an idea: Maybe the aliens gave us their technology that they couldnt further develop and now are reaping the benefits of free research

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posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 04:37 AM
I believe some of these Electronic signatures are distinct possilbilities in that electronic events leave a sort of static electricity during passage through time, however the assumption these signatures can be left in the future "seem" to be a physical improbability. The signature you refer to in order to base the theory all happen in the past. if these events pass through time and space continuim it makes the time "travel" theory through Quantum Mecahnics more of a reality than this one.

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 05:07 AM
reply to post by beforetime

Hi beforetime,

I think your ideas are all a little mixed up. Firstly, it doesn't matter how small anything is, to travel at the speed of light requires a phenomenal energy and the thing becomes infinitley heavy, so only photons (light, radio etc) can travel at the speed of light.

Secondly, I do not see how travelling at the speed of light would cause any of the effects you talk about. Since speed of light travel is impossible bny Special Relativity, I guess the matter is academic.

Finally your third point that man evolved quite quickly does not suggest any alien intervention to me. Then there's some stuff about alien imprints which I find hard to understand. Perhaps you can restate your questions?

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 05:15 AM
reply to post by timelike

Light and Electricity travel at the same speed though is why my curiosity peaked for this question, but electricity also has no parctile or mass ;still intresting the arguments are probably made in another thread, concerning time travel, although you don't want to confuse the two theories.

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 07:09 AM
Indeed, however, light and electricity are different things- light being a photon and electricity a potential difference. I don't see how any confusion could arise between electricity and photons however....

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 07:24 AM
i am bad at trying to explain lol

first with the technology yes in a way it's like we opened a pandora's box of knowledge.

yes every idea was improved over and over till we have what we have now.
that i understand.
the part that i find funny is why did we not in any time in human history
attempt to do any of these thing's?
they saved it for the 20th century?
i am not sayign it's alien induced just that in a way we evolved mentaly.
as if we was blind and now can see lol bible stuf.

I will try to explain again what i was saying about the ufo's liek i said im bad at tryign to type what i meen.

let's say Something human made or natural made say a storm.
cause's rift's

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 07:26 AM
becouse i am real bad at grammer i can't exaplin in detail liek i need too.

so if someone could basicaly rewrite what i am saying where it make's sense without rambling please do so lol or grammer error's so they can understand what i am saying.
thank you again lol

so your voice can be matter?
you voice can break a glass at right pitch.
thus voice has matter and travel's in a sunpot at speed of light instantly.
maybe heck i dont know lol
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